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  1. Purple Joystick

    Economics EE- Need some advice

    One of the things the extended essay requires you to do is to do an extensive amount of research. Believe it or not, a lot of information you might not think we can get is out there somewhere. You just need to know where to look. This means looking for information beyond Google, the internet, and your local library. Also ask your librarian on how to use academic search engines(not Google). A lot more reputable sources are scholarly articles and academic journals, not a random website.
  2. Purple Joystick

    Can you apply to mcgill as an undecided student?

    Are you just a spammer? Would you expect an online community of people from around the world to know about how to apply for a specific Canadian university?
  3. Purple Joystick

    Late start?

    Bad is relative to what you think it is. The fact is you need to have some level of competency in your EE to get the IB diploma(refer to the matrix). That being said, if you care about your grade at all, I'd get started immediately. The EE isn't really something you can put together in the last week of your due date. Have you spoken with your supervisor? Maybe it'd be a good idea to find out how much time you have left, and plan everything out accordingly. If you're a smartypants I think you'd still be able to get a decent grade. If you're just looking to scrape by, then I think(?) you're still fine. The IB and the EE are actually kind of hard to fail if you think about it. Even if you put in a infinitesimal amount of effort and manage to write 4000~ words with ok sources, you'd end up getting a D or something but you won't fail.
  4. Purple Joystick

    Biology EE

    Hey guys, My back kinda hurts. Maybe you could take turns rubbing it for me? I'm having a lot of trouble rubbing it myself... please help? Forums don't exist to help you compromise academic integrity. Think about what your teachers would say! Do some work and show just what you have. I don't like helping someone who tells others to help them when it's obvious they can do something about their problem themselves. It's your own extended essay and ultimately your responsibility to come up with an original idea. I shouldn't be giving you an idea from scratch. People shouldn't be helping you do that, and shame if they do.
  5. Purple Joystick

    Is taking breaks really necessary?

    eyyy how u doin No but really. You're a student who's been going to school your whole life, it's imperative that you have some sense in what you're actually doing, and what you need to do to sort out your problems. Asking questions like this is like asking "should I take bathroom breaks or keep studying because I think bathroom breaks break my concentration". Figure out your life; an online forum isn't going to actually help you answer your personal problems. All we can do is tell you "hey I think you might wanna try this" or "this worked for me". We don't know how your function, but the answer to this question was obvious and really didn't need more than a "yes breaks are necessary". Apparently it's not obvious that people like you and me need rest once in a while, maybe he should give it a try himself and how effective trying to learn a textbook without a break really is.
  6. Purple Joystick

    EE in Psychology

    which topic I'm assuming you mean the third one? he could couldn't he? how will that be better? -- I don't take Psychology, so take what I say with a grain of salt. If you want to write about dreams, and you find viable, solid sources to work with, there's no problem with writing an EE on dreams. Consider changing topics if you don't have enough to work with; having enough sources might become an issue, and be ready to change topics if needed. I'd do some searching to see what's out there(it's important to know where to look!), and if what you find that there actually isn't enough information, then maybe listen to your teacher.
  7. Purple Joystick

    What are you procrastinating on?

    studying for my G1
  8. Purple Joystick

    McGill application process

    There should be a period of time where your school tells you to be applying for university, I suggest looking into McGill when this happens. If you're really curious, why not send them an email or call them to see what's going on? Talk with your academic coordinator or something. It beats asking the forum... Canadian universities aren't that hard to get into IMO. I pretty sure they also don't really care about your IB points; they look at what your average is, and maybe specifically the subjects that concern Biomed/lifesci etc. 94% is pretty competitive so I wouldn't worry if you keep up the good work Talk to more people and network. That's a really good way to dig deep. People around you have a lot of useful information and valuable experience they could share with you. Just reach out more, and I promise you'll find a better answer.
  9. Purple Joystick

    Physics EE help

    ^No, don't ask. It's bad enough that you're asking us to spoon-feed you an entire EE topic(do you even know how difficult it is to come up with one), but you're asking for someone else? No one does anyone's work in the IB. It's called academic integrity. PS: I get you really wanna help your friend and get him to like you more, but trust me, he's not worth it
  10. Purple Joystick

    Is taking breaks really necessary?

    I kinda lost it when I saw this thread. No we don't actually need breaks. There was this one time where I needed to study for this exam and I had one day for it and I had like 24 hours to do it. I knew I could do if if I didn't take a break and studied all 24 hours because that was just enough time for me to cover all the material. Turns out it worked totally fine and I got almost perfect on it. People often associate cramming with studying for an exam, but take away the exam, and just consider studying without a break. You know what that is? Still cramming. Because it's the same result. I don't know about you, but I'm not some overlordish-IBS VIP-einstein-Brainiac Jimmy, and cramming doesn't make studying like that worth it. You know why we take breaks? Because we get tired. We get tired of learning, using energy from our little brains to try to comprehend everything the IB throws at us. And at the end of the day we're exhausted. Go try to digest a the Pearson HL Chemistry book for me in on sitting. You'd barely be able to explain a single chapter. Take what you're actually saying, "taking a break between studies". You're doing that right now. Taking a shower, eating a meal, travelling to school, sleeping, that all counts. Why do you do that? Not just because you need complete your daily activities, your mind is processing that into your long-term memory; that takes time. Think about what you're asking. Then send everyone a PM saying sorry about how stupid this thread is.
  11. Purple Joystick

    Are my economics articles good for the IA

    I like the 4th link you posted. Asking us what articles are good or not not only completely defeats the purpose of you learning to recognize where economic theory is applied, but undermines your abilities as an individual towards achieving learning objectives. I would be inclined to help you if you showed some effort to comment what you think the value of each article is towards writing an IA, or even what it's about and what you could possibly write on. But you've done nothing, and you're asking us to do work for you. Put in the effort to help us help you. The difference can literally be "Hey, this article mentions tax increases, do you think it provides enough content that I can analyze? I think I can represent it with a diagram, but I'm not so sure the IB theory relates directly enough", or some **** like that.
  12. Purple Joystick

    How on earth does CAS work?

    This is how CAS works. You do a creative exercise, have a supervisor, somehow bull**** justify your activity so it meets any of the learning outcomes, and you get creativity hours towards your CAS! You do a active exercise, have a supervisor, somehow bull**** your activity so it meets the learning outcomes, and you get action hours! You do some volunteering, somehow justify the activity so it meets the learning outcomes, and you get service hours! omg Honestly it's that simple. Requirements differ from school to school, but that's how things work. I don't believe your school can **** up explaining how CAS works, it's literally the easiest thing in the IB ever. CAS is one of the most basic things about IB. You don't need to ask how it works to an online forum. The IBO website and your coordinator would do a better job of telling you what CAS is than any of us.
  13. Purple Joystick

    ToK in french

    Hey if I think of an idea for your ToK presentation, maybe you can think of an idea for my Bio IA! And my EE! And my IOP! You think you could do that for me?
  14. Purple Joystick

    Help with Bio EE-- pH Up and Down

    You really haven't given us the full situation. I at least don't really see the problem. Can you tell us what you're trying to do, and why IB graders might think it's bad? If your research question involves changing pH, then I don't personally see a problem with finding something to make it easier for yourself. If you really aren't sure, maybe ask your supervisor or do some research to make sure it's alright.
  15. Purple Joystick

    How to do well in these classes

    Maybe tell us what you want to do in university, and we can help you make a decision? In the end it boils down to what you like doing and how much effort you're going to put. I had a friend who did Art HL and yeah it's a lot of work. It's a lot more writing and reflection than you would imagine, but take the time to look at the syllabus so you know what's going on in each subject.

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