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  1. slothlife


    Hi everyone! I had to switch my IA topic basically last minute (I only have about 2 weeks to do it now) and after having my teacher tell me that it could be research-based, I stumbled upon the following idea in an ESS book: Investigation ecological footprints Suggested research question: What is the relationship between ecological footprint and the level of development of a country and what are people's attitudes to possible solutions to high ecological footprints? My teacher approved the concept but said it was best to change it up a little seeing as the IB already knows the idea/IA. I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me in regards to possible angles that I could look at in order to make my IA more original. **note: I intend on using GDP as a measurement of a country's development. In addition, I am a bit apprehensive about the second part of the research question because it requires me designing a questionnaire and realistically, I don't think that will be very successful/I don't think I will obtain a lot of data. Therefore, I am most comfortable with changes related to the second aspect of the research question (but I am open to any and all other ideas). As I mentioned before, I do have a short amount of time to complete this and I'm therefore quite desperate. All help is welcomed! Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello! Can someone please confirm (or deny) if these two equations are equivalent? I'm unsure about my manipulation of the equation. I'm ultimately trying to obtain something that includes logs. Thanks in advance! --->
  3. slothlife

    I need a music student's help: MIDI numbers

    Thank you very much!
  4. Hello! For my math ia I'm working with the relationship between math and music and I need someone to explain to me what a MIDI note number is. I've tried googling it but I'm still fairly confused as to what the number actually is/represents. I really need to know this before I can continue with my ia so fast responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. slothlife

    History HL

    Well I'm sorry that I couldn't be of greater assistance.
  6. slothlife

    Math IA Topic Help!

    Thank you very much!
  7. slothlife

    History HL

    I've personally never used the Cambridge guide, nor do I know anyone who has, so I can't really advise you to purchase it; yet, given that its from Cambridge, it does seem like a safe and reliable source Sorry but I can't help you very much with the second question since I'm currently having the same problem. However, what I've been doing and suggest, is to try to find universities that offer the course "International Law"/"Global Law." -- that seems like a safe bet. Sorry once again that I'm not a huge help.
  8. slothlife

    Math IA Topic Help!

    Thank you so much for responding! The thing is, my teacher advised us to stray away from topics such as statistics because it may be too easy/simple and may result in us getting a lower grade...
  9. slothlife

    History IA question

    That seems narrow enough
  10. Primary sources originate for someone who experienced the event first-hand whereas secondary sources are basically everything else and are based off of other sources.
  11. slothlife

    History HL

    For Paper 1: Practice using past papers. Like tons of them. The more you do, the easier it'll get. Keep your answers as short and coherent as possible. I struggle with this myself because I have a tendency to write a lot but in Paper 1 they don't care much for complex sentences, they just want the answer. Short and sweet is key in Paper 1, it will save you a TON of time. Read the questions before the sources For Paper 2: Include historiography throughout
  12. Yes. You can have primary sources, secondary sources, or a combination of both & there is no requirement in regards to the number of sources you use..
  13. So I've literally been trying to come up with a good Biology IA idea for months and haven't gotten very far. I recently stumbled upon an article about the Maillard reaction (a "chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that gives browned food its desirable flavor" e.g. the process that makes toast taste better than regular bread) and I found it pretty interesting but I'm having trouble developing it into a research question/realistic lab, so can anyone give me a do-able idea related to this? (Or maybe another food-related idea). I'm doing HL if that makes a difference. Thank you.
  14. slothlife

    Math IA Topic Help!

    So I'm in Math SL and my initial IA idea to investigate the cardiovascular health/cardiac parameters of continents was a bust so can someone please give me a good idea? Preferably related to cardiology and/or BMI but I'm honestly so desperate that I'm willing to try anything, just nothing that involves circular trigonometry! Thanks in advance!
  15. slothlife


    You can relate TOK to almost anything in one way or another. So basing it off of a TV show should be fine (granted shows are easier than others).

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