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  1. Are they necessary? I have been told they are for the essay, and I did include a few of them in there. And the Assessment Device for the essay does talk about "relevant knowledge questions", in plural. However, the Assessment Instrument for the presentation only mentions a singular question. So, will I be okay if I have only one question, but I have multiple RLSs, and I explore it from different perspectives using multiple AOKs and WOKs?
  2. As the title says, I'm wondering when I can get the latest papers from the IBO shop. My school doesn't do November exams so they don't have copies and I have a few subjects that have a new syllabus since May 2016, such as physics, so there's no alternate past papers there that I haven't done... Will they be out before my exams in May, or should I just try and look for exam style questions somewhere else?
  3. The only problem with this idea is that she couldn't do all parts of the assessment on her own. While she could likely get someone to grade her practice things and such, and help her with her Written Assignment, as Lang B self taught isn't an official thing, there is no alternative assessment she can do instead of her orals. And in Lang B, you need to do two orals to pass. In fact, you need to do at least three of them with a group of other students, all speaking the target language, that have to be graded on the spot by a qualified teacher. Additionally, she would also need a teacher that speaks Arabic to do her individual oral, because the second half of the individual oral is discussing your presentation and its implications with a teacher in the target language... So, it wouldn't just be a shady thing to take your native language as Lang B self taught, but it would also be practically impossible without your school supporting you on a level that you couldn't, by any means, be called a "self taught" student. She can, however, take the high road: She can drop her English or whatever A, and take self taught Arabic A, and drop French, and take whatever language she had taken as her Lang A until this point as Lang B. Not as funny, and nearly not as easy, but this one is at least possible to do and is not messing with all the other people who are taking Arabic B, as an actual language B.
  4. Thanks for the help! To be honest, with 20-40 pages of reading in 6 different books each week, I barely checked the parts in them that weren't on our homework list... But I'll be sure to check those first pages out then!
  5. Hi, sorry for the late reply. To be honest, I don't really use online lectures to revise, as I am a big time procrastinator, and I just cant be trusted around laptops or phones, as well as I learn the best through writing with my own hands. So, more often than not, I'll hand over my phone and laptop to my sister, who locks them up for me, while I hermit up in my room with my books and notebooks and gdc. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful...
  6. Lately, most of my history homework consists of reading and solving exercises in the Rogers and Thomas The Move To Global War textbook. So, it's pretty much just thorough preparations for paper 1. However, there is one thing I'm wondering... How long should or responses to these questions be? I understand that only the last question is an essay one, but still if there is a First Question Part B on a comic, I quite often end up writing only one sentence like "In this comic, A is shown doing B - through this and this - and this means that X is Y - which is illustrated through this and this." In some cases, there is another detail that I can use to write another, similar sentence, but this is not always the case... So, I'm just wondering, is one sentence containing two different points enough to get both marks? Or should I attempt to cut it up into two different sentences, each focusing on one point? I know it's only a mark or two I'm obsessing about, but I really do need a History HL 7, so I would rather get all the easy marks possible...
  7. The guide is short, but it is not because it lacks any part of the syllabus. It is because it does not explain most things, so if you have not read the textbook/listened in lectures/etc already, it might not make sense. But for revision, it contains everything you need, and pretty much nothing else. The way I do revision and the way I've been advised to do it by my teacher, is to go through the guide (AKA the Bible) and revise, and if there is something I don't remember or get, I go and look it up in the textbook. Then, once I'm done with a topic in the guide, I do the questions for it, and go back to the textbook, doing most of the questions there as well. I also own both the Oxford and the Pearson textbooks, as well as the Oxford and the Cambridge guide, so quite often I end up using the other guide or textbook and doing the exercises there as well. So, overall, I think you're doing just fine with your revision
  8. I'm not sure what guide you were looking at, but the current, official one says nothing about it needing to be handwritten. In fact, my teacher asked one of my friends to type her assignment up (it was a letter) because her handwriting was a bit hard to read, and she could have been at disadvantage if the examiner couldn't figure out what she wrote. She was also like the only person in my class who worked by hand. For the word count, it differs a bit for SL and HL. For SL, it is 150-200 words for the rationale and 300-400 for the task. For HL, it's a bit more: 150-250 words for rationale and 500-600 words for the task itself. So, if you are higher level, you are perfectly fine. If you are standard level, you might have to cut the word count on your rationale a little bit, depending on how much you wrote.
  9. That is what I thought too. However, his only comment on my first draft was the voice, and that I don't explain what one of the equations mean. The equation was actually explained, he just failed to notice it (like, he failed to notice one big ass in the middle of a page following the equation immediately?) But after pointing that out to him, I was left with only the voice thing to "fix"... I personally think that this essay is as good as it gets, I really liked working on it and gave it my very best from the beginning. So, I guess that could explain away the lack of flaws... Or maybe he just never really read it, which is also a likely possibility. Either was, I will leave the voice as it is, and just triple check the important stuff for the final draft. Thanks for your help
  10. Hi people! I need a little bit of help. Here's the backstory: When we first started working on our IAs, we had to read and grade a few sample ones. All of the ones we worked on in class were written in first person, all the way through (we did one on Florence Nightingale and one about modelling jumping horses) We also got two to do in our free time if we want to, which I did. All four essays seemed to be on the same level, but the two we did in class were graded about 2-3 marks higher, all from the communication and the personal engagement criteria. So, I wrote mine in first person. There was also another reason why I chose an active voice: Most of the essay is about modelling my route from my house to the bus stop, so it is pretty hard and unnatural to avoid saying "the route I walk" or "my house" at least at a few points in the essay. Another important thing is that the teacher who we have now, and who corrected our essays, is a different one from the one we had last year, who gave us those example essays. He, the new guy, is also like extremely upset that most people wrote their IAs in first person, like yelling at our class for five minutes upset... He wants everyone to rewrite them. He did listen to our logical reasoning about why we thought it was okay, but I am fairly certain he has no real clue whether or not it's okay, and he just doesn't want to lose his authority by saying so. Either way, this is a very long explanation to my relatively simple question: In the end, he allowed me to decide for myself whether or not I want to rewrite my IA in a passive voice. I don't because I genuinely believe it is better this way. But he did get me quite worried... So, the question is, if I keep it as it is, and it gets sent off to moderation (very likely, given that there's literally seven people in my math class) will I be penalised for writing in an active voice? And, would a passive voice actually be a sort of advantage? Or is it like I thought it was, which is that the examiners don't care all that much as long as your IA is good? Thanks for any insight/advice you guys might have
  11. Well, knowing my classmates and the teacher, I'd be surprised if a sample of 5 wouldn't contain at least two IAs that didn't get really mixed up by her, so I guess that could help me out. Raising this with my coordinator is likely to be a bad idea, she seems to think that we all are conspiring against this one poor teacher... Like if it was two kids or even four, I'd understand it, but the fact that all ten of us unanimously complain about her should be a clue... And yeah, the peer response thing is what I'm going to do, I'll have my friend and his dad (who's reputedly very clever) look at it. However, my main concern isn't that my IA is bad (I know it's complete trash, I'm just trying to pass this class) it's more that she's gonna mark it down cause she dislikes me and I didn't follow her advice. (Which was absolute rubbish) Also, I might be living in Sweden, but I'm not Swedish😅 In fact, I'm so not Swedish that just hearing the word "sheep" makes me mad... 😂😂
  12. Hello everyone! I know that our IAs are supposed to be corrected by our teachers and that not all of them get sent off to moderation. I have also heard, that even if you apply for the IBO to regrade your exams, they won't look at you IA again. Now, this presents me with a problem in Physics, as, my teacher is... well. Not qualified to teach IB for several reasons. She doesn't understand some of syllabus, she barely speaks English, and she also happens to hate me for "being always late" which I actually am most of the time, because I noticed an inversely proportional correlation between my time spent in her classroom, and the grades I got on topic specific tests... The very same tests that she hasn't once managed to mark correctly since she started teaching my class. She would give us the markscheme afterwards, and there would be kids who wrote the things in it, word to word, and didn't get any points, and there would also be kids who wrote what was written in the rightmost column, marked as "do not accept", who would get full marks. And it would be mostly random too, it happened to me once that I wrote the literal same thing as my best friend (it was a quote from the book she always tells us to memorize parts from) and I got marks for it, while she didn't... Additional to this, she can't even add up the marks correctly. So, I really don't trust her to mark my IA. Is there any way to get someone else to correct it? We don't have another Physics teacher at our school, and our Maths teacher, who started here just two months ago, is being trained by her, so having him look at it feels also pointless... Also, how many IAs get moderated each year? In a class of 10 SL students, and no HLs, how likely is that mine will be? Our year is the first one to have Physics in seven years, so I'm assuming that even if moderation is done bi-yearly or something, that at least a few of our IAs will be moderated.
  13. Also, I study in Sweden, but I'm not an EU national, nor is anyone in my immediate family, so I assumed I'd be considered as international student.
  14. Yeah, it's pretty bad, mostly because the school management is trying to kill IB at our school. Since I started here two years ago, three teachers left. One of them never got replaced, the other two got replaced by teachers used to the national curriculum. And, the one we got in math isn't even a math teacher, but a chemistry teacher, which is a subject my school never offered in the IB and still doesn't, despite lying to applicants each year that they did... But, at the moment, it looks like I managed to get all my predicteds, sans History. However, my history teacher is the last person at this school whom I trust. So if he said, he'd have my predicted the day we start school again, then he will. I haven't elaborated on it, but according to "school policy", our years head teacher "has" to do the references, who happens to be my Psych teacher. I'm SL and I'm not applying to anything related, so it's pretty dumb. But it's only the coordinators personal favorites she writes the references for, and I'm not one of them apparently. However when I asked her about all of this, she said it was school policy and that the head of my year Psych teacher had to do it. When I told the said psych teacher of this, her literal answer was "what the ****? That's a new policy." But she's too scared of our coordinator to not do it now.
  15. Rey

    Statistics with GDC

    Thanks so much for the reply this is what my book suggested and what I myself assumed, but I wanted to be on the safe side, as statistics is one of the easiest topics in SL and so I wouldn't want to lose any marks on it.
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