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  1. thecsstudent

    Starting IB in one week, feeling anxious

    Don't be nervous, at the end of the day it's just school subjects, anyone can do well in them if they study. The most important thing is not to leave things for later at the beginning. Study every chapter really well otherwise gaps will accumulate and it will be very difficult to catch up.
  2. thecsstudent

    Engineering with Economics HL

    The only 2 subjects Imperial requires are Maths and Physics so I don't think Chemistry would have made a big difference instead of Economics. However, Cambridge might have preferred another science HL. I don't think it could be detrimental to your application though, Economics is regarded as a serious subject.
  3. thecsstudent

    Imperial College

    Yeah same here they said they'd consider me if there are any places left. Needed 43 with 777 got 42 with 776 Edit: Just got a UCAS update today and they accepted me
  4. thecsstudent

    Subject Choices for CS or MIS

    For a US university I'd say go with CS SL if you enjoy it more because CS at SL is a lot easier than Chemistry.
  5. thecsstudent

    Should I get my Exams Remarked??

    I think Bio isn't worth it since there is only 1 right answer in exams and you either get it right or you don't so there probably won't be significant changes. However, you could get History remarked and see a change.
  6. thecsstudent

    IB Results 2016

    No it usually updates a few days later
  7. thecsstudent

    5 days until IB results!!!!!

    43 with 777 for my firm and 39 with 766 for my insurance. Hoping to at least make my insurance right now. Yours?
  8. thecsstudent

    5 days until IB results!!!!!

    Same I am so nervous whenever I think about it I'm about to faint. It also keeps coming up in my dreams and everyday I dream I got something different lol. And I have conditional offers too.
  9. thecsstudent

    What subject do I take for a Computer Science Major?

    I think you also need to take a social science from group 3 so you can't take chemistry, physics and computer science you have to drop one.
  10. thecsstudent

    Maths HL- How Hard?

    Sometimes people are overreacting when they talk about Math HL and they make it seem scarier than it really is. If your teacher recommended it and you want to take it then take it. It is definitely a challenging course (most IB courses are) but if you have a solid background in Math and are willing to study for it you won't have much of a problem.
  11. One of the things I regret the most is not doing A levels when compared to IB. I didn't want to do a social science or languages but the IB forces you to and it's mostly meant for well rounded students or those who are not sure where their strengths lie. A levels allow for a lot more specialization while being mostly easier than IB subjects due to the lack of IAs etc. For A levels you can do any subjects you are good at. Being in IB my future of whether or not I get to study computer science depends on subjects like French and English, which is not very fair. So unless you really really like the IB and its mentality I would say do A levels where you can do only maths and sciences if you want.
  12. thecsstudent

    Does the IB round down the final grades?

    i mean in the final grade where they multiply every whole grade by a percentage and then it can become a decimal.
  13. thecsstudent

    Has anyone done their EE on computer science?

    I did my EE in CS. It doesn't seem like a bad topic although maybe you could change it a bit so that you can argue something instead of just including information that you researched and get more marks.
  14. thecsstudent

    Preperation for Mathematics HL

    You can start reading through the first chapters using an IB book and solving exercises. That's pretty much all.
  15. If for example your final grade for the subject is 74.9 will they count it as a 74 or a 75?

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