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  1. I don't think it is going to help them in anyway. The job of employees at McDonald's is generally to take orders, and maybe preparing the food items they serve there ( That too, mostly just frying half prepared food). These jobs do not require much skills, and can be taught best by giving them experience in their respective jobs. As a result, the best way is on the job training, and off the job training would not only not add any benefits but even would act as redundant costs to McDonald's.
  2. Yeah, this article seems pretty decent for a macroeconomics commentary. I did mine on something similar as well. Although, I didn't go through the entire article, by seeing the title of the article, I can say that this is a fine article for you commentary.
  3. On a personal note, I fine BNM easier when compared to Economics, but it is totally subjective. I feel economics needs more of regular studying than BNM, and a more thorough one, which makes it comparatively more difficult. However, when it comes to university (and even as a subject in general), BNM is more of a 'derived' subject, while economics is more useful later. So, I feel that if you would prefer an easier subject then go ahead and take BNM but, if you are even slightly willing to work a bit harder then economics is the better option out of the two. I personally would prefer Economics, but you should still go through the syllabus outline and take the final call. Hope this helps! Best of Luck!
  4. I generally sleep at 2 in the night and wake up at 8 in the morning. A few days ago I had changed my sleeping pattern and started sleeping from 5- 8 in the morning and then from 3-6 in the afternoon, but then I had to shift back because of afternoon classes at school.
  5. Yes. The IOP holds 15% of your final IB score, so a 16/30 would mean an 8/15, which can be made up for later in the final papers. Moreover, the IOP is moderated on the basis of your IOC so you do really well in your IOC, then your IOP marks would be pushed up. You definitely stand a chance in getting a 6 or a 7 provided you make full use of your time. Also be aware of the fact that your WA and your IOC isn't something that is bound by time. So, give it your best and try and score as much as you can there. Make sure, you do well in your final papers and you can surely get a 7. Hope this helped. Best of Luck!
  6. I would say, for law, your subject choice is decent enough. The only recommendation I would like to make is to keep English at HL. I am not sure about which one, because I haven taken literature and haven't really gone through the guide of other options, but I feel that english would be a good option at HL (only because you're pursuing law). Otherwise, the subject combination is good. Hope this helped! Best of Luck!
  7. I'm not sure which is the best way to study but here is how I do it. I read my text thoroughly and make notes simultaneously (as I feel that writing it makes me learn faster). After completing the text I go through the notes, and then try and solve relevant past paper questions. I feel that by doing this I actually get an idea of what kind of questions are going to be asked in the text. Also don't forget to learn the key terms of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. Many a times they ask for the significance of it, so do prepare for that as well. Hope this helped! Best of Luck!
  8. Banned because you care who has the most posts in the page.
  9. I have not taken Spanish but as far as I know the individual oral only takes 15% of your total IB spanish grade. Moreover, you even got full in Interactive oral and your written task was good enough, so I feel that if you work hard enough for the final papers, then 7 is possible.
  10. I feel that economics is much about self study only, because it is a subject that has so much of theory in it that you always have to read the text by yourself to know the content. Personally, I don't have a good teacher either, so whatever I do is on my own. A good text book and appropriate resources will definitely help a lot in self study. I use Economics for the IB diploma published by Cambridge, and I feel that it is amazing. I believe that you should drop History and take economics HL. Just see to it that you read the text regularly. Hope this helps!
  11. You've plenty of time to get a 40+. You just have to manage your left over time properly and finish your IA's as soon as possible!
  12. The first thing that I would recommend is you to go through the mathematics guide. Exploration, as the name suggests involves exploring new areas. So you exploration should be based on an idea which is not explicitly there in your IB syllabus (although it has to be related to it). More there are two types of explorations- one involves modelling and the other investigation. I recommend you go through the IB Math guide first so that you know the general structure and requirement of an exploration. Hope this helped! Best of luck!
  13. Listen to a song every single day. Would you rather get good grades or be excellent at sports?
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