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  1. BadLifeDecisions

    Eco HL or Psych HL?

  2. BadLifeDecisions

    BM IA Structure?

    Alright so I've completed my BM IA, but my teacher approached the class and said that there are some structural changes to be made. As per the official IB BM IA document, the 'research proposal' contains the research question, the methodology followed, analysis tools used, etc. The next page states that the research question, methodology, and tools are part of the main body. Now, does it mean to say that all these sets of information first have to be summarised in a separate 'research proposal' section and then elaborated upon in the main body, or that the contents of the research proposal are part of the main body in the first place? I saw a forum post by Mr Paul Hoang (who is the author of the BM textbook) in which he said that the IA is a total of 2700 words: 200 for the executive summary, 500 for the research proposal, and 2000 for the main body. However, the official IB BM IA doc does not mention this explicitly. What structure should I follow then? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi guys, So I'm doing my EE in BM. I've finalised my RQ but need help: I've chosen an organisation that's fairly popular, but for the topic I've chosen, there's really nothing much as far as secondary data goes since there's not much sales data that firm's can release on the internet. My teacher is telling me that I should place more importance on secondary data than primary data. I have a great source of primary data since my Mom works for the organisation I've chosen. Is this true that I should rely more on secondary data? If yes, should I change my RQ or subject, and how should I manage going about the EE without much info on the internet?
  4. Hello all, I need to shortlist my organisation for my IA in BM. My teacher has said that I can keep it limited to HR and Finance since I'm already doing my EE on marketing. One option could be my Dad's company but I want to look deeper for organisations that might provide ideal situations in terms of HR issues that I could then link to Finance. Any suggestions on how to research for one/any suggestions for organisations?
  5. Hello guys, I'm currently writing a literary commentary on Heaney's "Storm on the Island". I want to link Ireland's violent past (Heaney was Irish) to one of the ideas in the poem. However, I am unsure whether the link can actually be drawn or not, so can I say "Heaney might have used this statement in connection to his nation's violent past", or use any other words that imply uncertainty? Are there any other alternatives, or should I drop the idea completely?
  6. BadLifeDecisions

    Eco HL or Psych HL?

    Hello Daksh, Continue with Eco HL, i guess.
  7. Alright guys, I have my English A1 HL Paper 1 coming up soon and as practice I wrote a prose commentary on an extract from "Falling Angels" by Tracy Chevalier. I'm writing my thesis paragraph here, it'd be great if someone could read it and tell me if there's a chance for improvement! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The given prose passage is an extract from "Falling Angels" by Tracy Chevalier, who narrates the passage from the point of view of a man named Simon. The passage is written in the first person limited and revolves around the idea of the hopelessness one develops in life, and the acceptance one faces about the fact that optimism has a limit to itself. The passage describes Simon getting trapped in a grave he dug working for a cemetery company, which is used to convey the theme of this passage. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.s. I do not know the actual theme of the novel, and what I've written here is just my own judgment. If you do happen have read this and know the same please let me know about how I could improve this thesis taking that into account.
  8. Alright so I have a small test tomorrow, and the syllabus says that a paper-1 style question will be given on market failure and a paper-3 style question on subsidies. What is the essential difference between these two types of questions? What might be asked in each? My apologies if this sounds like a basic doubt, but I only just started the IB about three months ago; it'd be great if someone could help out!
  9. BadLifeDecisions

    Business Undergrad in the US/Math?

    Alright guys, so I checked on the sites of various top business colleges and it seems that Math HL is not a requirement. However, many sources say that a math HL student will always be preferred over an SL student, and that getting a 5 in HL is better than getting a 7 in SL. To what extent is this true?
  10. Hey guys, I'm an Year 1 student doing the IB Diploma Program. I am not from an MYP/GCSE background at all, having previously done my education through a national board. I aim to pursue an Undergraduate degree in business through a reputed college in the US, my current aims being UPenn-Wharton, Columbia Business School, MIT Sloan or NYU Stern as a backup. My current subjects are: Math HL B&M HL Economics HL Physics SL English SL French B SL The only thing that's been bugging me since the start of my DP is my choice of taking Math HL. As of now, it's EXTREMELY stressful, and the questions just ..scare me. I'm considering switching from HL to SL, and making my third HL subject English. Now, is it necessary that one HAS to have Math HL for an undergrad admission in an Ivy League/top business school? What colleges would I not be able to get into without math HL? I did a summer school program at Wharton, where I was told that the highest level of Calculus is required for an undergrad business program. It's not explicitly stated that Math HL is a prerequisite. I've already done some research, and most sources have mixed responses. Therefore, it'd be great if someone could tell me whether Math SL is a viable option with regards to the colleges I'm aiming for.

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