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  1. polyprotic

    May 2010 Official Results Thread

    English A1 HL-5 Spanish B SL-5 Hist. of the Americas HL-4 Psychology SL-6 Biology HL-5 Math SL-6 EE:C TOK:C (1 point) Total: 32 Disappointed in Bio. No idea how the hell I got a 5 in Spanish. I was expecting a 2 :]
  2. polyprotic

    The Official May 2009 Results Thread

    Congrats, Max! That's probably the best I've ever heard. I got a 6 in SL Psych, which is the only exam I've taken so far. I think I'm off to a pretty good start, maybe?
  3. polyprotic

    The Official May 2009 Results Thread

    Your personal code should have 6 characters (numbers and letters) and your PIN should have 8. Your PIN functions as your password. That confused me too, but they idiot-proofed the system so that it won't let you enter more than 6 characters in the personal code field
  4. polyprotic

    What time do you go to bed on average day?

    3:30-home from school 3:30-10:30-procrastinate/nap 10:30-11:30-homework 11:30-5:00-get sidetracked and procrastinate 5:00-7:00-freak out and work on homework as fast as I can before catching the bus 7:00-3:30-school This is obviously something I have to change before next year. I've been known to go four days without sleep for the stupidest things. It wasn't until a few months ago that I realised I'm just an insomniac using my IB work as an excuse to not sleep. Anyone else do that?
  5. polyprotic

    The Official May 2009 Results Thread

    I don't think I'm going to sleep until they come out. I checked the site right before I was about to go to bed, (it's nearly 2am here) only to find out they'll be up in the morning. There's no way I can sleep now
  6. It was a benefit for a volunteer fire department, but there was a lot of action involved (I was on frontline infantry) and creativity in recreating period correct things for camp. Which do you think I should put it under? And do you think I can count time spent in camp (living a period correct existence) along with time spent in battle?
  7. polyprotic

    Your IB, Your opportunities

    At my school, our IB program is extremely small. We only have about 28 diploma candidates, but we have about 150 cert kids in the bigger subjects (math, history, and English). Which is a small number compared to our class size of about 1,300. We have some teachers that are amazing, and some grossly incompetent (to go with our even more profoundly incompetent coordinator). The IB program is in constant competition with the AP program (American kids know what I'm talking about). The only IB electives we offer are film HL, psych SL, music SL, and visual arts. I think it would be better to go to a school that offers IB courses exclusively. Thoughts?
  8. Is this an IB grading criteria/requirement, or something that my teacher is just making us do? If it is an IB requirement, does anyone know what components of the essay I should cover, and how is best to go about the actual presentation aspect? Thanks!
  9. polyprotic


    Yeah, boy's got issues. He was already scarred up from other stuff, though.
  10. polyprotic

    IB girls/women

    I guess it's a little like an office relationship. They can go really well, or really badly. I guess I should have said "proceed with caution" instead.
  11. polyprotic


    I've been with a guy that was into being cut. He explained that it was more of a trust thing, in that he likes being able to trust someone to have that much power over him, knowing that he's safe.
  12. polyprotic

    IB girls/women

    Seriously, IB kids dating IB kids is not a good idea if your school has a small IB program. There are less than 30 IB diploma candidates at my school. There was a really drama-filled situation that came up. Long story short, there was a couple, along with the guy's ex-girlfriend in our HL bio class of 10 kids. Everyone started taking sides and the guy's current girlfriend felt him up under the table so that his ex-girlfriend could see during class every day. Needless to say, things got nasty and the guy wound up having to drop IB to get away from the situation. The moral of the story is that it just isn't a good idea.
  13. polyprotic


    I think all forms of sex are acceptable as long as both partners are comfortable with everything that goes on, and are smart about health and pregnancy issues. I think communication is key in any sexual situation, regardless of whether it's a one-night stand or a long-term relationship. I also think that it's a good sign if you trust your partner enough to try things that you wouldn't normally, knowing that they'll stop if you become uncomfortable. I also believe that an orgasm is one of the best ways to relieve stress, but I think my sex drive might just be through the roof, as I've been told by more than one partner
  14. polyprotic

    Group 4 Project: Physical Exercise

    I had a friend that did a really easy one like this. She calculated how many joules of energy are generated per jump (she estimated that 1 person weighs about 150lbs and would jump to a height of 6ins). She then figured how many jumps someone would have to do in order to power various electronics. It was really pretty cool and only took her a few hours, so you might consider doing something similar.
  15. polyprotic

    Hard to get accepted

    Yeah, it was just our decision to sign up for the program or not. In my class of 1300 students, there are only about 30 IB diploma candidates, though.

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