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  1. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/07/24/china-slaps-tariffs-eu-steel-trade-war-intensifies/ Is this a reliable source for an article? It does not show any bias
  2. Is 1290 an okayish word count for the essay or should I increase it
  3. Hey guys My topic revolved around GERD and how to treat it. For this I initally took an approach to take a proton pump inhibitor(PPI) and compare it with an antacid. A PPI works by stopping the stomach cells to produce acids while antacids increase the pH. However, after acid base titration, I realised PPIs neutralize acid too. My teacher however feels that I should compare two antacids rather than take a PPI and an antacid. I personally feel comparing two different medicines would be better. Please give me your opinions. FYI, my RQ is: Is the recommended dosage of the antacid better at neutralising HCl in the stomach than the recommended dosage of the PPI? Thanks!!
  4. My RQ is "Is there an effect of carbonated beverages on the number of lactobacillus.casei and bifidobacterium.animalis found in human digestive tract?” I am taking two beverages, coke and sprite. First I will culture them, and then test them to different concentrations to coke and sprite. The methodology is very time consuming as it involves sterilizing and waiting for the culture to grow etc. And after that, I will do graphs, statistical tests etc. Is this sufficient in terms of the variables and the amount of experimentation? Thanks a lot!
  5. Do you think I can apply your IA advice for my Bio IA and EE? Thanks
  6. Yes I will include that in my inferences. Thanks a lot! Thanks for the detailed feedback. I dont ahve a concrete hypothesis as of now as my research is preliminary Thank you Regards
  7. Can we use a first person voice or should we use a third person voice? Thanks Regards
  8. Basically, when fingerprints are deposited in the crime scene, they have lots of oils and amino acids deposited on them. All these substances are polar. So that means they will respond to microwav.Many crime scenes are exposed to heat, because of gunshots, explosions or arson related incidents. In my IA, I will analyse the fingerprint before it has been exposed to heat and also after it has been exposed to heat. Then, I will see the difference in the fingerprint investigation due to thermal exposure. Results will be useful in forensic investigations.My RQ, therefore, will be - “Do the fingerprint residual amino acids alter in structure upon thermal exposure, causing a different fingerprint ridge pattern?”Please share your opinions on whether this is a viable topic and RQ. My main apprehension is that this may be out of the syllabus, which I feel will cost me marks. Pls let me know if i can go ahead with this topic so I can start researching which amino acids I can take to experiment.
  9. Look at NGOs like fauna scouts, or better yet, start a crowdfunding website
  10. Daksh

    IA Related

    Hey Guys The IB has strict rules for the EE about the topic not being picked up from off the internet. Do the same rules apply for IAs? I have a few topics in mind but when I google them, a lot of pdfs/links come up also are replicating hypoxic conditions for experiments (For aquatic organisms) against the IB guidelines?
  11. Daksh

    8.2, 8.3

    Hey guys So I've been studying 8.2 and 8.3 (extremely complex and hard, might I add) and there is so much info. I just can't understand what to give importance to (IM using the Oxford book) DO I have to remember ALL diagrams, reactions structures? I understand how Calvin and Krebs work but do I have to remember each and every reaction in this cycle and remember the reduction, oxidation and everything else? Thanks!
  12. Hey guys Is this a fine article for my commentary? Inputs pls http://money.cnn.com/2016/04/05/news/economy/reserve-bank-india-interest-rates/
  13. Hey guys So I'm just practicing some questions from Ellie Tragakes (http://osboskovic.edu.rs/dev/gimnazija/sites/default/files/pomoc_u_ucenju__ib_1_exam_practice_paper_1.pdf) for macro. Now some of them are pretty straightforward. Can you please go through some questions and find out if any of these have a chance of coming in the finals or will they be more complex? Also the questions in this for unemployment are limited, so is unemployment a very small part of the syllabus in the finals? Thanks
  14. Hey guys So Ive kinda sorta decided on my EE topic. RQ- identifying the effect of caffeine on the growth rate of gut bacteria like lactobacillus.acidophilus and lactobacillus._____" (havent decided which species to take rn) Is this too simple for an EE? Will this take 40 hours? I know i can pull off some graphs/tables but is this too generic? And also, will it stretch out to 4000 words? Thanks
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