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  1. Daiisy, mind if you send a copy to me too? Thank you ^^
  2. Hi there, I personally recommend Haese Mathematics textbook because I've worked with both the Haese and Cambridge textbooks. Haese has a system like guiding and explaining about maths and then followed by exercises with some applications to real life examples to let you understand better. Cambridge do have a lot of exercises but during my first and second semester of using that book, my teacher and I found several mistakes in which he reported them to the publisher. After that, we switched to Haese. I personally like the way Haese structured their contents but I don't see that Cambridge is that bad. I still recommend Haese :')
  3. Hi there, I suppose you could add more features to describe how plants conserve water. For example, most plants in the dessert has evolved to grow thick stems as well to store water and needle-like leaves to prevent excessive water loss through transpiration. Also you could talk about the behavioural mechanisms of a tumbleweed as that plant disperse it's seed by wind movement that allows it to tumble across the dessert. I hope I helped out a bit :')
  4. Thanks everyone. I gotta agree that having two options would be a good idea but in my case my teacher doesn't see it as a backup, he sees it as mandatory because he pulled an old paper 3 and said we had to do two options. Generally I'd be happy to study something for backup or know something more but I've switched bio teachers three times. Apparently the current one just did something extra, teaching us with Alex Lee or Dan videos while pausing it and reciting them generally word by word. It's just like me watching these videos at home. The way he speaks with a weird english accent made me lose my attention span. He hasn't finished "teaching" topic 11 and I've been self studying for the entire IB2. I wanted to ask this to ensure myself and let myself focus on the option my previous real IB teacher taught me. Thanks everyone for that confirmation Thanks inriya for pulling that up! I'm feeling 100% safe now
  5. This was what I was worried about because I was afraid my grades aren't competitive enough so I decided to ask the people here to see if I ever had any chances of getting into a Canadian Vet University :') I'm plan to take internships and field experience to convince the universities to let me in (hopefully). I think this would be a good idea since you've also mentioned that they select candidates through a case-by-case basis. Now I get an idea of what I need to do for now Thank you! Thank you for the info about the scholarships too
  6. Hi I'm currently in IB2 and I will be taking my exams in May this year (so creepy). Just today my biology teacher who isn't an IB teacher suggested that we should do two options and I'm confused. I've asked a few of my friends I've met from IBS and they told me that we only need to do one option for Biology. I just wanted to confirm this twice to feel safe enough to tell my teacher about it. I tried reading the IB Biology Guide for 2016 but I might have left out this information while navigating through 179 pages of dense words, I'm really anxious too. I hope someone could point out the page number for me, if it is in the new biology guide, so I can show it to my teacher. Thank you for reading this
  7. Veronica, thank you for replying and suggesting me another university I was looking forward to University of Calgary but I plan to apply to universities after I've graduated because my parents aren't looking forward to my interests haha. I'll be sure to look into University of Guelph Thank you for giving me hope and I'll try my best to least get a solid 35 on my exams. Thank you!
  8. Hi there, I wanted to inquire about the best scores for veterinary sciences, preferably Canada because they offer full legislation for international vet practice (so far I've heard, correct me if I'm wrong) and I like the environment in Canada. My dad used to tell me stories of his time as a university student in Canada So far I'm only getting about 32/34s but I'm hoping I'd get 2 marks for a 36. I'm not sure if Canada universities would accept me I heard most medical studies require above 40 marks from the IB which is hard for me to do so. I've been self-studying biology and maths (but my maths teacher gave me past year papers to work on) and it has been a long way on getting a solid 5 for my biology. Lately I've gotten a 6 but I feel like a bummer :'). I'm also hoping if there will be scholarships for my studies so I wonder if any of you who are experienced could help suggest me ways or sites to get scholarships. My parents discouraged me from taking vet studies. Especially when I can't earn a solid 36 from the core, they're getting more upset with my decision and it worries me I hope you guys could help me in giving advices about universities and scholarships. Thank you guys! :')
  9. I bet everyone's dream score would be 45, it's in my dream everyday but I have a hard time catch it ;-; I'm aiming for a 36+ now, well... hopefully :') Good luck everyone!!!!
  10. It's alright to rant once in awhile, IB can be really really stressful... ^^" I agree with Sandwich about you considering the possibility of continuing IB but personally, I understand your struggle. I was put into the IB system over a finger snap notice during the school holidays from a regular school and the next thing I knew was I didn't even get to say a proper goodbye to my friends. IB is definitely soul crushing, it makes you cry 24/7 and really feel like getting out of it but the contents that the IB teaches can be interesting and it often thought me how to think critically what I have learnt may be true or false. This is generally where TOK steps in. I practically deleted most of my source of entertainments and stopped having the leisure to read novels either. I've even been crying due to the stress in IB for these past few weeks and the amount of work has left me extremely exhausted. Sometimes I kind of question whether I should stay in IB, I bet its quite common that students in IB who do so. Somehow I would always find the joy to have opportunities to learn different things from the IB compared to the national syllabus here. Instead of just giving up everything that makes me happy in my life, I'm getting the opportunity to work a few steps ahead being equipped with most of the stress I would be getting in uni and probably skip a few semesters ahead. I didn't get to take Psychology here but I can perfectly tell you that the stress with the people here and my sudden change between syllabus has caused me depression too. There are a few things that you definitely can prioritize like how Sandwich advised. Arts can be part of your hobby too. I usually take the long holidays to reward myself and spend the whole day just drawing again, you could actually request for a supervisor to credit your hobby as your CAS, which is creativity and you can draw endless things such as taking up challenges to draw something about peer counselling which is a project my juniors and I are now working on. CAS isn't as hard as you think. I suggest you to use an opportunity during the summer break before you transition to DP2 to work on a large project to gain more CAS hours, you could work on something related to your future career and that helps you in your university application. That's the little stuffs about IB if you feel like you still want to consider IB Of course, if you finally made the decision that the alternative would be a better choice for you, go for it!!!!!!!!!! Life's too short for you to feel sorrowful and too stressed out. Live it you own it rather than having IB to take over your life and stay happy
  11. You're alone, you're on your own so what? Have u gone blind? Have u forgotten what u have and what is yours? Half glass empty half glass full. Well, either way you won't be going thirsty Count your blessings not your flaws You've got it all, you lost your mind in the sound. There's so much more, you can reclaim your crown. You're in control, rid of the monsters inside your head. You can be King again. I love this song so much. It's about reminding someone to stay happy and being yourself. ^^
  12. Hi everyone! I had a few dilemma doing an EE in biology through studying different heart structures of animals to study its features that are compatible with a human heart. Tbh I did regret my choices since it wasn't a fun lab but I initially thought about the stuffs that I could write about, the cell structures, the arteries the valve tissues and such. I later found out that there was ethical issues involved with it because my biology teacher was replaced during the start of DP2 year by a old teacher who retired teaching A-lvl bio 20 years ago. Thus, he didn't know about the ethical issues involving the experiment. My school got the materials from an ethical source though and that's that. I finally got over my worries and just did it anyways. I'm still trying to rephrase my research question though, I hope you guys would help me with that :'D "How are the structures of hearts from mammals are compatible with a human heart in terms of the cell structure and the elasticity of the arteries, such as the pulmonary artery?" The pulmonary artery part was sort of suggested by the bio textbook if I remembered. They suggested stretching it to test its elasticity so I'm going to save time and focus on the elasticity of pulmonary artery haha. Thanks for your comment :DDD
  13. Thanks kw0573 I did reconciled with my dad so thanks for everyone's encouragements. Before I talked to my IB coordinator, I tried talking to my maths teacher while he was going through the mock exam papers with me. He showed me my strong points and my weak points and tried to encourage me too. We had a week's holiday after the exams and my dad went through the maths topic with me. It's a bit pressuring to be honest but yes, my dad loves me and he believed I could do maths despite the fact that I really could not. I can do a few more questions in the exam exercises my teacher gave me recently. I'm definitely gonna study hard and I will keep your advice in mind. Just reading it made me feel so motivated for maths Thank you guys!!! XXXX
  14. I'd like to know the differences too! So far I know is that matrix has been taken off from the new maths hl textbooks. Good luck in Maths HL btw ^^
  15. Thanks for replying. At least hearing that there's still time to meet up with my supervisor and talk about it really helped out. Hopefully the due date wouldn't be before the mid of March. Thanks again
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