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  1. Where do you plan on going to uni? and how many subjects are you taking? are you only doing the certificate or something along with it too?
  2. Atm im flunking most my subjects im predicted a 3 in all except for one subject. Predicted a D in both ee and tok. I still havent completed one of my IA's and my mocks are around the corner. Im under so much pressure and stress that i came to the conclusion if i just leave the Ib right now and do a level in 3 months and do the subjects i like and are good at. And my uni gave me a condition offer of 28 but right now im not even getting a 24. All these subjects atm arent letting me focus and retain everything especially when i have no time to revise for all of them. I feel lost helpless and what not? Can someone please say something
  3. Guys im doing a comparison of bmi between kids in a rural and urban school. is it possible to apply the chi square test??? im doing urban and rural girls and boys seperate
  4. what im doing for my math ia is "a comparison between BMI of students in an urban and rural school" Is my topic okay? its a comparative study
  5. OMG No its not true! My schools also pressuring us on our IA'S they told us the deadline from the IB is in march however they already want all our IA first draft by the end of Jan. Im under sooo much stress i still have 4 IA's to start
  6. Hey guys four months left! And im wondering how much everyones completed? Including tok, and extended essay??? I still have sooo much to do! 4 IA'S , extended essay almost done and tok presentation left What about everyone else??!!!
  7. Your topic sounds interesting, something new and unique! Since you take ESS can you help out on how i can link me research question to a environmental issue cause they want that in the introduction but i dont know what to say? My ia now changed to a investigation on environmental attitudes between gender. And my hypothesis would be that women are greener then men. and i have an article to support this. However i just dont know how to link it to and environmental issue??? I think the IB's good but dont like the fact either how open ended everything is and cause each examiner has his own way you know what i mean??
  8. Well depends if you think the kids at your school would reply to a survey sent online for example survey monkey then go ahead and sent it out or if not just print the surveys out and go around asking people to fill it out then and there. And in your method just state it as random sampling method. Yes describe the process of surveying people. For the methods I just list all the questions im going to ask in my survey and example you could also state 1) distributed survey through school email. Things like that.. Hope this helps. Btw what are you doing yours on?
  9. Guys i want to do my ia on gender analysis of environmental attitudes, it is permitted to take the questionnaire given in the book on pg 10 for my survey??? if someone knows please let me know
  10. Guys is this a suitable topic for an ess ia I want to do an analysis of generation gap of energy consumption So ill look at age but by age i mean student vs teachers which would specify the generation gap and compare the results of the energy consumption they consume And my hypothesis would be that the older generation which is the teachers consume more energy then younger ones because the younger generation is more aware by social media Someone please guide me
  11. Guys is my topic suitable for a math studies IA "A comparison of BMI of students in an rural and urban school" Feedback would me much appreciated
  12. Is a comparison of BMI of students in an rural and urban school a suitable topic for math studies ia???
  13. Hey guys! My math teacher said its allowed to do an IA in math studies which has already made done is this true????

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