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  1. I sleep at 11:30 generally and wake up at 7 am. If I have a maths test the next day, in order to freshen my mind, I sleep as early as 9:30 or even 10:00
  2. dOnE!!!!!! Best of luck
  3. Do not worry if maths is not your strong suit. There are 3 levels of maths and maths studies is the level for weak maths students or students who do not need maths in the future. Ib is not hard if you chose subjects you are interested in because that will motivate you to study and do your work.
  4. It depends on what you want to study later . If you want to study medicine , eng, eco etc at uni you need to have specific subjects .
  5. Oh you're right, I may offend some examinator :xx But religion plays quite important role in politics in many countries, in Poland too, do your think I shouldn't write about it? Thanks for the idea for RQ, it sounds nice You think so? Well, as I think of it now, you're probably right :/ But I've read the guide of human rights EE and it says the area of topis is very narrow and I don't take human rights, so I don't know if it'll be combatible with the syllabus
  6. This is not exactly politics. This comes under human rights which is also offered at EE
  7. Favourite surely global politics hl. Most boring chem sl
  8. Which topic is better for a politics EE. I have to submit my EE proposal form in a week. 1) to what extent is the judiciary system of India different from that of the international criminal court Or 2) to what extent are violent crimes prevalent in the delhi NCR region of India.
  9. Ofcourse you should. Even I want to study economics and to be honest in the uk for economics hl maths is a must. All top unis such LSE, UCL, warwick , kings etc require hl maths. Just do hl maths.
  10. It is not necessary to take a group 3. In my school my friend he takes all 3 sciences and no group 3
  11. Sorry to say there is no global politics offered for EE by IB yet. You could certainly write yours on either politics , human rights or peace and conflict studies. I am most probably doing myn on politics
  12. this comes under the subject called "Human rights"
  13. Sorry to say but global politics is not offered as a subject for EE yet. You can do your EE either on politics or human rights or peace and conflict studies.
  14. Economics hl just has an extra maths part, more depth for each topic a bit and extra topic of theory of the firm which is huge.
  15. Hi! Thanks for your advice I reeeaaallly reaaally want to do Film though.. THE STRUGGLES (and on a slightly more irrelevant note) I see that you took HL Maths and Econ and SL Chem! Can you give me any tips for those subjects? I'm not a super math-y person (as in I'm not super good at math), but I do like the subject (at least a lot more than I do for English), so hopefully I can do alright, but I'm really worried about it because it's one of the hardest subjects to take! I've also heard that HL Econ is considered one of the easier HLs? I've never done economics before, but I heard that you don't need prior knowledge to starting the course, so I picked that for my humanities subject. As for Chem, I love the subject, and much like maths, I might not always understand or be very good at it but I do try to study and make sure I understand everything! Hl maths is hard if you have no help outside your school like no tuition or help at home . Otherwise it is not impossible but just hard to get a 7. If you have help outside of school and practice maths regularly, you can get a 6 at least. Hl economics depends on how well you can learn information and interpret graphs and again another subject in which a 7 is subjective and depends on the teacher to some extent. Hl chem was really hard so I dropped to sl but it was the labs that were really challenging more than the theory bit if you are good at Lab work thn you should do hl chem. Well I already have a tutor for maths, and I'm planning to begin learning the IB course over the summer, so I can get a headstart! I also have a tutor for chem, and I'm also going to do the same. I'd like to ask something though, does HL Economics require you to remember a lot of information? Because my memory is really, really terrible, and I can never really retain any information, which is probably the main reason why I struggle so much in biology... :/ We have a couple of Econ teachers at our school that are really good, so I'm hoping that I get either one of them since I think they both teach HL. We also have a really good chem teacher that was also one of the authors for the IB Chem textbook so I'm hoping that he might teach my class As for maths, I think the teacher is good, but I'm not sure because he hasn't taught me before. I will not say a lot but you have to expect to learn enough information to write answers worth 10 or 15 marks
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