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  1. ToRevOrNot

    Study Group?

    I think I would be down
  2. ToRevOrNot

    Math Studies vs SL ?

    Listen up man, take SL. Trust me, it is much better for the future. Math also isn't my best subject but I was able to pull a good mark, and take this from someone who slacked almost the whole semester. For me, the tests in SL were really hard and I bombed most of them but at the end of the day it's all about the exam. 1 week before the exam I watched these videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7PQcrqGUVmWuTkPHlfQ8iJoDpTmMzkqD They aren't that detailed but the reminded me of all the things we learned and helped me with the basics I didn't understand. After that, just did the QB everyday and old exams. I ended up getting a 6 on the exam. Trust me, the exam is sooooooo much easier compared to what you do in class.
  3. ToRevOrNot

    Questionbank Physics

    Google it man, don't just make an account for one thing.
  4. I'll look into the textbook
  5. My teach is sort of a "do it yourself" kind of guy so I don't really know how to study for my upcoming test. I don't really have notes of any sort, all I have is a text with the old syllabus that has soooo many pages (most info is not needed to TBH) and some powerpoints with 100 slides each. I've been way to busy to make notes for this (used to learn and write in class) test so I was wondering if anyone ahd any tips. All I was thinking of doing for now was some practice Case Studies but I need something more.
  6. Oh um a lot of Canadian universities do not look at extracurriculars. They just look at marks. UBC's the only one I know that needs extracurriculars, and there may be others in Ontario. I think for certain faculties, you need extracurriculars.. double check the individual uni websites just to be sure. Oh my, I have been living a lie but thank you. I do remember one university at the fair saying they have another form that you can fill out with EC if you want to
  7. Hey guys I was just looking at the process of applying for universities in Ontario. Almost all school make you apply through the OUAC thing but I was looking at the whole "how to video" for it and all they did was choose the programs that one would apply to. What about stuff like extra-circulars and the personal statement? I'm so lost here.
  8. ToRevOrNot

    What exactly is a bio IA supposed to be like?

    so what did you end u coming up with ?
  9. ToRevOrNot

    Bio Hl syllabus self study?

    I have a good teacher and I still prefer to teach myself. I found this guy near the end of last year https://www.youtube.com/user/misterleescience/playlists?sort=dd&view=1 and ever since, I've been getting 6's and 7's on tests. Choose the unit you want to study, makes notes on his videos, and study off of them.
  10. Hi guys, so I'm doing my Business IA on a tutoring place I found but I need help deciding what questions to ask during the interview for my primary research. I mean I don't really want to ask for financial statements because its pretty intrusive and I don't wanna lose the business after they have been the only one that were happy with my doing the IA on them out of so many different places. Right now, my research question is based on if they should expand (have multiple locations already but all in one city) their business . But I don't really now what questions I can ask that can benefit my IA or what I should write about. I also don't know what models to use if I don't want to use financial information, any ideas? - Thanks
  11. ToRevOrNot

    Need Help With Creativity!

    any other ideas?
  12. ToRevOrNot

    Need Help With Creativity!

    Wow, nice stuff. I don't really think I'd be able to that stuff tbh.
  13. Other than the arguing, thanks guys! My last question sort of has to do with the whole chain thing again. If I was to my IA on a chain/franchise, would ti have to focus on one individual location or can it focus on the whole business.
  14. Hey guys, I'm in my grade 12 year so I need to finish up my CAS soon but I can't think of what to do for creativity. One thing I did was create a blog which my supervisor allowed but to be honest, I have sort of procrastinated with that and haven't kept up though I will be more consistent now (one challenge I face is figuring out what to write in my reflections for this). Anyways, I still need another CAS activity (only have 4) and the only section which I probably need to focus on is creativity but as I mentioned I don't know what do. So I was thinking, can I learn how to draw/paint at home and do this for CAS? The problem I have with this is that I would need to do something for the supervisor right? I mean for the blog, it has been a while since I talked to my supervisor, but I believe she said that I can only supervise one of my activities (the blog). Anyway to work around this or any easy way of getting creativity. Also for my CAS project, I coached kids soccer which I counted as service and action but would this also be creativity since I'm sort of teaching? - Thanks
  15. Does anyone know if I get just do a chain like No Frills? Since for most of these type of businesses financial info is already online.

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