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  1. I thought Paper 2 was fine, much better than Paper 1 (and I think almost my entire class agrees). I loved the Ferris Wheel question as I did the ferris wheel question from the November 2007 paper the previous night and there were some similarities. I ran out of time to finish some parts of the paper though. Also for that 3 simultaneous question one, I decided that because there were 3 marks you would get 1 mark for each right answer. So I wrote down the values straight of the calculator. I wasn't quite sure how to do a 3 way simultaneous.
  2. HL: Music, Bus & Mngmt, Chem SL: English, French, Maths
  3. I feel as though I am really struggling with Chem HL and a bit of SL. Im not too good with French or English either. (Both SL) I think I'm fine with Bus & Management HL, Maths SL and Music HL.
  4. Music and TOK!!! Least Favourite is French
  5. nobody. At least I will be able to get a job. Baking or sewing?
  6. In my first year we had 42, now I'm about to enter my second year and I think there are now only going to be 34-36.
  7. Mine was on the theme of Finding Truth in the novel Anil's Ghost. It didn't go too well. I was too short as well.
  8. I like the TOK Presentation, musical investigation and music composition but I dislike all the rest.
  9. I just handed my Musical Investigation in. I compared African Music to 20th Century Art Music. I compared instrumentation, rhythm, repetition, form, and some others I have already forgotton. I presented mine as a Magazine article.
  10. What are the other 38 students taking? either taking another Group 4 or Group 3 subject.
  11. Thank you, makes a lot more sense. This question is just out of my textbook though,

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