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  1. I calculated the uncertainty for raw data using max-min/2 (what my teacher told me) this is for systematic error So for random error do i JUST calculate the % uncertainty for each apparatus (apparatus uncertainty/measured value x100) and then add them together? what else am I supposed to do? HELP
  2. how to find the horizontal asymptote of f(x)=10e-0.201x+3?? why is it y=3
  3. How do u do 8b) and ci) questions from IB Maths SL M10/5/MATME/SP2/ENG/TZ1/XX+
  4. That's my worst part of the exam and always pulls down my marks. Any tips or strategies to go about it?
  5. Its back to normal
  6. My page is weird...is anyone else's not loading properly ..Or did they change the format??? Pictures...
  7. I solved cosx and sinx but what do I do after
  8. When they say given Sin B = 2/3 Find Cos B, How do you automatically know which double angle formula to use out of the ones given on the formula booklet
  9. OHH ok yeah that makes sense hahah thanks
  10. ok its like 3am and im feeling stupid. my book says group 3 has lower ionization energy than group 2 since group 3 electronic configurations are in the p block and the p have higher energy than the s orbitals but if they need high ionization energy if the p orbital is higher in energy, and therefore requires more energy to remove wtf im so confused. help
  11. I don't get how to do question b) - If the mole ratio is the same then why do you need to work out everything? omfg i dont get it. how do you even work this out.
  12. For the "uncertainties" section do I just put the equation and calculate it cause what does "propagate uncertainties" mean? Also for the conclusion, when they ask to compare my results to Data values, what does that mean?? also where do I find a literature value for my data?
  13. Whats the uncertainty for vernier colorimeter? ALSO = If i just diluted HCl to change the pH i dont need a pH 'uncertainty' right? OR do I put the uncertainty of the pH probe ?????
  14. I put ±0.01 idk tho
  15. Anyone have resources/studies on this? For my IA.