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  1. abelkoontz

    Chem SL Paper 3 tips?

    I'm SL. But yah i saw that question. But do you think they will ask about IR again if they did that already (recently)?
  2. abelkoontz

    Chem SL Paper 3 tips?

    Paper 3 tomorrow and I'm worried about section A. What will we get tested on?? Like obviously conceptual things where we needa apply our skills but do you think we'll get questions from Topic 11?Like NMR/IR stuff? Or topic 1 stuff??? I'm stressed.
  3. abelkoontz

    Biology Paper 1 and Paper 2 Discussion

    Paper 1 was super difficult...paper 2 was more up to your knowledge. it may have been easy for some but not others. Im in TZ2
  4. abelkoontz

    How to do well in SL Maths?

    I'm not great at math. i was getting 6's until we started doing calculus and the hard part of trig. My grades got so bad. How do I get better at math? The exam is in a few days and I still want that six, but now i may get a 5. i'm having trouble with understanding the questions and how to begin. When I think its one way its actually completely wrong..I
  5. abelkoontz

    Trig question help? Paper 1

    Im confused. Pls send help.
  6. I know of one, but they only have limited resources. I seriously don't get how to do some questions and I want to see how its worked out thoroughly
  7. abelkoontz

    How to answer this stoichiometry questions?

    LOL True, I just dont take my time to study this topic idk i think i just need an explanation with weird worded questions cause i get the question once its explained or reworded
  8. I have trouble recognizing the organic functional groups etc and what the molecule is classified as e.g ethers, esters and sometimes aldehydes and ketones. Is there a way to practice to get better without rote memorization?
  9. From the November 2016 paper
  10. abelkoontz

    Stoichiometry question help

    How do you calculate the conc? Do you just pretend volume = mass
  11. abelkoontz

    Stoichiometry question help

    First of all, when you have 2Na and you try to find the moles, do you just disregard the 2? Because the mols is 0.05 right? So 2NaOH also has 0.05mol. And i'm stuck lol
  12. abelkoontz

    how do i use uncertainties in my IA?

    I calculated the uncertainty for raw data using max-min/2 (what my teacher told me) this is for systematic error So for random error do i JUST calculate the % uncertainty for each apparatus (apparatus uncertainty/measured value x100) and then add them together? what else am I supposed to do? HELP
  13. how to find the horizontal asymptote of f(x)=10e-0.201x+3?? why is it y=3
  14. abelkoontz

    Trig question help?

    How do u do 8b) and ci) questions from IB Maths SL M10/5/MATME/SP2/ENG/TZ1/XX+
  15. That's my worst part of the exam and always pulls down my marks. Any tips or strategies to go about it?

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