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  1. Woow, that sounds teriible. If I were you, I would definitely inform your school about this. However, over school is IB soecific school and we still come across teachers who have no idea in what is happening in some subjects. For business we were learning mostly old syllabus and now I am struggling to actually learn all the new stuff in short time. Which options did you do for the paper 2? We did developmental and human relationships,
  2. Hi everyone how did you feel about paper 2 and paper 3 for psychology HL? I think that there were great questions for paper 2, but paper 3 was a bit weird It wasn't difficult just weirdly formated questions. But overall psychology was really good this year I think.
  3. yeah last year it was like that. Well overall they should not give 3 questions from one subsection only therefore you can avoid studying one subsection completely. However I would learn all the rest as they can give you 2 from one subsection.
  4. I did the same :DD btw do you think that for this years paper 2 they could give us same questions as last year? or the wont repeat them? thank you
  5. that makes sense So maybe the answer was the -0.2... but actually as an absolute value which means that p= 0.2... (I dont really remember the exact value but it was something similar)
  6. When you do area under the curve the constant isn't included.
  7. I did it as an integral from 0 to p and made it equal to 2. This than gives an equation and you subtract 2 from both sides to get a quadrtic or something which you put in the calc and solve for zeros.
  8. I got -0.2.. or something and 2. something As seconds can't be negative I only went with the 2. something but the graph boundaries for velocity showed that p≤ 2 so I was a bit confused and just hoped that it didn't matter. Everyone who I asked got the same.
  9. So from section B one question was on vectors and it mostly had to do with magnitudes and finding points on the lines. Q10 had the 2 graphs and I think it was something with the area under curve and the relationship between this and a triangle formed by the tangent line. (also forgot most of the questions) In section A there was something on normal distribution (running or something) and a binomial theorem question.
  10. Hey guys, how did you feel about the Maths SL paper 2? I think that both papers went really well but lets discuss some of the questions.
  11. I found this paper really good ( actually both papers). I did TZ2 and the only question which I slightly messed up was 7 with the unit vector. But overall it was testing really strong application knowledge which is great.
  12. Let's hope that they put the boundaries down :/ I think Biology exams were still at least a bit better than physics as all the people who took physics wanted to leave during the exam as they couldn't answer a single question.
  13. Yea there was a question on the cause of PKU. Then there was a question on the regulation of ventilation using chemoreceptors, brestfeeding oxytocin and prolatate, liver, secondary messengers (peptide hormones) , and fibre and mean time of digestion, and on irregular heart beat... I think that the exam was really good as it covered a lot of the topics from the option, not like paper 1 and 2 which only focused on evolution and ecology.
  14. YEEEEES!! this paper was probably the best paper ever written. I mean paper 1 and 2 were just terrible but paper 3 in my opinion was really straight forward. I did option D and was really surprised that they used some questions which were in the specimen paper.

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