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  1. I know what you mean!! Our school does that as well. We have a subject called environmental systems and societes which counts as group 3 and a group 4 subject. All the really arty students take this because it allows them to take two arts, and still get the full diploma.
  2. Biowiz

    EE in Music in relation to French horn

    My ee is focusing on one composer rather than one specific piece. I'm not sure if this is applicable to you? You could also find another piece that you like and do a comparison.
  3. Biowiz

    EE in Music in relation to French horn

    That sounds like a really interesting topic and my EE is along the same lines only with flute music. The only thing i would say is that you should look at the music EE criteria because it specifies that you should write about the music itself. This means that you have yo focus on the actual music and try not to go into a lot of detail about the instrument.
  4. Biowiz

    Sources to Use in a Group 1 EE

    I think the best thing to do is to reference any source where you get ideas from. Even if it is something that just gave you an idea, that way you'll be covered. If you want to mention someone else's idea in your essay then you can quote it. If you think that prior criticisms will help you i think that you should use them, but remember that a good EE has original ideas which will be easier to achieve if you make sure all your ideas are your own.
  5. I think that the religous idea is only in the new cas syllabus. I'm doing the new sylabus, but we're the first year group at our school to do so. Our cas coordinater told us to stay away from any church related activity just to be sure. But it really depends which system of cas you're doing.
  6. Biowiz

    Some advice on World Lit.

    My world lit topic is about relationships and while i was finding information from the books i found that there was so much to say about just the main relationships that i focused on them. That way you can go into much greater depth. However i haven't read your books so i'm not entirely sure what the best thing to do is. If you feel that it's important to look at all the relationships then you probably should.
  7. Biowiz

    Psychodynamic Summary

    This is just a list of main ideas from the Psychodynamic Option that my teacher gave us. It's really hepful when you're trying to revise because it helps you to see if you have missed anything.
  8. At my school, most people have been learning their language for 4 years, but some people only have 2 or 3 years before starting the IB. I did German for 3 years before starting IB and I find the German SL course not too easy, but not incredibly difficule either. The ab initio Spanish at our school is only really for people who want to do IB and don't already have a language, so they start from scratch
  9. Biowiz

    How Do You Study?

    I agree with the idea of listening to classical music. I find that it helps me to focus and also to remember things better. My maths teacher always tells us at the beginning of a test to skip the questions we can't do straight away and then come back to them. Then at least if you've read them it sort of stays in the back of your mind and when you come back to it, it's much clearer. I find that this works well for most subjects but obviously that's mostly for in a test situation.
  10. I think that perhaps 'influence' is the wrong word to use. Maybe use a word like 'nature' or 'prescence'. Make it really simple and easy to understand, i had to read it a few times before i really knew what you were asking. Apart from that it sounds quite interesting and well focused.
  11. Biowiz

    EE Flute Music

    I've decided that i will go with a music EE, i don't think anyone else at school is going to. I don't take music at school but i'm fairly advanced with the Trinity exams (I've already done grade 8 flute). However i think that i still need to think about my topic. I still want to do something to do with flute music though. Thanks for your help.
  12. Biowiz

    What was everyone doing before IB?

    In our school we do MYP but the year before the IB diploma we do the New Zealand qualification (NCEA) level 1. I think that it also depends on the subjects you take, but mostly it was quite a shock for a lot of people because of the amount of things we have to know for IB.
  13. Biowiz

    EE Flute Music

    We've just received our extended essays and we have to choose a subject and topic. There's a few subjects that i'm interested in, however the idea of doing a music EE really appeals to me at the moment. I'm a flute player and i'm really interested in flute music. I was thinking perhaps i could investigate something along the lines of different interpretations of Debussy's flute music. I'm not sure if this is a good idea or if there will be enough to write. any advice?
  14. Biowiz

    Psychology Opinons

    I find that psychology is interesting but by no means easy. There is quite a lot to learn and applying the information into essays is the hardest part. However, as long as you do enough reading and actually take the time to understand the information instead of cramming, you shouldn't have any problems.
  15. Biowiz

    Addictions due to IB

    I don't find that IB is too stressful. I notice that loads of kids at my school complain about having to stay up late and about the amount of homework. I think that the only reason people find it stressful is that they spend too much time stressing and worrying when they could be working. As long as you make the most of the time you have then it only has to be as stressful as you make it for yourself.

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