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  1. But the Chinese SAT is desgined for those whose native language is not Chinese. On the other hand, the english sections of the SAT reasoning test are for native speakers. That is why I am worried... The thing is...I have heard that there are quite a number of native Spanish speakers who take the Spanish SAT test anyway, and get perfect scores
  2. Wow that absolutely makes sense...What a shame though, now my future is looking really dismal
  3. I know some people think it is pointless to take a language that they already speak, but I thought if I get a full mark it will look good on my application...or will it? Just it case the language test doesn't help the application, I will still have two other SAT subject test scores to send (physics and math). However I highly extremely doubt that I will do well on my physics SAT. That is why I am wondering if I can still make it to a good college with a perfect Chinese SAT score, even though I am a native speaker. Any ideas?
  4. life_is_beautiful

    Intended Majors

    What is the difference between "International Business" and "Business"? I am thinking of it too but I am trying to figure out the differences International Business and languages? Is that a joint course or separated majors or major+minor?
  5. life_is_beautiful

    science extended essays format+ footnotes and references

    Oh dear, Thank you so so much. Some really helpful information there! Well I am glad to know that I am not the only one struggling with referencing! There are just so many people telling me different ways of how I should do my referencing One more thing though...If I cite my sources in the bibliography alphabetically, do I need to put those tiny subscript numbers next to the information from the sources? That is what you do with footnotes right? But how do you show which reference in the bibliography refers to what information in your essay? Sorry if I am a little inarticulate, I am pretty much brain dead at the moment. And thanks again
  6. life_is_beautiful

    SAT II subject tests and IB

    WOAH! How the hell did he/she pull it off? Any tip please? I am giving a second attempt on my SAT II physics in one week; don't have a lot of time for revision looking at the amount of work I have at the moment. I do physics HL, average is a 5 I think the main problem is I do the questions too slowly. Did your friend just keep on writing and automatically skip the questions that he/she couldn't do? Or did he/she gave those harder questions some shots too?
  7. Hello, I am doing my extended essay on Physics, and I have done a draft. My supervisor encouraged me to add subheadings under every heading( e.g. for introduction I could put specific subheading/s under such as "the structure of the gun"; or if my heading is"results", I could add subheadings such as "data collection" and "data analysis" in my essay to clarify things.) I took my supervisor's advice and did so; however some science teachers told me that I should avoid subheadings in order to make the essay flow better(They told me that if I do subheadings it will make the essay look like a lab report. But the thing is,it's a science essay, it's hard to make it not look like a lab report). I don't know who I should listen to. I've looked up all the science EEs from the 50 excellent EE examples, some of the candidates had a lot of subheadings, some don't. So, I'm confused; subheadings or no subheadings? Also I have a problem with footnotes and references formatting; I don't know what the difference is. What I did was: I cited my sources throughout the essay and make them as footnotes; in the end I also did a bibliography that included all those cited sources. My supervisor told me that footnotes should only be definitions or explanations of some terms, and that all my cited sources should just go to the bibliography. But he told me he wasn't really sure if I need to cite my sources in my footnotes(many of the essays that I have read cite sources in both footnotes and bibliography) . Oh, please someone instruct me with your formatting expertise. Thanks in advance!
  8. life_is_beautiful


    B, A1, or A2? 聽說 B跟A2蠻簡單,A1比較多東西做(讀很多書,像english A1)
  9. life_is_beautiful


    如果你對中文有自信建議讀中文,能拿到比較好的成績,像我沒讀中文選一個abinitio的language,真是有點後悔,第一很難拿高分第二IB abinitio language讀完也還不能到fluent的程度定多會點簡單對話,而且如果以後沒繼續學就會忘掉...更重要的是你如果不繼續讀自己的母語,真的會退步的(我就是個實際例子...)如果你對英文有把握就選A1 english吧,雖然個人認為A2 eng會較容易拿高分,A1 eng真的難拿到7...
  10. life_is_beautiful


    多看中文书会进步得很快的 以后如果有去chinese speaking countries就多买点中文书, 考试加油!
  11. life_is_beautiful


    喔~太棒了有個漢語論壇:D:D 我也是習慣打繁體~打簡體比較慢 雖然中文是我的母語,不過我現在沒有讀中文讀初級西班牙文and english A1 standard, 結果我的中文大幅退步!argh可惡
  12. life_is_beautiful

    SAT II subject tests and IB

    Wow...I'm jealous. Wish I could do that When you say he/she studied for 2 days, do you mean literally 2 days, or like 3~4 hours per day?
  13. life_is_beautiful

    SAT II subject tests and IB

    Oh no...tracing rays...I do not like the sound of that...I'm not that worried for physics as I am for math, since my physics exam is going to cover most of the topics in the SAT II anyway. As for math, I think I'm screwed. Need all my time to cram for my finals, don't even know if I have time for the SAT IIs. Should've thought of that before I registered for the subject tests! and the fact that we're not allowed to use caculators just freaks me out because I live on calculators And thank you so much for the websites!They're really helpful! I heard that you have to do around 55 questions in 60 minutes for math, is that true?(and I'm assuming for physics as well)?? Oh am I anxious
  14. life_is_beautiful

    SAT II subject tests and IB

    The structure is different. It's different from the IB exam, the SATI's, the AP (if you recognize its structure). I took AP Physics B/IB Physics SL this year, and I'm taking Math2, Chem, and Physics in June. I suggest you look through the site below and do the practice tests they provide; it should answer all of your questions. My teacher never followed the IB syllabus for physics, but we got lucky (with the exception of the engery topic.. 8 I think?) because the AP and IB tests covered almost the same things. The SATII test won't require as much revision as the IB test, so that's a plus. However, some of the IB HL stuff is on the SATII test. I don't think that SL people do EM Induction or even magnetism at all. If you haven't covered these topics, then you should know that it's hard--for me, anyways--to learn them on your own. http://www.sparknotes.com/testprep/books/sat2/physics/ Oh my goodness, THANK YOU so so much! You have officially saved my life, I guess I love sparknotes now:D and you! Wow they sure cover a lot of topics. I'm taking math2 and physics in June too, but I have less than 3 weeks to prepare, and my final exams are next week...the SAT II tests are on the saturday following my IB final exams. Joy. My teacher has not covered optics and mordern physics with us yet, hope they're not too hard one more question, are they going to provide any physics formulae? or are we supposed to know them all?I just have this feeling that I'm going to forget some of the formulae(eeek)
  15. life_is_beautiful

    SAT II subject tests and IB

    I'm taking the SAT II physics but in June but I don't have any books for references. Is SAT II physics test hard? What topics does it cover?

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