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  1. Marta Karolina

    An IB friend?

    Hey! I´m not so often here so if you want to join us here is skype group link https://join.skype.com/fE52fKWd2Doi
  2. Marta Karolina

    Where are you now- IB

    Heyy! I need some ideas what I could do in the assessment which is called ​where are you now? I thought of doing photography but then my teacher wanted me to do photography into the religion ( no thanks... ) Any better ideas?
  3. Marta Karolina

    IA topics!

    Please help me to find the good IA topic.
  4. Marta Karolina

    Study Group?

    me too
  5. Marta Karolina

    Study Group?

    Me 2
  6. Marta Karolina

    An IB friend?

    well we created already Skype so yeah ...
  7. Marta Karolina

    How to make a complaint.

    Well firstly write in points what you dont like about the school / teacher. Make them really good then get as many signatures under as possible and give one copy to principal and one to coordinator if this doesn't work you need to take that to news and the school after all will figure out something.
  8. Marta Karolina

    An IB friend?

  9. Marta Karolina

    An IB friend?

    You can make one
  10. Marta Karolina

    An IB friend?

    Well should we make a group or something here?
  11. Marta Karolina

    You know you are an IB student when...

    Agree! You know you are an IB student when you do your assignments during other classes.
  12. Marta Karolina

    An IB friend?

    Well some people on here do have Skype names already in profile, It doesn't have to be Skype it can also be appear or something like that
  13. Marta Karolina

    An IB friend?

    What do you mean by safe? Its just sharing your knowledge etc..
  14. Marta Karolina

    An IB friend?

    How about we have some group chats like Skype or other opportunities to communicate and talk about our study techniques or how you do your notes or just to have a friend which is doing IB and its willing to help you? Its just an suggestion dont judge!
  15. Marta Karolina

    Fourth question paper 1


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