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  1. Hi, so, I was just wondering if anyone knows the criterion for the Business Management IA? My teacher told us that it was supposed to be no longer than 1 500 words, the example she gave us had no abstract nor did she say that we needed one and that the appendixes are supposed to be the five articles we used the mosts (and that the parts we used had to be highlighted). However, when I read through the instructions in the book it said that it was supposed to be 2 000 words, have and abstract and that appendixes should just be things such as photos,, documents, questionnaires, raw data and such. (Like all the other IAs) I am so confused right now, could someone help me out?
  2. Does anyone have any suggestions on interesting lab ideas for a biology IA? (Preferably nothing having to do with insects or nutrition)
  3. So I've been wanting to do a data analysis for my Biology IA since I'm terrible at conducting labs. However, my teacher has - not surprisingly - not been of much help and keep insisting that I do a lab since no one has ever done a data analysis Bio IA at my school. The weird thing about this is that she explicitly told the entire class that she wished that someone would do one this year so that she would not have to set up lab time for every single student. Because of this I have actually no clue of what I could possibly do, since she won't provide me with any examples of topics (like the ones for the lab experiments), nor any good websites apart from gapminder. Can anyone help me out?
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