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  1. Thank you. I have done the in text citations and just uploaded it
  2. Hi, So I was uploading my documents to IBIS, but found that things which I have uploaded my self is shown with a flag written candidate submitted. For EE and TOK, however, it has a tick with written submitted. What is the difference? As I know teachers for French ab initio are not supposed to write any forms? Thanks
  3. Thank you. What I actually meant was something like (an example from TOK) The definition of knowledge ...... (Plato, 1937) . Do we have to do these? Or is just a simple bibliography at the end good enough? Thanks
  4. Hello, just had some more questions. For the written assignment. Do I have to do the in-text referencing. Since the whole written assignment is based on sources, I thought referencing will not be useful. Do I have to do the in-text referencing? I have the bibliography though. Thank you
  5. Thank you so much. So I do not have to copy the whole text, but only the URLs?
  6. Thank you for your kind help. But I still do not understand what to do with it. What do we upload there? For the written assignment part I get it. But for sources, do i just submit a word document of list of the websites I have used?
  7. Thank you, I have already wrote a reference list in my Written assignment. But my question is, why is there a separate section for it?
  8. Ok, so I was about to upload my written assignment for french ab initio but just found there is this section which asks for Sources I assume this means the texts which I have based on for my written assignment. The problem is, how am I supposed to upload them? Do I just copy and past all the texts into 1 single word doc? Are there any specific forms? Thanks
  9. Hello, I was just reviewing my econ commentaries, and I have not use any other sources except the article itself. Therefore, I did not have a reference list. However, recently I have heard that we have to reference every single definitions we defined in our commentaries. Do we have to cite all the term definitions? Thank you
  10. So, I have used 4 articles and blogs in total for my French ab initio written task, and am about to upload them on the IBO Candidate website. However, I have found that there are 2 sections: 1 for the Written Task and 1 for the sources. For the sources, how are we supposed to upload them? Do we combine all the webpages we used and convert it to a pdf file and upload? Or do we upload them separably? Thanks
  11. Hello, Previous sessions, as I have heard we had to put cover pages for each IA or commenatries, inclduing our name, candidate code, school code, and etc However, I have heard that from MAY 2017 session, putting personal details on the IAs are no more allowed. Therefore, do we only fill in the 3/CSE form and do not include any cover pages on the IAs as people used to do before? Thanks
  12. I am now fishing up my Economics SL commentaries, but I wonder if bibliographies are necessary because most of the sample commentaries I have seen online, for instance scrbid,com, did not actually contain any citing. Is it necessary to write the bibliography? If so, is it alright when I just put a small number next to a sentence, and cite it on the bibliography only(not in-text)? Thanks!
  13. Omg... Did you take any extra exams for the HKUST? For example SAT, SAT subject tests, AP and etc..? Or did you only apply with IB predicted score in the beginning.
  14. What happens when more than 1 student writes an extended essay in a same subject and topic? For example, let's say one in UK wrote Physics EE on aerodynamics of a baseball, and one in US as well?
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