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  1. Hi. What is the intensity pattern of double-slit interference? I googled it, there are two different types of graphs coming out. One has the same maximum intensity, the other one has different maximum intensity. I am really confused about this. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  2. ckj1026

    Resolution problem

    Oh! I got it. I kinda misunderstood the question. For the circular aperture of the same size, the angle theta is LARGER. Is it true that when both lambda and b are constant, a rectangular slit can tell the difference between two sources with smaller distance than a circular aperture can tell? If so, why do we use circular apertures for telescopes but not rectangular slits?
  3. ckj1026

    Resolution problem

    Hi. I am doing some past exam questions to revise for the finals. I met a problem and I do not really know how to deal with it. Green light is emitted by two point sources. The light passes through a narrow slit and is received by an observer. The images of the two sources just fail to be resolved. Which change allows for the images to be resolved? a) Replacing the narrow slit with a circular aperture of the same size. b) Using violet light. By the formula for rectangular slit, theta=lambda/b, the smaller the wavelength is, the smaller angle is. It makes sense that using violet light is true. The formula for circular aperture is theta=1.22lambda/b. So if I replace the narrow slit with a circular aperture, the angle would also be smaller. But the answer says it is not correct. Can anyone help me with that? Thanks.
  4. ckj1026

    Page limit

    Hi. I don't take biology but I take physics and chemistry. I think the requirement for page numbers should be the same. I have seen a guideline for chemistry, which says that the IA should not exceed 12 pages, but the content of the IA is more important than page numbers. Both of my physics teacher and chemistry teacher said that appendices do not count in page numbers. (By the way, I have 13 pages for my chemistry IA excluding appendix and it was fine.) Hope it helps.
  5. Hi. I am a selftaught student of Chinese A literature. I have a question about paper 1. For paper 1, the literature analysis, am I supposed to write an essay on each of the two question? Or just one essay to ask two questions? It would be best if someone has a sample answer (better in Chinese, English is also fine) with examiners' comments. Thanks.
  6. Hi! I am doing Chinese A literature. I am a selftaught student. How about you?
  7. ckj1026

    Section C: 20 Marks Essay

    Thank you so much for the document! It would help a lot. I have been struggling with Section C for a long time.
  8. ckj1026

    Not Sending and IA?

    I don't think you will get your diploma if you don't submit all your IAs. You still have time to work on it!
  9. ckj1026

    Imperial College

    Hi. Is anyone applying for "Mathematics with Applied Mathematics/Mathematical Physics" at Imperial College? I have only seen two people who applied for it, including me. How many places does IC offer for this course? By the way, my conditions are 766 in HL including 7 in maths and 6 in physics. Overall 39.
  10. Hi everyone. I am currently working on my CAS final essay. Am I allowed to add pictures in my CAS essay?
  11. ckj1026

    Physics options

    My teacher has decided to take relativity. Yeah!!
  12. ckj1026

    Physics options

    Hi. I really want to choose engineering, but my teacher said "if you really like engineering, you can study it in the university". I think my teacher prefers relativity, because last year, he chose the relativity, and the result was pretty good.
  13. ckj1026

    Physics options

    Hi guys. I have to decide which option to choose for my HL physics. Because of some school and teacher problems, I can only choose between "relativity" and "astrophysics". To be honest, I prefer the later one. How difficult are these two options? Which one is relatively easier? Or which one is more interesting? Thanks.
  14. Hi. I am currently working on my TOK essay. I chose the first title, "In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.†Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge." I am not sure about the phrase "gaining knowledge". Does it mean personal knowledge or universal knowledge? Can I talk about both?
  15. Hello everyone! I have Chinese A self-taught, and I have to hand in both reflective statement and written assignment in 2 weeks. I am very confused about the word count for Chinese. In Extended Essay, Chinese and Japanese can have more words than the other languages (1 word=1.2 Chinese character=2 Japanese character). But I cannot find it in the Language A guide. Can someone tell me what the word count for reflective statement and written assignment for Chinese? Thank you in advance!

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