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  1. Musicaltheatre!

    Are these study guides helpful?

    I'm going to get the OCS HL Biology study guide and the IA guide english lit study guide math studies study guide and calculator guide SL Psychology study guide and ib 167 secrets Are these helpful at all?
  2. Musicaltheatre!

    Should I do SPanish or French?

    Hey! So, i'm going to apply to the university of michigan and it is very competitive! So, my original idea was to do Ab Initio Spanish because it interests me. Then I thought to myself, If I take HL French B (as a 4th HL) , It'll be an easy 7(+ will give me more college credit ;o) but the workload will probably be a lot. These are my other subjects: HL English Literature (I know that this class is moderately hard) SL Psychology (I'm not sure) HL Biology (I know that this class is very hard) SL Math Studies (This will be okay) HL Theatre (This will not be much of an issue for me)
  3. Musicaltheatre!

    Colleges Perception of Extended Essay

    Hello, How do colleges' perception of you change according to your extended essay topic. I want to write my extended essay in theatre and have the question include some aspect of psychology but mainly theatre. I want to be a musical theatre and psychology major. Will this affect any of the departments' perception of me? Im applying to US btw Thank You
  4. Musicaltheatre!

    Biology Options

  5. Musicaltheatre!

    Biology or Design Technology?

    My school doesnt offer psychology sadly
  6. Musicaltheatre!

    Biology or Design Technology?

    Hello! I am currently stressing out because I want to be a psychologist so I was planning on taking HL Bio. I'm pretty good at it. I currently have an 90 in it. However I hear it's very hard to get a 7 in it so I've been thinking that I could learn the Biology aspect in university and take Design Technology so I can get a better grade. Opinions?
  7. Musicaltheatre!

    ib subject choices for psych in university

    i'm going to uni in america. My school doesn't offer IB psych. I'm taking Philosophy and Bio because they overlap at times. The same for theatre. Colleges like to see well balanced students so I decided I'm going to take an art!
  8. Musicaltheatre!

    ib subject choices for psych in university

    Hello, I am planning on becoming a psychologist when I go to university. These are the classes I like: ENG LANG LIT Ab initio Spanish Philosophy (HL) Biology (HL) Math Studies Theatre Arts (HL) Are these subjects suitable for the career I want?
  9. Musicaltheatre!

    Courses for psychology

    Are these courses good for someone who wants to be a psychologist? SL: English Lang lit Ab Spanish HL: Psychology HL: Biology Math studies HL: Theatre I was also thinking if I'd be better to take French as an A language so I have a bilingual diploma. What are the benefits of a bilingual diploma? Which course would be more beneficial?

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