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  1. Lucas

    Osmosis IA - Variations

    Hi there, I would like to to do something on osmosis for my IA. Earlier this year we have already carried out an osmosis experiment involving strips of potatoes in class. If I want to do osmosis for my IA, I will need to make variations to it and make it more personal. Do any of you know what I could use instead of the potato and how to make the experiment different in general? Thanks guys.
  2. Hello, I am writing one of my commentaries about development economics. It is based on tied aid in an African LEDC, that will improve its transportation infrastructure. I am going to draw a PPC with an outward shift, but I don't know about a second diagram since a Lorenz curve would not fit my topic. Does the poverty cycle count as a proper diagram? And can I use any diagrams from other sections of the course because there is really only a few diagrams in development economics.
  3. I know from my teacher and various sources from the internet that you should use at least 2 diagrams in your commentary. However, if you develop your one diagram in a greater detail, that might make up for it. Regardless make sure to ask your teacher about it. Good luck with your IA!
  4. Lucas

    My subject selection

    I wouldn't say it's useless for example in Psychology you need Bio. Anyway back to my original question: are any subjects NECESSARY for journalism or does it boil down to final overall score and experience such as school newspaper or yearbook? Because most universities only demand a minimum amount of IB points (i.e. 34).
  5. Lucas

    My subject selection

    The thing is that I'm not exactly sure about it yet. If I do Bio HL, can it benefit me in the future without having taken Chemistry or is it useless?
  6. Currently I am taking the following subjects; German Lang Lit A HL English Lang Lit A HL Biology HL Mathematics SL History SL Economics SL Even though I am not exactly sure about what I want to do after IB, I am very much into Journalism. I would like to ask whether these subjects are fitted for that and which doors are definitely closed for me (for example Medicine, Engineering etc.). I was thinking about switching Economics to HL and Bio down to SL, as I will probably not need it later anyway. I picked it on HL because it really interests me and so far I am doing very well. I do not intend to switch any subjects around, but if there is something about the levels I can do, it would be helpful to hear your opinion about it.

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