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  1. I don't think it will be a violation but it kills creativity. Haha. It's always good to compose a new written task just to practice your essay writing skills.
  2. Become an IB Coordinator and you'll see it.
  3. I think it's because for IB you don't get your results when past the application deadline so you must apply with your predicted grades from school. These can be inaccurate so they just want to double check that your school is not giving you grades that are overly good just for application to university.
  4. I wouldn't encourage you to do such a thing so that to avoid any claims of plagiarism by the IBO. Technically you're copying your own work but still - it's plagiarizing. Secondly I think you should be studying the work in your Literary option for your course in order to use the work for your written task. I am not too sure about that because I never studied A2, but you may want to check that out. If you are studying the work then I guess my first point will be the main concern for you. You may want to discuss this with your teacher/supervisor/cordinator etc.
  5. According to the 'Handbook of Procedures for the Diploma Programme 2011': Additionally,
  6. Things Fall Apart shouldn't be a World Literature text. A world literature should be one that is a 'work in translation' meaning that the original text must be written in a language other than English. As you have mentioned, the original text was written in English albeit the fact that Achebe was Nigerian. You may want to raise this point to your teacher that it shouldn't be qualified as a WL text and ask her to double check her selection of the novel as a WL text because it certainly shouldn't be one. P.S. There's no such language called 'Nigerian'.
  7. I was really surprised that I got a 5 in English A1 SL. All my classmates and teachers thought that I was a solid 6 and perhaps on the border line of 7. The exams didn't go extremely well but I did feel it was satisfactory for a 6 standard. Then, the IOP was a pleasing score and my teacher predicted I'd get a high mark for WL. Only my IOC was slightly disappointing so I have no idea how my 5 came about!
  8. (Traditional Chinese Characters Version) Research Question: 九十年代至今台灣電影對於描述青年社會的題材有著什麼樣的變遷? TRANS: How has the portrayal of Taiwanese youth society in Taiwan cinema differ from the 1990s until present? Grade: A
  9. English A1 SL - 5 () Mandarin B HL - 7 ITGS HL - 6 Biology HL - 6 Mathematics SL - 7 Chemistry SL - 6 TOK - B EE in MANDARIN - A +3 Total: 40 Diploma awarded.
  10. Actually I really have no idea because I didn't plan to apply to HKUST at all so the information that I'm providing is based on HKU stuff. lol. I did go through the HKUST website but I was so turned off with the application procedure (you have to apply online). Then I just closed it and never went back. I mean, when it comes to HK universities, SAT doesn't really matter. I think they just need to see your TOEFL or something. But then again I'm not too confident with what I'm saying here because I don't have any of these exams taken. 學弟抱歉 如果我之前po的info把你搞混 呵呵@@
  11. @Grassroot: 呵呵… 學弟不客氣… 以後有什麼問題歡迎你隨時跟我聯絡 對厚… 總之好像國家隊規範吧… IA方面要多多練習,格式自然就會曉^^ 或者可以參考一下每門科目的Guide 其實TOEFL也是接受的,但如果你有SAT的成績的話,幹嘛不拿出來秀秀給他們看呢? 哈哈哈… TRANS: Hm... Probably just achievements at a national level... As for the IAs, you just need to practice and know the formats. If not, you can always check out the guides for each subject... Actually I think TOEFL is accepted too but if you possess a score for SAT, why not show if off to the university?
  12. 課内/外皆可,比如是國家/學校球隊,贏過任何大型比賽之類的你都可以在自我推薦書中提及。 那麼,你的Group2是讀英語B HL或以上的嗎?如果不是,科大就會十分重視你的SAT。 你現在的成績怎麼樣?38分應該不會很難吧^^ 加油! 我是學長。你呢?請問你是學弟還是學妹? TOK的部分我唯一的建議是要多參考TOK課本/教科書-這會對你在寫作TOK論文方面有所幫助。至於TOK Presentation,請多運用TOK的述語(ways of knowing/areas of knowing),並避免把presentation的内容過於專注在倫理辯論。 由於大多數的考生通常都對TOK's "Knowledge Issue"的要求感到十分模糊,所以你要謹慎選擇你presentation的Knowledge Issue。 TRANS: It can be both extracurricula/academic. For example, being in a national/school sports team, taking part in any major competitions etc. These activities can be mentioned in your reference and personal statement. Then, is your Group 2 language English B HL or above? If not, then I think HKUST will want to look at your SATs. How are your grades so far? 38 points shouldn't be too hard! Good luck! For TOK my only advice to you is to read the TOK textbook. This will really help you in your essay writing. As for TOK presentation, do use plenty of TOK terminology (WOK; AOK) and refrain from making your presentation into a ethics debate, which is a trap most people fall into. Also, too many people are confused with the idea of a 'knowledge issue' in TOK. Make sure you select your knowledge issue well before you start your presentation.
  13. 你好! 因爲你是讀國際文憑的關係,所以我想SAT的成績並不會讓你在報HKUST有太多的優勢,除非你IB的Group 1語言不是英語A1。當然,你的SAT成績也應該會吸引大學的注意,畢竟我想拿SAT到香港唸大學的大陸學生也不多。 若你打算以IB成績報讀HKUST的話,它們的最低要求是總分30分。聽說也有專爲IB考生以設的獎學金,但要看你最後IB所拿的成績。 至於non-conditional offer的話,我個人認爲應該不太大可能。除非你有出眾於凡的才藝,大學還是想看看你最後的成績才能作出錄不錄取你的決定。 TRANS: Hello! Since you are taking the IB exams, I think the SAT would not give you much extra advantages when you apply for HKUST. Unless your Group 1 language is not English A1. Of course, if you happen to have an excellent SAT score then perhaps the university may take that into consideration as well. After all, in my opinion, the number of Mainland students who have taken the SAT and at the same time, wish to study in HK universities is not great. If you are considering in applying with the IB, their minimum offer is 30 total points for the diploma. I have also heard that there is a scholarship available reserved just for IB diploma holders, but this is subjected to your final points. As for an non-conditional offer, I personally believe that it is not too possible. However, if you possess talents that are out of the ordinary, but even so the university will still want to look at your final results before giving you an offer.[/
  14. This is the guide (though I'm sure there is a more detailed booklet I've seen before but I just can't find it now): http://www.ibicus.org.uk/uploaded_images/files/languages%20guidance%20.pdf There will be 3 subjects in Group 1: 'Literature' (SL/HL), 'Language and Literature' (SL/HL) and 'Literature and Performance' (Transdisciplinary Group 1/6 offered at SL only) Yes. That's correct. Literature will resemble the current A1, whilst Language and Literature will resemble A2 (except from 2013 onwards it will be considered as a Group 1 subject).
  15. Basically, when A2 is phased out this will raise the general difficulty of the Language B course at HL. It is probably intended that because most candidates currently sitting for a B HL exam is of an A2 level or higher, and the IBO does not want schools to further violate the rules, so they have to redesign the Group 1 and 2 schemes in order to prevent candidates taking advantage of the previous system where they may sit for a B HL exam despite it is their first langauge (or close to) and get an 'easy 7' from it. As starting from May 2013 Language B HL candidates will be compulsory to study literature and have a creative piece to write about as an internal assessment, it will resemble the previous A2 course.

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