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  1. I thought the only tricky question was the last one. Otherwise this paper was pretty simple. I hope I did enough to get a 7
  2. I'm doing calculus and Im fairly ready. Which option are u taking ?
  3. Hi What was wrong with the question (Just wondering) ?
  4. I have papers for English, Econ, Chinese and Physics (P2 & P3) in the first week. Physics P3, Maths P1 &2 and DT in week 2 Maths P3 in the last week You?
  5. DT will not help as the stuff taught in IB isn't really related to engineering. You're better off applying with 7s in maths and physics. You might want to look at Imperial's entry requirements for your desired course. http://www.imperial.ac.uk/study/ug/courses/aeronautics-department/aeronautical-engineering/
  6. The answer is C The way I did the question was by drawing a graph where displacement is the x axis and force is on the y axis. The area under the curve is work done as W=F*s . Since force is increasing uniformly, there will be a linear relationship between those variables. Since the object doesnt move until the force exceeds 0.5F, the y intercept of the graph will be 0.5F.
  7. Here is the Mark scheme's answer to your question kw0573 is spot on
  8. the answer to (a) is 5/12 and (b) is 3/10
  9. I applied for EEE (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) I got offers from Bath (36 with 6 in HL Maths and physics) and Manchester (37 with 6 in HL Maths and physics).
  10. I've only got my DT project left and its half way done .
  11. Here you go http://freegyan.org/downloads/TOK/Decoding_Theory_of_Knowledge_for_the_IB_Diploma.pdf
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