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  1. Your life is worth so much more than that! And prove them wrong!!! I've been through the same issue and nothing slaps their face harder than proving them wrong
  2. So my school has decided to make a new rule, only allowing 4 students/supervisor (basically per subject), and only allowing us to pick from our higher levels because some teachers from last year ended up with 11 essays and thought it was too much workload. My three choices were 1. Psychology 2. English 3. Philosophy I got my second choice, English, but I managed to speak to the DP coordinator, psychology teacher, and the English teacher to get the possibility of writing my extended essay in psychology but having my English teacher as my supervisor. The psychology teacher agreed to still inform me about research processes, how the essay should be structured etc. although she isn't my supervisor. However, I am wondering whether this is going to affect me in a negative way or not? Is there anywhere online I can get any guidelines on how to write the essay in psychology? Please note that I am not looking for someone to mark my essay for me in advance or supervise me as that isn't allowed either, but getting some guidelines or previous papers on how to write a psychology extended essay would be beneficial. Our teachers are new to the system and I don't rely on their judgement of providing us with the correct material. Thanks
  3. Grades determine how systematically adjustable you are to the system
  4. One of my classmates is in Math Studies and he switched from HL, only for the reason that he didn't need Maths HL for law studies. We also graduate 2017
  5. Some universities require Psychology HL as a subject and Biology as a science and some do not. Even if your university doesn't require psychology it is extremely beneficial. If your school doesn't offer psychology try talking to your IB coordinator and suggest online courses on pamoja.
  6. My school also uses managebac but what changed for our grade (DP1) is that we have amount of activities instead of hours. Within those activities we have to achieve 7 learning outcomes and prove that we've fulfilled them. It's a smart way of preventing people from faking their CAS hours, also this requires a lot of time. I have about 60 hours already but I've only completed 6 acitivites and 3/7 learning outcomes that are needed in order to receive the CAS diploma
  7. Keep in mind that if you plan on studying in a Swedish university it is highly recommended take Swedish A. If you take Swedish B and you want to get into a Swedish university the university requires you to take a test in Swedish which is not easy. But it's all up to you. If you want a bit of a challenge (I myself am fluent in Swedish and I take Swedish A as well and it's been fine so far), then take Swedish A. If not, go for Swedish B. But keep in mind that a Swedish B class usually consists of people who are learning to speak Swedish or speak Swedish on a moderate level. But, easy 7
  8. I guess it's fine. I take Psychology HL and plan to write my EE in pscyhology, however the topic I'm writing about is completely irrelevant to what we've done in class. I don't have a base of knowledge laid out for it so I assume it would be the same with you and history. Good luck
  9. Speak to your principal or IB coordinator. The teacher himself won't really change his mind or anything in that direction because some people just have a tendency to do that. But if you speak to your principal or IB coordinator I can ensure you that the issue will be dealt with
  10. Hey guys! Since my school's organization is extremely terrible and they've hired a bunch of non- IB qualified teachers who are poorly familiar with the curriculum and the criteria I was wondering if there s a possibility to access the criteria online somewhere? Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that there is one criteria sheet that covers all the 6 subjects and I've received a few of them last year (which I've obviously lost), and since my school is to unorganized to provide us with them I was wondering if you guys could help me out Thanks
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