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  1. Hi everyone, I am planning on doing my Math IA on finding the shortest escape route possible. I think I will use Dijkstra's Algorithm. I am wondering if this would be an acceptable topic and if it would contain enough math to score well because it seems quite primitive Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I am writing my extended essay in human rights (about violations of Article 25 in the treatment of internally displaced persons by Ukrainian government). And I noticed that the HR syllabus points out that Human Rights EEs will eventually become EEs in GloPo. My supervisor does not know anything about this - have you guys heard anything like that? If I am a part of the class of 2017, does it mean that my EE will have to be in GloPo? Thank you!
  3. I do swimming and yoga for action, lead Russian Lang Lit Culture club and do aerial silks for creativity, and do student media and mediation/conflict transformation workshops for service.
  4. IA

    Hello guys, I am planning on writing my history IA on Holodomor in Ukraine and I was wondering if the research questions I came up with are specific enough: - To what extent can Holodomor be considered a genocide? - To what extent can Holodomor be considered an attack on Ukrainian nationalism? - How significant was the impact of collectivization on Holodomor? Thank you very much!