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  1. Idek what any of the last question about interest rates are even asking for for paper 2 so I skipped the whole question based on it lol.
  2. Paper 2 was not bad, it was just too much questions with less thinking time (via many 2 marks qns for the difficulty)
  3. Paper 3 was heaven I did astrophysics as my option Paper 2 had too much questions to do, only made it to like halfway on question 10 Paper 1 was pretty ok
  4. So even if I did not show that the answer is 4.9ms-1, I can still get the full marks by getting 4.95ms-1 as my final answer?
  5. For question 4 ii.) where it shows that the answer is 4.9ms-1 Wierd thing is that when I calculated it, it either gave me 4.954ms-1 using ω =1336rads-1 or gives me 4.8205ms-1 when i use ω =1300rads-1 Exact decimal answer I got is ω =1336.847938rads-1 according to calculator. So either answer I got would round to 5.0ms-1 or 4.8ms-1, but not 4.9ms-1. Either the question itself does not appear appropriate or am I doing something wrong in this case.
  6. The atomic radius of noble gases are actually small compared to other groups.
  7. Some of my chem IAs are: -Determining best metals for conducting electricity -Determining activation energy for tuna to go bad But my teacher said they are too simple and if I did those experiments for my IA i would get 7-8 out of 24..... Please help with some stimulus for my IA. I like batteries and food so came up with those above ideas.
  8. It does not have to be new, all you have to do is show that you understand the math by using your own words on the topic. But some maths must be shown.
  9. what results do you have? your link does not work
  10. I am wondering, where, when and how do we apply astrophysics in real life?
  11. I have a question! When and where do we apply astrophysics in real life?
  12. My teacher chose the options for us and we are all doing the same options. I took physics and I wanted to do engineering physics because it has applications in real life. My physics teacher chose astro-physics because of the ACT cirriculum. Same goes for chemistry, I wanted to do energy option because it is more physics related but I am fine with materials and medicinal option but I never liked bio-chemistry and my chem teacher chose to do bio-chemistry option for the same reason.
  13. Anyone here have an issue on selecting optional topics for the sciences? For physics, we had to go for Astrophysics for our optional topic but I wanted to do Engineering physics and also for chemistry, we had to go for human biochemistry but I wanted to do energy option. I am not really happy with the options my school offers

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