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  1. 3 Australia---Europe Africa 196 Europe 53 Australia 111
  2. You know you're in IB when you visit this website:
  3. No. NP owns a product from Apple.
  4. You can definitely write your EE on the subject that you are not taking. Although, normally it is not advised to do so. I wrote my EE on a subject that I was not taking, and on a subject that my school does not even offer, so it was definitely difficult. It was especially hard to find a good qualifies dupervisor (and I didn't have one of those either). So, if you can - stay away from those difficult situations because you are not helping yourself in any way if you chose a subject for your EE that noone is able to give you advice on. Perhaps try looking into the subjects that you are already taking, but from a different perspective. Not something straight from the syllabus, but rather something extraordinary taken in the viewpoint of that specific subject. That way you will be able to receive feedback from your teachers at the school and you will be more able to score higher.
  5. Firefox on the computer and Chrome on the laptop
  6. 3 members 1 anonymous user 11 guests
  7. The Sphinx: You tell me.
  8. 27.
  9. On a regular week day (back in the day when I was taking IB) I would go to bed at 1-2.
  10. banned because you don't NEED a pink stethescope, but because you want one.
  11. Banned for double banning!
  12. Hahaha! Oh, I remember that TOK question!