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  1. The Supervised writing is, as far as I know, not going to be marked. It is just a sort of starting point for your written assignment. My teacher gave a couple of topic questions which we worked to answer, and based on our answer, we could develop our WA. So there isn't anything in particular you need to keep in mind. It is rare that the IB asks for the Supervised writing, and if they do, it is only as proof that your WA is your own developed work.
  2. Theories of cognitive development View File notes on Piaget and Vygotsky's theories of cognitive development Submitter Siddhakshi Submitted 02/09/2016 Category Options
  3. Alright But some of your questions are confusing: like question 8 is difficult to actually figure out, and for question 4, do you want us to mention our family income or personal? Because I don't think many of us make money... Just a suggestion for improvement Please clarify!
  4. One of my seniors did a similar IA on which shells broke down the most in carbonic acid or something along those lines. He used eggshells of chicken, ducks, and something else I can't remember. Basically he (I think) weighed them after immersion every day for a period of time. It worked out really well, he got a level 7. I think the topic's super interesting. Good luck!
  5. The study is fine. Just make sure you demonstrate how it explains the principal.
  6. It's not allowing me to access the form... Maybe change the settings?
  7. Hello, You do have to use a t-test but you're looking at the wrong variables. First of all you have to do the test on processed data, so you should not do it for the number of days. Instead, do it for the final day (e.g if the experiment lasted 60 days do it for the length on the 60th day). Also, make a table to show the specific length on every 2nd day so that it gets systematized. Next, I am assuming you have a control group and an experimental group. Therefore one tail would be the length for control, the other the experimental. In the t-test you can't compare the minerals so you'd have to do seperate t-tests for each one and compare the values. You won't be able to find out what mineral deficiency causes the least growth, you will find out the difference in growth with and without the mineral in the soil. To find out which mineral deficiency has the most effect on growth you'd have to just find the mean growth. You can do the t-test online and take a screenshot for the appendix here: http://www.mathportal.org/calculators/statistics-calculator/t-test-calculator.php Best of luck!
  8. The thing is, who will be your EE supervisor if there is no psychology teacher in your school? Do you have a school counselor who can help? Since you want to go into forensics, why not look at the chemistry behind DNA profiling/blood analysis/testing gunshot residue and how this helps in catching a criminal? Perhaps to what extent you can be sure that the data analysis is correct and you haven't implicated the wrong man...
  9. One benefit of doing chemistry is that you don't waste your time and energy doing the bridging course. Also, if you choose the option biochemistry, as a chem SL student you barely have to study for the option paper since you've covered most of it in HL bio. Chem would also look more impressive in your college application since it is in line with your career choice. I don't see any benefit of you taking business other than that it's easier. But this depends also depends on you as an individual- some science-oriented students (like me) would find business papers harder to write than chemistry. It also depends on your teachers: which one do you feel is better, business or chemistry? If I were you, I'd definitely go with chemistry. But at the end of the day, go with what you're more confident and comfortable in. Best of luck!
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