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  1. LamD06

    II ESS

    Hey guys, I have to finish my ESS II(Individual Investigation) and I want to ask you,can you please send me a form how it should look like,or checklist. That would make it easier for me,because I am still new in the IB. Thank you so much!! :))
  2. Hello guys, I am the new one in the MUN. Do you have any tips on how to write a good resolution? I am really confused... Thanks
  3. Abu Ghraib was not an experiment. We did attribution theory so to support theory we used Stanford Prison Experiment,specifically situational factors. One of the assignments was to compare(find differences and similarities) between SPE and Abu Ghraib.
  4. Can you give us some examples how it should look like please?
  5. Hey everybody, can you please explain me Individual investigation and what are the best examples to work on? I am in the IB1 and I don't understand it very well, what should I do? Thanks
  6. Hello, right now we are doing attribution theory and I need your help. What are some of the differences between Abu Ghraib and Stanford Prison Experiment? Thanks
  7. Hello, as I am practising for my final test,I need your help. What are the best tips or advices for English B paper 2,personal responses? What should we look for or pay attention when we write a personal response statement? Thanks
  8. Hey guys, We are doing now Market Structure( Oligopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Monopoly,etc..) What is the best way to represent it on a paper and how to make it simple? Thanks
  9. Hey, I need help about periodicity. What are the common questions about this topic? What is the most important to know about this topic? I have test soon, so please help Thank you.
  10. Hello, I am doing English B HL, so I need advices on how to write a good personal response. Also ,in general what is good to be successful in this subject. Thanks
  11. LamD06

    Chemistry HL

    Hello,everyone, I am in 11th grade,and I have chemistry HL. I struggle with that subject a bit. Do you have advices how to improve or some material that you can send me that are helpful? I appreciate every advice,thank you. )
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