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  1. Argiyama

    May 2010 Official Results Thread

    EE: B TOK: B -> 2 English A1 SL 5 Mandarin Ab initio 7 Economics SL 7 Maths HL 7 Chemistry HL 7 Physics HL 7 Total: 42/45 A bit disappointed with English, thought i would get a 6 and for EE an A. Really wish for 2 more points but oh well that does not matter anymore, heading off to Stanford University this fall
  2. Argiyama

    HL Maths Paper 2

    i think it is relatively way easier than paper 1. I screwed up on paper 1 making stupid mistakes on section B that will probably costs me 15 points but i aced paper 2 ..hopefully since i manage to do every question on time and double check almost everything. its kinda fun actually
  3. Argiyama

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    did mine back in May 2009 or sth like that: SAT I: 2070 (800 Math 590 CR 680 Writing) SAT II: 800 M2, 790 Chemistry University: Stanford: accepted and planning to matriculate uPenn: accepted UC Berkeley: rejected UCLA: accepted u of Minnesota: accepted HKUST: accepted + scholarship HKU: waiting exams are coming up in 9 days, gl everyone
  4. Argiyama

    Math HL IA: Designing a freight elevator

    Ok, basically I have done this investigation and it is due this Monday. However, I'm not certainly sure one part of this assignment. Question number 3, it asked to "interpret what this means mathematically"? what exactly does that mean? I have got my new model and new function and everything. I don't know what they mean by explain mathematically? since all we have is a function and I just explain what the signs mean and the velocity/acceleration at each interval. I don't know if that consider "mathematically". Suggestion will be really appreciated. Thank you
  5. Argiyama

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    Critical reading: 590 Math: 800 Writing 680 (10 essay) OH well, it was better than I thought considering I'm not a native speaker; the reading part was overkilled T^T
  6. i'm not sure if this is relevant since mine isn't a program but a website. anyway, i'll share it here since i think it's really useful in managing ur CAS activity. http://www.managecas.com/ maybe u can contact ur school to use it as mine do and it really saves us a lot of times and we don't have to worry any issue about losing paperworks and evident since it is saved online in this website. Your teacher / school can submit all the evidence and moderate all of ur CAS activities / reflection through this website. Lets me know if it helps
  7. Argiyama

    Singapore IB School Rankings

    thx for your concern Yea I do understand your point but you have to realize that Singapore's Secondary schools are really competitive. and I do mean VERY competitive...if you go there, you can pretty much find everyone sleeping with their review papers or tons of assessment books. They are extremely hard to get in and i still want to get in the top school because they have high-quality teachers. Like the one that i mention before, ACS is news to IB system, yet their first exam results are one of the best school in the world. ( 9 students got 45/45 and there are only 20 around the world so that make up almost half of it) that's the reason why i wanna have at least plan B and C in case i can't get into ACS since there are many nerdy asians but still wanna get into top 10 - 20 there! thx
  8. Apparently I have to take an admission test to go into the IB program in my new school which will base solely on GCE O Level ( secondary 4 = grade 10 american system ) on the following subjects-----English, Elementary Maths, and one of the Science (I can pick one). The problem is I have no idea what the syllabi are...I have downloaded them but apparently they make absolutely no sense to me =___= like 'what? never heard of such things' I'm curious if there are any websites that similar to ours but focus on GCE O level instead so I can download the past exams and notes in order to aid me in the up-coming test. Or do you have any recommended assessment book for me? because it's not avaliable in Canada and i don't wanna order the one that is useless. anything at all? whatever that can help me gain a better idea of what is going to appear on the test and what should i know about singapore education?!? T____T THANK YOU SO MUCH
  9. Have you guys ever heard of ACS(I)? Last year, they took their 'first' IB exam and apparently 9 of them got perfect score 45 / 45 and the average student score is 39.5 or something. Now, I'm thinking about moving to Singapore but i realize that the schools are very competitive even though it's not the best one. ACS is probably my first choice but do you have any other suggestions of top school there? and how to prepare for getting into IB program over there?? I'm thinking about doing summer school for 2 months before i take an admission test in August / September so i can have a higher chance of getting into the school that I really want. any idea? thanks so much
  10. Argiyama

    IB Banquet

    companion in mystery! hahaha i'm in Semiahmoo Secondary school too! what's your name?? what grade are you in ??
  11. Argiyama

    IB Banquet

    SHORTY!! which school do you go to?? because my school also have IB banquet last Thursday too!
  12. Argiyama

    Rewriting notes onto a computer!

    Personally i prefer to type and i type for every of my courses except Math right into my computer...i hate my handwriting plus i wanna save enrgy and be organized!! i think it's very important to keep track of your notes and it make your life a lot easier when it comes to final exam. Everyone said it all = = so anyway one quick note... i think most people use Microsoft Word to type their note....i rather use Microsoft OneNote which you can find in your microsoft office if you buy the student one, professional and above. I found it's really good because it keeps track of everything. Once you start a new note, it enter automatically a current date and time according to your computer. It also saves by itself and you can organize your note into several 'binders', 'sections', etc. It make my note even more organized and there are many other cool functions!
  13. Argiyama

    Asking for advidce...

    Most people make mistake by prejudice IB as time-killers and that you won't have social life at all! It's completely rubbish statement making by those procastinators! keep up all the works , do your best , enjoy your life and IB will be a pleasure time of your life. I enjoy IB so much that i don't want it to end in 2 years! because it gives us an advanced standing against other students and for the most part, it gives me so much experiences that i don't think i will ever have again. Things can turn out to be good or bad depending upon your point of view...be optimistic and you won't regret taking IB for the rest of your life
  14. Argiyama

    Are alumni welcome here?

    Just think i should drop by and say Hi ! welcome to this friendly board!! you can see how our administrators are so friendly and ..... [fill in the blank] Hope you enjoy and stay in touch with us
  15. Argiyama

    University and Grade 10

    Obviously this is not IB-related so I think I should post it up here. Well, I'm choosing my courses for grade 10 next semester and i have two elective courses. I have no choice but between computer programming and cooking. Now, computer programming suck so bad and it's so boring. They teach me all the basic stuffs which i learned in grade 5!! so i'm thinking about changing to cooking because my best mate is in that class LOL do you think top university take this into consideration?? like soft subject?? because it would be really suck if i change my course and university turn me down...please reply ASAP because my counsellor is kinda .....****

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