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  1. GirliKnow

    Title Page Candidate Number SOS

    I had no problems whatsoever! IB coordinator did grumble a bit but said it should be fine! Got an A in my EE :) Don't stress too much! I'm sure marking is all online (AKA it's probably linked to your candidate number anyways). GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAMS!
  2. Hey guys, So I'm kinda panicking right now. My EE has already been submitted to IBIS, and lmao today is the deadline. Theres a blue checkmark and everything. But I realized I didn't put my candidate number on my title page :/ I put a section on the side where it had my name, and I put "Candidate Number: " but forgot to type it in afterwards. Is putting it there absolutely necessary? THANK YOU
  3. GirliKnow

    IB Study Guide Usefulness

    I have the Oxford study guide for the new bio syllabus, how useful is it? (can I simply study off of that?)
  4. GirliKnow

    need help for my EE

    I know he/she just gave you a rough idea but just to warn you that Talking about effects on economy might be the strongest thing that would compel you to include economics in ur essay, in the case of which you might wanna reframe your question a bit and it would be a perfect economics EE. I hope this was a bit helpful i mean its not suppose to really help you.... i was just trying to inform you about what could potentially be a "be careful of" sign basically just an advice.... BTW my proposal form is due on the 15th of this month and I'm in for a Business EE Good luck for ur EE!!! Hey, thank you so much for clarifying really didn't want to give false info b/c I'm not taking Econ or business
  5. GirliKnow

    need help for my EE

    It really depends on which area you're emphasizing on - if you focus on the business side of things (i.e. what starbucks is doing and its effects on the economy of coffee growing areas) or the world studies side (i.e. the social, economic, cultural, political implications of what Starbucks's actions, within a geographic context). Hope this helped
  6. GirliKnow

    Prepping for University

    it really depends on what kind of thing you like doing. Bio is a whole lot of memorization, Physics is understanding concepts, formulas and knowing how to apply them, and chem is a mix of both. It really depends
  7. GirliKnow

    Prepping for University

    I don't think theres any real prerequisites for business programs like commerce other than SL math and english. 1. Definitely a smart move with Lang. and Lit. instead of literature. It's a lot easier to get high marks. 2. You don't really need HL math, definitely take SL to boost your marks 3. If your school offers any other SL science courses that you might find easier, take those instead of Chem Your courses look great, best of luck!
  8. GirliKnow

    Self-studying Geography Option?

    dunno if I'm late, but the options are relatively easy to learn IMO, and urban environments is quite self-explanatory - a couple definitions plus a few urban case studies. Only in year 1, but all we're learning are the options, and I would suggest going for the leisure, sport, and tourism option over the urban environments one, as it is easier to BS tourism case studies are also more logical and easier to recall than the urban environments option. Either would be great, best of luck!
  9. GirliKnow

    McMaster University

    Their Health Sciences program I'm applying to health sci next year, but good luck to you both. Hope you guys get in
  10. GirliKnow

    University of waterloo

    Well first off, it's recognized that the uni is having some issues with, erm, diversity among genders. But engineering and comp. sci programs definitely tend to attract more males than females. And Waterloo is definitely working on fixing that! I've heard from friends who applied that the cutoffs for girls are lower than those for guys (? it's not confirmed but this is what I've heard). For Ontario students, we apply with our predicted converted - ie. a low level 7 in SL math = 97%, and thats basically what universities see. You should look more into the international section on the admissions page, as this will probably tell you what you need if you're applying from out-of-the country. From what I've heard, Waterloo tends to attract and admit a lo of international students, so from your profile I'm guessin you're in good shape electronicinfo.ca is also a great site for university research in Ontario, I really recommend it! Best of luck!
  11. ^ Most definitely, yes, it is sufficient. If you honestly love swimming and don't want to quit (which I completely understand as a competitive athlete myself), the OSSD doesn't deter you from getting into a good uni. Your subject choices look great for what you want to go into. Just keep your marks up and keep participating in extra curriculars. Canadian Universities don't discriminate against a simple OSSD. Instead of taking Math studies, however, I'd suggest taking SL math. It'll leave you with more options, just in case you change your mind (many programs don't really recognize maths studies). Hope this helped!
  12. GirliKnow

    McMaster University

    IMO the campus is really nice - people are really friendly Campus usually clears out on weekends as GTA kids go home -theres less partying as mac is pretty academic for the most part -facilities are generally really nice
  13. Hey thanks for somehow finding this and replying! What do you mean by bell curves against competitive students? No problem! Since McGill already comprises of extremely competitive students, you're gonna be competing against kids from around top 5-15% of your classes, so the bell curve might work against you (they get high marks, profs/admin shift it down, and if you're not on top then this may not work in your favour). Don't quote me on this, but this is the general theme that I got from uni researching
  14. GirliKnow

    Mentor Troubles SOS

    Hey y'all So what happens if your mentor is generally unresponsive? I.e. not approving my topic/research question on managebac. I've already confronted my mentor like twice about the initial approval now there has been no response. SOS
  15. GirliKnow

    Lectures: Focusing and Absorbing Info

    To be honest if your exams are in 2018, relax and enjoy high school a bit But to answer your question, people learn differently. I myself can't exactly retain information by simply listening into a lecture. I doze off a lot. However, one of the methods that I found has worked is taking decently detailed notes from the textbook on a laptop/tablet/paper/slate/whatever you use, and following along with the teacher's lecture. Keep in mind your teacher's teaching style also affects this. I might get bored with the most fascinating subject taught by a dull teacher.

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