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  1. 6ix god

    Is Psychology HL interesting?

    I have to select my courses for IB soon (in 6 days). I have to decide between History HL and Psychology HL. Right now I'm leaning towards History HL, but I'm afraid I'll lose interest. I find Psychology and History equally as interesting currently. Do you guys find Psychology HL interesting?
  2. in Canada and probably the US a lot of students do Partial IB or no IB. Full IB is the DP.
  3. 6ix god

    Torn between IB classes

    Hello fellow pre-IB students! I recently handed in my application to do the IB Diploma Programme, but ever since I handed it in I've been second guessing the subjects I chose. These subjects are that I chose: English A: Literature HL Spanish ab initio (SL) History HL Chemistry HL Sports, Exercise, and Health Sciences SL Math SL Canadian curriculum Physics during summer And I obviously have ToK, EE, and CAS. I like all the subjects I've chosen, but I'm unsure about History HL. Should I take History HL or Psychology HL? I'm interested in both subjects, but I'm afraid I will not be interested in History and it will be too late. Also, I plan on studying sciences in university and my goal is to study medicine after I get my bachelors degree. I know it doesn't matter what group 3 subject I choose as I will most likely never study it again. I just wanted to know if I should stick to History HL or change to Psychology HL. I know from current IB students that the teachers for both History and Psychology are equally as great so the teacher is not an issue. Which one should I take? Any advice is appreciated.
  4. The title explains it all. I'm a grade 10 student from British Columbia, Canada and I've decided to apply to the IB Diploma Programme. My school has a limited range of courses to choose from, so I have to do my group 1 and 3 at HL. I don't know how hard it would be to do Biology and Chemistry at HL along with my other two HL classes. My subject selection is: English Literature HL Spanish Ab Initio SL Psychology HL Biology HL Chemistry HL Math SL ToK CAS EE Do any of you do 4 HL's? How much more difficult is it compared to doing 3? My school does offer Chemistry SL, but it runs with Chemistry HL. So I'm taking Chemistry at HL and if I find it difficult I have the option of switching down to SL. My main two questions are: how difficult is it to manage Chem and Bio at HL and is it doable?
  5. 6ix god

    what benefits does ib give you?

    What are the benefits if I do the IB diploma? Because I'm having a hard time deciding between partial IB or the diploma. My subject selection is as follows: English HL Psychology HL Chemistry HL Math SL Spanish Ab Initio SL Sports, Exercise, and Health Sciences SL* *I have a little dilemma. I have two choices I could do SEHS SL or Biology HL? If I do Biology HL I would be doing 4 HL's and from what I've heard I don't want to do 4 HL's. Should I do it?? I'm planning on doing medicine in the future (professional school). I would be receiving biology credits for SEHS, but I still want to do Biology. My school doesn't offer Biology SL or Psychology SL, so I was basically forced into these classes. Does my course load seem doable? Anyone have any tips for these classes? And any benefits of doing the DP would be appreciated
  6. 6ix god

    World religions extended essay

    I would only write an EE on one of these topics if you can find a good supervisor. Your questions are actually pretty solid and seem good for an EE. I am a Sikh myself so I know a little bit about your questions. I think any of your questions can easily be explained in 4000 words.
  7. 6ix god

    Should I even do IB?

    you're in my grade! I wonder who you are, but anyway what classes are you taking? yea mr o and ms moser teach IB English 11 and mr glass teaches IB English 12. I think
  8. 6ix god

    Should I even do IB?

    finally someone from seaquam on this forum! I saw that you're taking sports sci from your signature. my question is do you think mr v does a good job teaching it? is sports sci easy/fun? also should I take history or psych? what have you heard about history because I'm also really confused about that
  9. 6ix god

    Should I even do IB?

    Hey everyone! The title is basically my question, but I'm going to expand because I think that isn't enough information. I'm a grade 10 student in BC, Canada. My school doesn't have MYP because it's a fairly new IB school, so I'm doing the regular BC education curriculum. Ever since high school started (grade 8) I've been getting decent grades; my grade 8 and 9 averages are both 86%+. However we just got our report cards for term 1 and my average dropped to 84.7%. I know why my average is so low; it's because the transition from grade 9 to 10 was kind of brutal. This is because I got all the teachers who are known all around school for being the hardest. I know what I need to do to improve, but I'm not sure if I should enter the IB Diploma Programme for next year. My reasoning for this is that I now know how to succeed in the regular curriculum. After high school I'm going to work towards medical/pharmacy school, and in Canada medicine and pharmacy are both graduate studies. That means I need to get a 4 years bachelors degree beforehand. I was just wondering if it will be worth it to do IB because I think I could get my grades in grade 11/12 high enough for science programs. I have 3 options: I could take the IB Diploma Programme, I could do Partial IB (previously called IB Certificate), or I could stick to the regular BC curriculum for grade 11 and 12. I just need to know what to do. The subjects for partial IB would be: English HL Biology HL Chemistry HL I am taking these three at HL because science and English are my strengths. I would also be taking physics, math, French, and social studies, but they would be in the regular curriculum. If I went into the IB Diploma Programme I would take: English HL History HL or Psychology HL Biology HL or Chemistry HL French B SL Chemistry SL or Sports Exercise, and Health Sciences SL Math SL I would be doing regular curriculum physics also, but I would be taking physics in summer school. I cant take both Chemistry and Biology at HL if I do the DP, sadly my school doesn't offer History at SL. I just need some advice, should I do the IBDP, Partial IB, or stick to the regular curriculum?
  10. 6ix god

    Is Physics SL hard?

    Hey everyone! I want to take Chemistry HL and Physics SL next year when I enter IB. I just wanted a heads-up on the workload. Also, do you need to be insanely talented at math to do this combination. If you do this how difficult are you finding it on a scale of 1-10. my signature is outdated, just saying
  11. 6ix god

    Should I take History HL or Psychology HL?

    I wish I could take psychology or history at SL, but unfortunately my school only offers history and psychology at HL. also, I'm taking sports, exercise, and health sciences because my school only offers three sciences at SL: chemistry, sports, exercise and health sciences, and physics. Physics SL isn't a requirement for university, so I don't need to take it at the IB level. I'm going to be taking regular curriculum (Canadian curriculum) physics during summer school.
  12. I need some help deciding on my group 3. My school only offers History HL and Psychology HL, so I'm basically being forced to sacrifice one of my HL's to group 3. I'm interested in both, I like learning about history, and I also find Psychology fascinating. Ultimately, the deciding factor for my will be the IA. Which IA is easier? The IA for History HL or Psychology HL? Also workload and what you do in the class. Is there more work in History HL or Psychology HL? What kind of work
  13. What I'm trying to ask is pretty obvious from the title, but I still want to know. I'm doing the DP next year and I want to know how much math is involved in Chemistry HL. I'm decent at math, this year I'm getting 80% in math so far. I have two options for next year, I can do Chemistry HL and SEHS SL or Biology HL and Chemistry SL. I want to do something in the medical field in the future and I just need some advice. So how much math is involved
  14. I've decided on doing the IB Diploma Programme, and at my school the IB program is fairly new (I think they switched from AP to IB in 2010). Since it is fairly new that means we don't have a large variety of courses to choose from. After high school I want to go into science for my undergrad then go to pharmacy or medical school. Although I am 95% sure I'm going to be following this route, I could also go into engineering. The courses I'm planning on taking are: English Lit HL (school only offers HL) French B SL Psychology HL or History HL (school only offers HL group 3's. I just want to do the easier one. Any suggestions?) Math SL (school only offers SL) the science courses are messed up. the combination I'm leaning towards is Chemistry HL and Sports, Exercise, and Health Sciences SL the science courses my school has are: Bio HL Chemistry HL and SL Physics SL (really hard apparently) Sports, Exercise, and Health Sciences SL I need help deciding my group 3 and group 4. Any suggestions will help But I need help fast! Applications are due soon

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