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  1. Yasmine

    Choosing subjects

    My school does offer SL subjects, and math and bio are only offered in HL. I think I just need to take another look at all the subjects again.. Thanks fr your help Gabby!
  2. Yasmine

    You know you are an IB student when...

    Yeppp 100% Agree, You know you're in IB when a normal conversation with your friend is always related back to work.
  3. Yasmine

    Choosing subjects

    Hi, So basically at my school we have just been told the subjects my school is offering. We have 10 subjects to choose from and 3 of those subjects are compulsory and HL. I've also come to a realization that every other subject I want to do except 1 are all HL as well. So now I'm sort of stuck and don't know if I should change my subject choices or keep them the same. My IB supervisor said to do only 4 subject HL, but I really don't want to do the other subjects. The Subjects I have choose are: English (HL), Math(HL), Arabic(HL), Biology(HL), Chemistry (SL) and Bussiness Management (HL) So basically what would you guys do? Would you do another SL subject or just leave it as it is?
  4. Yasmine

    You know you are an IB student when...

    YES!! You know you're in IB when there is no difference between school times and the time when you are at home.
  5. Yasmine

    You know you are an IB student when...

    Agree - All the time! You know you're in IB when your extended family always asks you: "What does IB stand for again?"
  6. Yasmine

    Rhyming Game

    But have your say
  7. Yasmine

    recommend any arabic ab-intio textbooks?

    To be honest I don't know any IB textbooks, but a good way to start is by learning the letters with a book called Qida Noorya Niyya. It's a really good way to understand Arabic and especially if it's for IB, a lot of my friends started Arabic this year from the beginning and they can speak Arabic heaps better now. Hope that helped!
  8. Yasmine

    What is your hardest and easiest subject?

    OMG, Second language is the hardest for me (only because of the teacher) and the easiest is umm i'm not sure everything else
  9. Yasmine

    Personal Project ideas

    I have a few but I feel like I need many more ideas and see what works better and right now no one I know are anywhere near helping. my interests are human geography and science in general but especially chemistry. Let's also say my year adviser told me that my original idea was stupid and had no point... Any help would be amazing! Thanks xxx
  10. Yasmine

    What do you have on your desk?

    my desk is huge i have: sticky notes 5 magazine holders 4 pencil tins charity tin Quran (Islamic Holy book) a dog speaker my laptop a tiny rubbish bin craft stuff stationary thing from typo paint fake flowers 2 canvases a drawing pad nail polish remover Princess sign In the draws: Nail polish make up and make up bag make up pads more crafty stuff books a lamp Under my desk: Laptop bag school bags This is no exaggeration I'm serious this is most of the stuff on my desk, and in my house my room is sorta the room of ' This doesnt have a spot? Uhh just put it in Yasmine's room'
  11. Yasmine

    Interview: Who are you?

    1. What is your real name? Yasmine 2. Where are you from? Sydney, Australia 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? Asking google about PP help 4. What made you register on IB Survival? Curious 5. When did you (approximately) register here? ummm.... like a month or 2 ago 6. What is your favourite IB subject? Generally all except Arabic - my teacher kills me!! 7. When are you graduating? 2018!! 8. What are your plans for university? Med school - hopefully! :) 9. What are your free-time hobbies? reading, sport, idk random things 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? being able to reply under replies instead of quoting
  12. Yasmine

    Guess something about the next poster

    Hahahah I wanted to like 3 hours ago!! NP - failed/ is disapointed from a recent exam mark
  13. Yasmine

    The Music Thread

    I play the drum and the keyboard and I love, love rock music (Linkin Park ) and I also love hip hop and R&B music. Heavy metal is ok, but not really my jam. As for listening to music and studying it really depends on what I'm studying for.
  14. Also just voted - amazing idea!! Who come up with these ideas? Obviously someone with a lot of brain
  15. Yasmine

    Guess something about the next poster

    I love pop music its amazing!! IB - nope not yet anyways... hoping I don't loose too much sleep. NP - Isn't studying in their homeland (like where you were born)

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