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  1. Keyana

    Help in IB subjects

    Those are good subjects if you want to do anything Science-related at Uni. Most Uni's require Chem HL and often, Bio HL so play it safe and take those subjects. Perhaps check the entry requirements for the unis you are interested in just to make sure! I do Bio, Chem and Psych HL and English Lit SL so I can talk on behalf of those subjects. Bio, Chem and Psych are all really content heavy subjects that require a lot of your time and attention and they are pretty interesting subjects! My favourites are Bio and Psych and there are some overlaps between all three subjects, and if you think you'll enjoy them, then why not just do them? Chem is seriously difficult but once you get your head wrapped around, you'll be fine as long as you revise them over and over. Lots of understanding required for Chem; lots of memorisation required for Bio and Psych. English Lit is quite fun, actually. I got A*A* at GCSE so it's my good-ish subject, I guess. Idk. I'm not sure what to say about English as it depends on the kind of person you are, I guess. If you enjoy reading and being analytical, then go for English Lit! (Also, I see that you put down Farsi SL... are you Iranian?)
  2. Keyana

    Does anyone take this?

    You definitely need HL Chemistry and often HL Biology to do Med at Uni (it's what I want to do) I take Chemistry and Biology HL and I can safely say that Chemistry is an absolute PAIN. It is really difficult to understand at times because it is a complex subject. Also known for being difficult at HL in IB. I take Maths Studies, haha, so I can't comment personally but my friends who did HL Maths love it because it's so challenging. So if you're up for a challenge and willing to work hard, then take it I don't do Economics but friends who do it enjoy it, so once again, if you think you'll enjoy it: do it! If you're hard working and able to stay on top of things, you'll be fine - but it won't be an easy ride. And if you have time management skill issues, you can start practising now from iGCSE until you do the IB and you'll get used to having to set yourself a time and a target for a specific task. So... To summarise: Do the subjects you know you will enjoy and the subjects you need later on at uni. Check the subject requirements for courses at the unis you're interested in and see what they say. Good luck!
  3. Keyana

    What is the best way to study?

    For me, it really depends on the subject. Biology, I can spend hours and hours on making notes. I usually spend between 2-5 hours on Biology but this depends on when I'm doing it. For example, if it's for a test, I spend 2-4 making notes and about 1 hour going over the notes. If it's just for the sake of making notes, I sit at my desk and make the notes until I'm done and probably not revise it. I don't really take breaks but I allow myself to do stuff in between making notes, if that makes sense. (I have good self-control, haha) This is the same process for Psychology and Chemistry except I get bored of Chem quickly :/ For Maths, I just go through the different questions I've done and try out some more questions and look through my teacher's powerpoints/textbook. For German, I just go over important and relevant vocab which takes around 30min-1hour. It really depends on A) your subjects B) your self-control C) the task you do and what kind of learner you are Do you enjoy making notes? Are you a visual learner? Do you need to read the notes out loud? Do you need to do some practise questions to understand? Try out different things and see what's most comfortable for you as a learner
  4. Keyana

    Is this too much?

    I do Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at HL. It is quite difficult to manage time on revising for all three of them as they have quite a lot of content to cover compared to some other subjects, perhaps. But I would definitely recommend Bio and Chem HL as they're really interesting and there are some points in the syllabus that overlap which is cool. Bio takes a lot of time for revision and stuff but it's probably the most interesting subject, alongside Psych, in my opinion! So I recommend it, haha I haven't even begun revising for Psych because there's so much and I'm sure History must be similar. But if you think you'll enjoy the combination of Bio, Chem and History... Then go for it!! It'll be worth it in the end if you enjoy all three subjects Oh, and it also depends on what you want to do at Uni later on. If you'll be going into science, then Chem (especially) and Bio are required.
  5. We read A Doll's House for English Lit. Many of us didn't particularly like it...
  6. Keyana

    Would you rather...?

    Mac and Cheese! Would you rather memorise your conversations with people or memorise the WHOLE content of a subject of your choice?
  7. Keyana

    The Last Thing You Copied Game!

    acquaintance It was a struggle to spell out this word... So I googled it
  8. Keyana

    What is your hardest and easiest subject?

    Hardest subject is a tie between Chemistry HL and German SL Easiest subject is probably Maths Studies
  9. Keyana

    You know you are an IB student when...

    Agree, except it's usually people that are more or less acquaintances. You know you're in IB when you and your IB friends have Google Hang Out Sessions where you all just do homework or revision and then there's that one non-IB friend who is also on and he's bragging about how he has little to no homework or revision to do...
  10. I don't really know how to explain but I've just started writing my EE. I've only started my Introduction but ALL of the sentences have been citied at the end. Literally, everything I have written has come from a scientific journal. I'm not sure if that is bad or not...
  11. I've read the EE guide and it says that an Extended Essay in Biology can be an essay based on previous research and theories and that the student must explain "how data has been selected" and must also "comment on its reliability." However, I've read (on here) that it would be best to conduct your own investigation when doing a Biology EE so that you have your own data, etc. I do not think that I can conduct an experiment on my topic, so I was thinking of merely discussing and analysing previous studies and investigations. (My research question is about Toxoplasma gondii which is a brain parasite...) Is that okay or should I change my research question to something that can be investigated by a student? Thanks.
  12. Keyana

    Pyschology EE

    Hey. I am also in my first year of IB and I am taking the EXACT same subjects as you! (Except I am doing Maths Studies...) Anyway, I want to do an EE in Psychology as well and after reading online, I was kind of hesitant. But my Psych teacher went on a three day course kind of thing where she met other Psych teachers and a man who helped write one of the IB (revision) books and I asked her to ask if it is difficult to get a good grade and she told me that that is untrue! So I'd say talk to your Psychology teacher or IB Co-ordinator and see what they say. Good luck!

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