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  1. Mattias

    AP Equivalence

    I think it's kind of like how sweetandsimple described it. There are certain IB courses which are harder than AP, but then sometimes AP can be the harder one. For example, a teacher of IB physics at my school told me the other day that back when he taught AP physics, not only did the students learn more than the IB students, but that they also performed better. In the end, he said AP physics was tougher than IB. However, my friend in grade 12 who graduated, took the AP last year after only one year of IB HL chemistry. He wound up getting one grade less than a perfect (so that's a 4, right?) and told me that the IB prep was definitely equal to or greater than the AP. So yeah, not to end on a indecisive note, but it really does depend on the course, as far as I know...
  2. Mattias

    Iranian Election Crisis

    Okay, true. Nevertheless, I believe the elections were fair. It's as you said- there are more poor than rich, and he had the support of the poor. To be quite honest, I think the US government is trying to blow this up as much as possible in order to create doubt among other countries on whether or not the Iranians have a stable government. Go underdog!
  3. Mattias

    Iranian Election Crisis

    What evidence would suggest that they were rigged? Have large amounts of money been wired to people's bank accounts? Are there dead bodies? Have there been death threats? Polls are not always accurate- we should all know that? And usually, if things are rigged, you can tell because a certain party will benefit from it. No one is benefiting anything from Amnesdfsdfs (cannot spell) from winning. Even he isn't- he's not doing it for money or power. So, no, I think the Iranian democratic system has worked.
  4. Mattias

    Biggest University Libraries in the World?

    You should definitely listen to what the first person said: A big library does not always equate a good library. However, here's what I know of big libraries. -Oxford and Cambridge have excellent ones. I've been to the one in Oxford, and in my opinion it's the best I've ever seen -Yale has a pretty legit one as well -Columbia has a great library, and it's really well designed- beautiful piece of architecture.
  5. Mattias

    biology extended essay about sport science

    Well, I guess there is a lot of data on this stuff, so finding legitimate information shouldn't be too big of a problem. If it were me, I would first narrow it down to a particular sport. I think some of the top contenders would be things like -running (short or long distance) -swimming -skiing I wouldn't pick things like football or basketball because they have too many added factors. After I picked my sport, I think I would narrow it down to how (x) affects performance (and you would have to define performance) Maybe add in a little time factor as well. So, off the top of my head... Does the ingesting of (x) number of carbohydrates (x) hours before or immediately before optimize performance? I realize it's not too original, but I don't have any inspiration to come up with a good idea on sports. I hate sports.
  6. Mattias

    Japanese Anime vs. American Cartoons

    Do it on Japanese anime- american cartoons aren't as deep. Maybe "The role of Japanese anime on the introvertism of high school students" ? If you really do write about it, I'd really love to read it
  7. I...honestly don't know. I mean, my best friend went to boarding school and he hated it because of the food, the people, the atmosphere. (a guy) Same as this other friend who was so excited to go, but is now coming back. (a girl) Yet, I also know people who go and wind up liking it a lot. I'm not sure what separates these people. I think it might have something to do with going early or late. Like, I guess you get accepting into the community easier if you've been there for a long time. As for it it's beneficial or detrimental... I think most of those schools like Exeter in the United States are feeder schools for the ivy league, so in that sense it's alright. However, I think most boarding school kids are maladjusted. Also, the kids who attend boarding school don't spend any time with their parents. I mean, after they go to college, they'll see the parents even less. After the get a job, that's even less. Your middle school and high school years is the time you spend with your parents. Without it, I think kids might tend to miss out.
  8. Mattias

    physics extended essay

    But what about drag in liquids? What kind of liquids? What kind of objects? This isn't nearly specific enough...
  9. Mattias

    HK and UK Universities?

    Well, I think it's something like this. UCL: roughly 38 King's College: someone from my school is being given a conditional. however, it's in terms of percentage. if he gets a 90%, he can go for law. That's roughly a IB score of 38-41 Durham: Unsure For Hong Kong university, I almost positive you need somewhere around 38 points, as I know someone who is aiming to get in there. Keep in mind that all the scores above are with the points of your EE and ToK factored in.
  10. Mattias

    Swine flu

    are you serious? anyway, i live in hong kong, which was the epicenter of the SARS disease. So, as you may expect, people are extremely scared over here. we got our first local case today, and so the schools are now closed. they'll reopen on wednesday for most of us, i think. so yeah, its not like 28 days later or anything, but people are pretty freaked out they don't really eat pork anymore and always wear face masks
  11. Mattias

    Choosing Classes

    See, if you want to keep the possibility of keeping medicine/science related job, you are probably going to have to take Chemistry. It is a prerequisite for many science programs, and the school will simply not let you in if you don't have it. However, chemistry is a really cool subject, so you certainly won't regret taking it. It's also my understanding that philosophy is a lot like ToK, so would you really want to do it? Finally, Psychology- this is really interesting if you ask me. Even if you aren't going to pursue a career in it, it's still good to know. However, only take it if you have a subject which you can afford to not take. If it comes down to Psychology or chemistry, unless you plan on doing something related to psychology, take chem.
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecological_succession http://www.physicalgeography.net/fundamentals/9i.html I believe it's called succession. Above are some links which you may find helpful. In a nutshell, the reason why vegetation changes as it moves further inland is because the growth of all plants depend on several correct conditions in order to grow: sunlight, temperature, water, nutrients (which includes things such as nitrogen and sugar). The reason is because the amount of things necessary for plant growth increases as you move further inland. Things primarily such as fertile soil. You would think that the sea may spur plant growth, but it actually doesn't, because the water is over-saturated with salt, which is detrimental to plant growth. Instead of sea water, inland plants rely on leeching and water from rivers and streams, and thus have no problems with absorbing water. Also, the beach has sand, which has pretty much no nutrients in it. This is why the only thing that may grow are shrubs.
  13. Well, hard work is number one, obviously. However, I'd say there are some key things that not everyone does. 1. Make sure you use your holidays wisely. You might as well get ahead if you aren't doing anything special during your holidays, and I'm sure it'll eventually help you in the long run if you get started on your work earlier. 2. Pace yourself and make sure you have a schedule for each term of your school year. Between CAS and other personal things, you're not going to have a whole lot of time on your hands. Make a schedule before hand. 3. Use your personal reading time to reading textbooks. No more Hemingway for you! 4. Choose the right subjects. If you are going into a liberal arts type of field, then of course maths won't be extremely necessary. However, Math or Math studies? Of course, Standard math is always better. However, if you think you'd get a 7 in studies and a 5 in standard and you are doing a liberal arts, take the studies. 5. Make sure that you have more than the amount required for CAS. You're going to be competing with a bunch of other IB students, so in this regard you can show that you are different from the other by showing you are not simply a academics only type person.
  14. Mattias

    dating in IB

    Remember to keep in mind though that people who are spending time on an IB forum are biased, as not everyone has this level of dedication (and will therefore cut out parts of their lives such as girlfriends etc.) But yes, I did vote for "not enough time" because corresponding to what I want to do in life, I will need x amount of hours dedicated to my studies, which then in turn will help me get into the school I want and ultimately help me do the job I will do. In my opinion, it is a worthy sacrifice, as I have faith in what I am going to do will ultimately help people.
  15. Mattias

    Obama's progress...?

    I don't believe they can be behind everything either, but I can't can't say for certainty that they didn't want this. Of course, oil was always an incentive for the United States to go to war... I think when it comes down to it, George W. tried to start this "war on terror" to simply get support. We all know he really didn't care about the good of the country.

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