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  1. Were those school based trips or some organisation? Could you guys tell me more about who hosts the trips and how i can take part in it if it happens again
  2. avnish

    Holaaa, are you Spanish?

    Hola No se mucho español porque no es mi lengua mejor, pero aprendo español en mi escuela. Soy de India pero vivo en Singapur.
  3. avnish

    You know you are an IB student when...

    You know you're in IB when you have an assessment due tomorrow and you haven't done a thing yet
  4. avnish

    3 places u want to visit after IB?

    Places I'd love to go at some point of time in my life (after IB) are: 1) South Africa (because i love their cricket team) 2) Paris (because of the food and Eiffel Tower) 3) Then Germany + China + A huge tour of South America
  5. avnish

    The broadness of my topic (BUSINESS EE)

    I think you should choose the first question. You can then narrow it down to those particular areas in your essay by mentioning that these will be the most profitable for ... ... ... reasons. It won't be too focused, but your second question will be. The first topic is good enough! Thank you soooooo much for the immediate response!!! I highly appreciate it.... By the way, do you think its a good topic to do an EE on? IF i chose to do something along the lines of the first question, am i going on the right track? What would you rate my first question using the A, B, C, D grading system? Thanks a lot for helping me!
  6. Hi.... My proposal form is due in a week and i am a little concerned about how broad my focus is. I am planning to base my business EE on a small confectionary shop in Singapore and talk about its expansion in a particular area in singapore. In simpler words, you know how some questions have like the bit about should the firm expand within the country like more branches/outlets, i was planning to do it similarly but i examine a particular place like.... To what extent will the expansion of ................. to the commercial areas of Singapore help to ......................? My concern is that if i do this question, am i being too narrow focused by mentioning, " to the commercial areas of Singapore"? If it is a good question for EE, do you think it would be better if i give an example of one or two of the main commercial areas in Singapore namely Changi Business Park and Central Business District? In this case, my question would be like : To what extent will the expansion of ................. to the commercial areas of Singapore, such as Changi Business Park or Central Business District, help to ......................? IS this making my topic very narrow and not good enough for an EE (that i am looking to get an A in) Thank you very much for any replies made!
  7. avnish

    need help for my EE

    just make sure that if you chose to do in the business bit, try not to include too much detail on stuff like economies and taxes and other economics-related things because if by change you end up having more than 30-40% of economics in ur business EE then you will lose marks because you will be losing focus from you IB Subject focus and will be hanging between IB Business Management and IB Economics and I have seen people losing marks in the EE just because they were talking about overseas expansion and stuff in their business EE and ended up getting too excited that they tried to show off with some economics knowledge in their business EE and ended up losing marks because then their essay had started to go off track. so just to reflect on what GirliKnow said about: I know he/she just gave you a rough idea but just to warn you that Talking about effects on economy might be the strongest thing that would compel you to include economics in ur essay, in the case of which you might wanna reframe your question a bit and it would be a perfect economics EE. I hope this was a bit helpful i mean its not suppose to really help you.... i was just trying to inform you about what could potentially be a "be careful of" sign basically just an advice.... BTW my proposal form is due on the 15th of this month and I'm in for a Business EE Good luck for ur EE!!!
  8. avnish

    Business Extended Essay

    Hey.... I hope it is not too late for an answer but honestly i really don't think that doing one on technology and its changes on certain industries relates to Business Management unless you talk about E commerce and usage of technology in the business environment like communication/production/tertiary sector. Its actually quite a broad topic and apparently your research question cannot be made by anyone else so i cant really help you much with it. However, i do strongly recommend you to make up a research question that focuses on a particular business, a particular field in business like marketing, operations, management or HR and a particular strategy such as profitability, expansion, brand image/reputation. Im kind of in the same situation as you because my proposal form is due on the 15th of this Month too and we're both on the business mindset. I recommend that you look at some examples of research questions online that are related to Business Management. Remember, your focus should be neither too broad, nor too narrow. At this moment, i am scared that the idea that i have for my extended essay is too narrow, because if it turns out to be too narrow, it could cause my proposal form to be rejected and then i will have to look at another subject like ESS or HL MATHS to do an EE on. As per the german query, its quite a rollercoaster. Firstly, doing an EE in a foreign language is completely normal. Same for Business. But if you combine both of them, then oops.... Remember, IB does not let you (maybe it does let you but it strongly doesnt recommend you) to mix two different subjects from the IB curriculum if they are separate. Like Business and Economics cannot be merged and if they are merged, then marks will be lost. (Exception being that some subjects have to be merged like no matter what your business question is, there is always 50% of maths involved in the report). Similarly, I do not think that it would be advisable to merge business and german unless german is your first language and you really struggle at english, in the case of which you will have to have a word with your Extended Essay coordinator. But yeah, if you are planning to mix german and business just for marks and thinking that it will make you look smarter and more intelligent because you did two subjects and double the work, then let me tell you that it is a horrible idea.... It is much better to chose one subject and specialise in it as much as possible than to chose many subjects and not really focus on either. Just a thought, if you do think it is allowed in your school to mix german and business, you might wanna think about the fact that is there any teacher in your school who knows german very well and is also very knowledgeable or has working experience in the business management field in IB, who could possibly be your supervisor. If there is, then you might be able to do it but if there isn't, then there is no point in thinking because then there is no teacher who is fit to be your supervisor and in that case they won't let you do the topic.... makes sense right? I hope that this HUGE comment has helped you even a tiny bit.... Wish you good luck for your EE!
  9. really??? in my school if we have have been learning a language for 2 years or more then we are not eligible for abinitio and we HAVE to do SL or chose another language and start from scratch. To be fair, where I live, French isn't really taught all that seriously I mean, when I was in my last year of junior high, the majority of my peers were ranked at an "elementary" level :/ oh okay. i study in an international school in singapore so i chose to do spanish and its pretty focused studies. Some people in my class are so fluent that they could actually get a degree in it, while some people are kind of beginners level. Im right at the middle.
  10. I'm doing sl spanish after studying it for 4 years before IB. I can assure you that it is not easy for me. The main things needed for SL are that you should be perfect with your conjugations before you head towards SL spanish. You need to be able to learn a ton of vocabulary and you should be able to communicate well like class discussions on various modern day trending topics like teenage life, food, etc. If you are spot on with ur grammar and have the ability to understand spanish words well, then you should opt for SL. In fact i think you should do SL spanish if you really want to do spanish. Having known spanish for 2 years means that doing AB initio will be too easy for you because it starts all the way from ABC and uno, dos, tres, cuatro.., etc and it may not really be helpful to you if you already know all that stuff. If you're up for challenges, do SL spanish and it will obviously benefit you as you will build ur spanish foundation. If you are very good at spanish, then you will enjoy it. If you are an average student, you will suffer the first month horribly and get nightmares but after a couple of months you will start to enjoy it very much like i do. Its a great class (for me at least), and the syllabus is not outta the world either. It is possible to get 6s and 7s if you are willing to spend an extra couple of hours every week just to revise the vocabulary. I started off SL spanish by getting low 4s like 4.0, 4.2, etc. Now i have completed one semester of my first year and i am getting high 4s in some of the tests like 4.6, 4.8.... and high 5s as well in some other tests (my luck) like 5.8. Of course these grades are not good but they will certainly improve as i move on and get more familiar with the way things work in SL Spanish... hope this helped... really??? in my school if we have have been learning a language for 2 years or more then we are not eligible for abinitio and we HAVE to do SL or chose another language and start from scratch.
  11. avnish

    What is the hardest topic in the entire Maths HL?

    Is trigonometry actually very hard? Thats my next topic and i really need to stop getting 4s in Maths. One more question, Is Trig functions harder or Trig equations?
  12. avnish

    Just received my IB results - advice on Harvard?

    Your grades are awesome!! Did u actually get a perfect 45/45?
  13. does the mark scheme for the part a questions in paper 1 always mention to include 1 diagram or could there be instances when the mark scheme in the top band marks says to include 2 or more than 1 diagrams? Because my teacher said that once you put a diagram you're good but my friend told me that his teacher marked him down for putting only 1 diagram, and we both had the same question for practise.
  14. avnish

    Marketing Mix as a tool?

    since you have been doing your business IA... Im sorry i am apparently not qualified yet to be answering such questions but i think that the fact that you have already used four different business tools (which is good enough), it should really be up to you if you are willing to add a fifth tool. Also, since you have 4 tools already, you have kicked the top mark band for criterion B, and you can always add the fifth tool and leave it if to the marker to consider it as a tool or just extra application of theoretical work. You don't need to worry if that will count as a business tool or not. JUST PUT IT IN!!! Either you will be in luck and have 5 tools in total which would establish your criterion B as a very high grade, or you're just gonna get marked up for using business theory and analysing your findings which would also boost your criterion B grade. So either way, you are benefitting yourself by putting that Marketing Mix in. Only thing you need to look out for is your word count because if that marketing mix is not in your appendices (which it shouldn't), it WILL COUNT TOWARDS YOUR WORD COUNT... Hope that was a bit helpful.... Once more thing.... it it possible for you to slot in a business tool related to finance? like ARR, NPV, Payback Period, Liquidity Ratios, etc? because these are also very solid tools that you could use.
  15. avnish

    What did you all do for Personal Project?

    I wrote a non-fiction book on Mangrove Depletion.

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