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  1. SleepDeprivationHL

    History EE: Translation of Sources

    I'm gathering up primary sources right now and some of them are entirely in Russian with no available translation that I know of. How do I work around this? The information is potentially very useful as it is close to Stalin's death and my EE is on Leadership during the Cold War (not exactly, but that's essentially what it is). I have a Ukrainian friend who speaks Russian, but I don't expect her to translate the whole thing. Also, wouldn't I need to cite a credible translator or something?
  2. SleepDeprivationHL

    Does One Sex "Have It Better" In Your Country?

    I cannot really comment on the country I'm living in because I'm not native to Malaysia. However in my home country I do have one thing that bothers me; Canadian women have a lot of advantages in divorce. In Canada, much like many other developed countries there is huge amount of inequality in which parent assumes custody of the children. 79.3% of divorces end up with the mother gaining full custody. Other than that though, I wouldn't say Canada has much gender inequality, especially under Trudeau.
  3. There is only one paper with math in it, Paper 3. Which is relatively easy. You will be fine, I suck at math, and I'm doing quite well aha.
  4. Okay, I take History HL, Economics HL, and also take Math Studies. History is not impossible by any means, you just have to show enthusiasm, and really make an effort to improve your essay writing skills over the 2 years you're in the IB. Economics is not very hard, the math is fairly easy, the hardest part is remembering what the graphs look like in my opinion.
  5. SleepDeprivationHL

    About CAS

    Okay firstly, hospital volunteering definitely qualifies. Secondly, personally I think tutoring is a poor choice as it requires a lot of time, and isn't super practical in the IB. However, if you choose this you would have to ensure the tutoring is free (otherwise it really wouldn't be service). Lastly, there is no obligation on your counsellor's behalf to assist you with CAS, so you're kind of alone. Hope I was of assistance
  6. SleepDeprivationHL

    Predicted Grades; Who needs 'em right?

    That's very comforting to me as I am about to try to do 2 days worth of revision in an hour for economics. Not by choice, but I had little time on the weekend. Hopefully my new school will reassess my predicted grades at some point.
  7. SleepDeprivationHL

    Predicted Grades; Who needs 'em right?

    I totally agree. It should be marked according to the mark scheme, but our teacher will take away points for things he doesn't like. There is little point complaining about it, it is what it is, and I cannot change that.
  8. SleepDeprivationHL

    Predicted Grades; Who needs 'em right?

    Yeah, I intend on going to Canada for university. However, I do know that Canadian universities do use the conditional offer for IB students, and I know they let people in with relatively low IB scores regardless. I know someone who got into Dalhousie, and they didn't even pass the IB. Also, another random question, can your teacher give you a failing predicted grade? Even if they their marking standards are much higher than that of the IB?
  9. SleepDeprivationHL

    Predicted Grades; Who needs 'em right?

    It is currently 11:40pm on Sunday. I have end of year exams this week, and they're worth 50% of my predicted grades. My grade in English LL HL is embarrassing because my teacher is such a cruel marker, and the class average is 3.2/7. I spent the past 3 days trying to finish my TOK essay which my TOK Teacher, who is also my English teacher, decided Monday should be when the first draft is due. I'm sort of debating if I should give up, and sleep, or try to cram a bit more Paper 1 practice before I goto sleep. How significant are my predicted grades, and more importantly if I get my finalised IB grades, and then apply with those rather than my predicted (which for english I know will be higher) what would be better? Disregarding the fact I'd be going to Uni a year later.
  10. SleepDeprivationHL

    If i change school?

    What admission test? I never had to take one. Also, I am moving to Bangkok, and will be continuing the IB programme so it is possible to switch schools during IB. Also very nice name, but it might not have been the best choice. Hopefully no one else speaks Italian in the forums.
  11. SleepDeprivationHL

    Big mistake

    The IB does not always have good teachers, I goto an international school in Malaysia, and a lot of the teachers are great. However, even in a school where I pay a ridiculous tuition, I have a Bio teacher who is essentially a slide show machine, and I haven't done a lab since march. I learn most of my Bio curriculum from studying, and going to a tutor once a week. I feel like some teachers don't fully grasp the difficulty of the exams, and rarely prepare students sufficiently for them. That being said, IBSurvival is a fantastic resource, and there are many other resources on the internet to assist students who wish to put the effort into passing the IB. It's unfortunate that we should have to resort to such things, but the IB is pre-university course, and is some what reflective of the university experience in the sense that sometimes you are on your own.
  12. SleepDeprivationHL

    Help with essay writing (formatting)

    I'm going to assume you meant structure, that way we'll have answered your question either way. In terms of structure it's fairly simple just follow PEAL; PEAL Point The main point you're arguing Example Example that proves this point Analysis Why the example proves your point Link linking this argument to your thesis However in an essay, this works slightly different Intro Topic sentence Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Thesis Body Pargraphs Point Example Analysis Example Analysis Link Conclusion (You reword your conclusions/links into your concluding paragraph) Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Thesis Hope I helped, good luck with the diploma programme next year.
  13. SleepDeprivationHL

    Newbie IB Preparation Tips

    I'm not a great IB student, but I've learned a lot this year. So this is pretty much the most important things for first year IB; Don't start by expecting a heavy workload You will burn yourself out trying to finish tasks as fast as possible thinking your teachers will give you lots of work in the first 2 months (Take it slow) When the workload starts amping up keep steadily working at it; IB is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy your social life while it lasts For the first few months of IB you might actually have a social life, enjoy this. Worship the marking rubrics if you do this you will know why you're getting a bad/good grade. 2 CAS reflections a week I did this, and honestly it makes it so easy if you do this from the start. Get a day planner/Calendar app/to-do list Things will get past you if you don't record it so you can check what you have to later. Get lots of sleep You probably won't be getting this later. Don't sit next to your friends in classes This might just be personal, but if you mess around too much in class you will miss something. Bad IA draft=Bad IA feedback Always hand in the best work you can, even if it is a draft. There is no such thing as a free time If you think you don't have work, think again. There is always something you can put a little bit of work into, even if it is revising. Physics/Biology/Chemistry/Math as an HL is hard I've seen many people drop HL Physics, and Math HL is quite difficult from what I've heard, so don't take those subjects unless those are your strengths. Unless you have some sort of addiction to Lab Reports, don't take 2 HL Sciences if it can be avoided. Juggling deadlines is like juggling chainsaws It's very hazardous, and the longer you do it the more likely you'll screw up. The only grades that matter, are your own. I cannot stress this enough do not compare yourself to the person taking 4 HLs, and getting a predicted score of 43/45 These people are not human. Ask the 4-HL-Taking Demi-God for their secrets to success. These people are actually really hard workers, and you can always learn from them. Ask if they can peer-edit your drafts, give you advice etc.. The stuff teachers are telling you is actually pretty good advice "Study 2 hours a night" I thought this was ridiculous, I was wrong. Learn from your mistakes Don't get discouraged if you mess something up, you've got 2 years to figure this out.
  14. SleepDeprivationHL

    Is my EE topic (UBI) too interdisciplinary?

    First of all, that's an awesome idea. However, as an Economics HL student I must warn you that if you hate graphs you might want to avoid this. Graphs for economics make my head spin, and the ones relating to this even more so. That being said, this topic has a lot to offer, but before you decide on anything talk to your EE advisor about it. Also you may want to go check out the Economics textbook at the library, and start looking into how you would discuss this. (a good start would be the possible externalities)
  15. SleepDeprivationHL

    RIP IB Curve?

    Also there is no logic to getting rid of it. It makes sure that tests are balanced, and that nobody suffers because the test was impossible.

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