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  1. It's probably a sentence or two, which might be important.. Anyways, there's nothing much I can do but not to repeat the same mistake
  2. Oh right not math I meant biology sorry. I do believe that it's very obvious that my answers outside the box didn't appear as "scrap", because it's continuous and just under the box. I'll be very disappointed if this will ruin my mark
  3. Wait, we can't exceed the boxes provided? I used the whole page for my math sl paper.. Are they really gonna ignore it? My coordinator never told me to do so..
  4. This year is seriously a hard year, especially because we're the first batch to do the new syllabus. I'm just hoping the boundaries would be lower, cuz I still have hope in getting a 6 :/
  5. Daayum there goes my two points!!
  6. But smooth muscle is basically longitudinal/circular right?
  7. For the layer of the small intestine, what if I labelled it as smooth muscle?
  8. It depends on the markscheme, I guess. Usually it is clearly stated "accept other similar answers" or something like that.
  9. What if it's an open ended question, like suggesting reasons, explaining how, etc? As far as I know, these examiners are only looking for the answers and ignoring everything else, isn't it? Oh my I'm so worried; I wasn't sure for many questions, so I just wrote all that I knew .
  10. Hi, so I just finished all my biology papers. I do have a question, how do they mark my answers? If I was asked to list one answer, yet I mentioned two, and one of them is correct, do I get the point? Also, one of the question was to suggest two reasons, and I probably mentioned 3-4 just in case. Will they still accept my answer? Thanks.
  11. Your teachers have access to the IBIS system as a teacher. If you're really that worried, you can ask them to reject your submission. As far as I know the IB will not know about submission rejections and you can re-upload the new version. Great thanks! Btw, do you know when is the submission deadline for the tok essay?
  12. Hey guys, so here's the situation. My teacher uploaded the TOK files yesterday, but I just realized that I wrote the school and candidate session number wrongly. Instead of writing 002595 as school number, I missed out one zero and wrote 02595. Also, instead of writing the full candidate session number, I only wrote the last four digits of my candidate number which is 0002. I'm really panicking, will they mark my paper? Other than this issue, everything's fine. My name, school name, etc. Even my TOK Essay itself has my correct candidate number. Thanks.
  13. So basically, this is my KQ for the presentation With regards to Human Sciences, what role do reason, emotion, faith and sense perception play in the psychological manipulation or abuse of individuals? My plan with my partner is to discuss two RLS (Child soldier and ISIS), each with two WOK. What do you think about the idea? Any advice/comments appreciated!

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