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  1. monica

    The Official May 2009 Results Thread

    Considering that I've learned math and biology in the last month before the exams, I'm really happy with the results. Romanian self-taught SL 7 Economics SL 7 French B SL 6 English B HL 7 Biology HL 6 Math HL 5 EE in English A TOK B Total 38+3=41 Anyway, congratulations to everyone, so far you've done a great job!
  2. monica


    Our ball was in January, if i remember that correctly. I think we had to pay about 30 euros, most of which we got back anyway for doing stuff for the prom (selling drinks, organizing, dancing). But i think the school did a lot of subsidizing anyway. The theme was "Face the space!" and each class had to have an alien/outer space related dance. It's mainly for the seniors, although other people may come too (not many do, though. Dates were not required though. It was fun, but i'd have to say that the afterprom was much more entertaining.
  3. monica

    French B SL: Level 6 to Level 7

    It's funny that you mention L'étranger, which I just read yesterday. I loved it . And I have to agree, reading french books is a great help. It even helps with the grammar, because if you keep seeing certain structures (even unconsciously) they kinda' stick with you. Good luck everyone!
  4. monica

    HL Maths P3 ~all options (MAY09)

    Is it really? Do you guys know how exact;y they calculate the grades? As in, how many points is a 1 in every paper? I also said it was geometric but then i saw you couldn't use the n and used hypergeometric instead. I don't really know why I didn't think about binomial, although it sounds quite logical...
  5. monica

    Math HL All TZ - Papers 1 + 2 ONLY (MAY09)

    I'm happy to see that i'm not the only one who thought both paper one and 2 were....really (i almost used another word here....but consider this censorship) difficult. I kinda' screwed up paper 1 because i didn't really do much in section B. On the mocks we did before they didn't have exercises with so many points (22) so i didn't really checked. I therefore spent a lot of time on section A and kind of didn't have any time left for section B. In paper 2 I changed my strategy. I started with the ones with many points....didn't really have time to finish them properly and wasn't left with much time for the smaller ones. Ah.... Don't we just love maths HL?
  6. monica

    HL Maths P3 ~all options (MAY09)

    I think statistics was quite ok....except for the last example. I seemed really easy but i got completely lost. I wouldn't have had time to do it anyway....so i just invented something (it would be really funny if i got it right)
  7. monica

    Nov09 May10 Title 7

    Hmm, you were fast. I'm a 2009 candidate and I'm not done with the essay yet. I just have an outline....which is only 700 words. Are you sure your 2000 are just an outline?
  8. monica

    Parlez-vous le francais?

    J'ai appris le français à l'école mais je ne suis pas contente de mon progrès. J'aimerai pouvoir le pratiquer plus mais je manque du temps et d'interlocuteurs.
  9. monica

    A1 self-taught

    From what I know, A1 languages are usually the mother tongues. I have Romanian A1 self-taught, but that's only because I don't study in Romania. Almost all the people in my class have German A1 with a teacher though.
  10. monica

    A1 self-taught

    Why would you take German self-taught if it is offered in school?
  11. monica

    Nov09 May10 Title 7

    Hmm, never heard of this topic before. Are you a 2010 candidate? I think the topic refers to the fact that there is no objective understanding of facts. A series of factors such as culture, experience and perhaps even instinct contribute to the process. At least the first time I read it that's what I thought of. Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it seems. Good luck!
  12. monica


    [quote name='Dark Butterfly' post='27169' date='Oct 23 2008, 05:18 PM'][b]I NEED HELP!! i've been told by my english teacher that she prefers that i do two books for my English A1 EE analysis... thing is, i did find a book that i really like : TOni Morrison's "Beloved" But. I DON"T KNOW another book that goes along with this!!! I bought Alice Walker's "The colour Purple" But, i can't find a single common ground! Any suggestion? Need Help ASAP![/b][/quote] Maybe if you could tell us what it is about. I have to admit I haven't read it
  13. monica

    IA topic

    That is kind of odd. Doesn't your teacher provide you with the topic? (I might be wrong)
  14. monica

    Nov 08 May 09 Title 4

    First of all, you would have to find a "Yes,but..." or "No,but..." answer. Example...hmm. You could talk about paradigms. One of my favourite examples is from the time when people still thought that the sun was rotating around the Earth. And they were trying to explain the movement of the stars on the sky according to this assumption. And the calculations formulas became more and more difficult until the point when someone discovered that was not the case. So sometimes complicated answers are not necessarily the correct ones. This would be an argument against. You should also think of a personal example. Maybe once you chose the easy way out and it proved out to be the wrong decision. We all tend to do that Hope it works!
  15. monica

    Nov 08 May 09, Title 6

    Welcome Ether and Nineteenonine! Maybe in the essay you could talk about ways of knowing in the two situations....for example experience (for the past) or instinct and belief for the future. You could also include some personal examples, your approach to future and past in a certain situation in your life. I would say history and science are also good examples. Maybe scepticism about the future would also work Good luck!

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