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  1. The Great Gatsby was the best book I ever read. The character development was amazing, and although our class probably over-analyzed the symbolism, I loved the book nonetheless.
  2. If you want to go into Business or science, you will definitely need Math SL. If you can manage at least a 4 or 5 in math sl I think you shouldn't consider switching, to math studies.
  3. I think you could connect human aggression to your question more, so it looks more related to each other.
  4. Creativity - art class Action - badminton and fitness Service - peer tutoring
  5. It'll be pretty difficult to catch up for history, because an entire topic will already have been covered (possibly more). Unless you really dislike psychology, I wouldn't recommend it (although I do think that history is a much more useful course because it provides you with critical thinking and essay writing skills).
  6. You should be spending at least 3 hours doing homework or reviewing every day if you want a really good mark. Make sure your notes are amazing and keep reviewing, because you'll need the information for 2 years.
  7. Have really good notes and pay attention in class. On days where there is less homework, review information that you've already had a test on in class. You'll need it for your exams in 2 years, so it's a good idea to keep reviewing and repeating the information.
  8. You don't really need 4 Hl's unless you really want to impress university people. 3 HL's is completely fine and more than enough, in my opinion.
  9. English HL and History HL are a must.
  10. Those are good HL's. I'm taking English and French HL as well, and they're relatively easy HL subjects as long as you have an interest in them and are doing well in them right now.
  11. I painted on t-shirts about the recent history/current events of Hong Kong.
  12. I use notebooks for all my classes and then rewrite the notes on loose-leaf paper which I staple together into notes packages. I don't really prefer using a laptop because I can't colour code them as well and it's much harder to memorize from them.
  13. I'd say history HL and math SL are the hardest for me. Easier subjects are Bio HL and French HL. Art is also pretty difficult, because it requires a lot of time. The two subjects I know that the least IB students get 7's in are history HL and art, so even if the subject material isn't difficult, it is challenging to get a high mark.
  14. Use Anki. It's a spaced repetition software, so you can make your own flashcards or use pre-made ones and when you study, the software keeps track of which vocab you've mastered and which vocab you haven't, and gives you review on vocab according to that. I've used it since grade 10, and my French vocabulary has improved a lot - especially for reading.
  15. This website has everything you need and is very good for information that you'll need on Paper 2's: This one has a very good IB section on history as well and also has an essay generator to practice essay questions: For books, I'd say go to your library and look at all the non-fiction books about the topic you're learning. Also, at the back of your history textbook, there might be a page of history books that you can look for.