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  1. The Great Gatsby was the best book I ever read. The character development was amazing, and although our class probably over-analyzed the symbolism, I loved the book nonetheless.
  2. Creativity - art class Action - badminton and fitness Service - peer tutoring
  3. You should be spending at least 3 hours doing homework or reviewing every day if you want a really good mark. Make sure your notes are amazing and keep reviewing, because you'll need the information for 2 years.
  4. English HL and History HL are a must.
  5. I painted on t-shirts about the recent history/current events of Hong Kong.
  6. I use notebooks for all my classes and then rewrite the notes on loose-leaf paper which I staple together into notes packages. I don't really prefer using a laptop because I can't colour code them as well and it's much harder to memorize from them.
  7. I'd say history HL and math SL are the hardest for me. Easier subjects are Bio HL and French HL. Art is also pretty difficult, because it requires a lot of time. The two subjects I know that the least IB students get 7's in are history HL and art, so even if the subject material isn't difficult, it is challenging to get a high mark.