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  1. The Great Gatsby was the best book I ever read. The character development was amazing, and although our class probably over-analyzed the symbolism, I loved the book nonetheless.
  2. I agree, 9/11 is a bit too recent to write about given the 10 years limit, so your first topic is better.
  3. My HL's are English, French, and History, and my SL's are biology, math, and art. You seem to have similar courses, and one thing I can say is that I am having a much easier time than my classmates who are managing two HL sciences (eg. Chem and bio HL). If you want to take double sciences, don't take them both in HL unless you need it for university because it'll be a lot more work. French HL is good if you have a solid understanding of it already, and are already comfortable with grammar and vocab.
  4. If you want to go into Business or science, you will definitely need Math SL. If you can manage at least a 4 or 5 in math sl I think you shouldn't consider switching, to math studies.
  5. I think you could connect human aggression to your question more, so it looks more related to each other.
  6. You can use pictures as an example. In ancient times, cavemen would draw on caves to communicate stories and messages, and no "language" was really required (unless art is considered a language).
  7. History is the most popular subject to do the EE in, and it is possible to score high in this subject. However, it is more important that you absolutely love the topic you are writing about because you'll be spending 40 hours (possibly more) doing research and writing it.
  8. Charleen


    I think it is a pretty easy IA, maybe find a more unique topic that hasn't been done too much before? Enzymes is a pretty popular lab topic, so it might be better to find a less common topic to score higher for the personal engagement mark.
  9. Music, art, learning a language, cooking, gardening, baking, photography - these are all good creativity ones.
  10. At our school, they recommend that we write reflections on each CAS activity at least once per week.
  11. Creativity - art class Action - badminton and fitness Service - peer tutoring
  12. At my school, you can only do an EE on a topic that is being taught, because then there will be a supervisor that can guide you on the subject.
  13. Quizlet is a great, free website that you can make flashcards on. You can also find pre-made flashcards for IB, which is also good for exam prep.
  14. It'll be pretty difficult to catch up for history, because an entire topic will already have been covered (possibly more). Unless you really dislike psychology, I wouldn't recommend it (although I do think that history is a much more useful course because it provides you with critical thinking and essay writing skills).
  15. You should choose a faculty that you know you'll be interested in. Most of your HL's would be good for the Arts faculty, but Chem HL is also very science-geared. Particularly, English HL is very good for going into the humanities into university because it preps you for essays and such.
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