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  1. Yaaaay, I got what I needed for King's! Chemistry HL - 6 Biology HL - 6 Philosophy HL - 5 Spanish Ab Initio SL - 6 English A1 SL - 5 Maths SL - 5 ToK: B EE: C Total: 34
  2. Okay, thanks very much! Also, one final thing: there's been talk at my school about a kind of 'final report' that you have to do, which is a summary of what you've learned from CAS over the two years. How long is that supposed to be?
  3. Hmm, okay, that seems easy enough to do. Do you know if the smaller activities (the ones which give you less hours) require reports as well? Some of my activities only added two or three hours onto my total, and I'm not sure I could really write whole reports for them... Also, for most of my creativity hours I've done musical stuff, and I was thinking of photocopying some sheet music to put into my folder for those activities. The only problem with using sheet music is that I think it's illegal to photocopy it... so would they allow it, or not?
  4. Okay, it's nearing the time for CAS to be handed in and I'm going to try and finish most of it within the next week or so. I just wanted to ask what kind of stuff needs to be put into the folders, as our school hasn't helped out much.. As far as I know, we basically need to do a small-ish report on each project (does that include projects which only give you a few hours, or is it just for the big ones?), get signatures from supervisors and provide some other media related to the projects (so photos, sheet music for musical activities, etc). Do we need to log all of the dates on which we did the activities? And is there anything else I've missed?
  5. Okay, I've basically given a few stats to say that a lot of people are still in favour of bringing back the death penalty, said that emotion affects their views and I've given some examples of people being led by emotions and making rash, silly decisions. I'm also going to look at how religion affects our ability to reason in this case, and what influence the media might have. However, my presentation only goes up to about 8 minutes in length, maybe 9... does anyone have any ideas of things I could add to it to make it longer? I really can't think of anything and I'm stuck for things to talk about...
  6. That's kind of what I'm planning to do. I'm looking at crime and punishment and I'm going to examine a couple of questions about how reason affects our emotion... for instance, if a person is murdered, their family will probably be angry towards the murderer, and in some cases, they might call for the murderer to be hanged. But we can see in that instance that the family are saying that purely because of their emotions. They are distressed, and their anger causes them to want the murderer to be killed. But isn't it better if we use reason to judge criminals? That's basically what I'm going to look at.
  7. Thanks for the reply I took your advice on focusing in a single area, and I've been planning to do it on our judgements over punishment for criminals - for instance, whenever a horrific crime is mentioned in the news, people call for the culprit to 'be hanged'... but they only demand that because they're angry about the crime committed. So should their opinions be trusted? In my presentation I would just be going on about things like that... my only problem is linking it to knowledge itself. Would it work as a TOK presentation? Hummm, I think my topic is pretty much decided now, but I'm wondering how I could present it. I saw some of the presentations from the rest of the group yesterday and, although they were doing it in pairs, they were quite creative and interesting to watch. One pair did their presentation as a kind of act, where they both argued against each other as representatives of certain groups in society, and another did theirs as a kind of chat show, where they discussed the knowledge issues and received text messages (fakes, obviously) suggesting other points of view. I am doing it on my own, but would there be any way of making it a bit more creative and original?
  8. Aw, I think they've moved on quite a lot as a band. I suppose it's all down to people's judgement though. I know some people who think they're boring and that all of their songs sound the same, but I (and quite a few people) think they write in a wide range of styles... I love the new album anyway. I think Absolution is their best but The Resistance does show some class. I looooove Exogenesis as well! I can be a bit of a music nazi though, haha. I like about five modern bands, loads of classical stuff, and loads of jazz stuff. Oh and you can't go wrong with Hendrix either! Any Radiohead fans?
  9. Sorry to add to the list of threads about TOK presentation titles, but I have a mock run-through of my presentation in a few weeks time and I'm hesitating about what I should do with the title I've been thinking of doing it on. I wanted to do something like 'how does emotion affect our reasoning in decision making?' but I think it may be too general... what do you think? As a back-up (in case the title above IS too general), I was thinking of focusing on ethical decisions, with a title like 'how does emotion affect our ethical/moral reasoning?' but I feel that there isn't enough to talk about in this topic... EDIT: A while ago, I also thought about doing one on music, with the question 'is dissonant music really music?' but it would be quite hard to talk about it in a way which is friendly to people who don't know music theory... would it be worth giving it a go, or should I just stick with the titles above?
  10. Hmm, okay, thanks! I may e-mail my mentor to see if he has any ideas for contexts, if I can't find one.
  11. Okay, I decided to do my extended essay in chemistry, and I'm looking at the way a) weak acids affect enthalpy neutralisation in acid-base reactions and b) monoprotic, diprotic and triprotic strong acids affect enthalpy neutralisation in acid-base reactions. I used the different acids I needed (weak acids, diprotic, triprotic etc) and reacted them with a strong base, sodium hydroxide, in my experiments. First thing is, I can't really word my question properly. I've tried "In what way do monoprotic, diprotic and triprotic acids and weak acids affect enthalpy of neutralisation in acid-base reactions with sodium hydroxide?" but that sounds really awkward and isn't really clear... Plus I hadn't previously realised that we're supposed to put our topic into a context... I mean, there has to be a reason why you're researching it... is that true, or can you still get away with not putting it into a context? Problem is, I can't really think of anything I could say that justifies me researching it.
  12. I know, I know I've done shadowing with different doctors (I know that doesn't count as volunteer work though) and I've been supporting younger students at my school this year, and I am SUPPOSED to be doing more in the coming weeks. But as I said, I don't like the idea of spending so much time and effort doing medicine. I like it but I don't want it to be my whole life! I mean I've pretty much decided I don't want to do it, but now the problems are a) finding another course to do and b) telling my parents. I don't know which courses I could choose to do because I don't know how easy it is to get a job with those degrees. As I said, if I did a language, chemistry or philosophy at uni, I wouldn't know where to go from there, what kind of job to look at etc. One of the reasons I chose medicine, besides other [more important] things, was that I would pretty much be guaranteed a job. But it seems like it would be too stressful for me!
  13. Really, really really worried... for about a year or so I've wanted to do medicine but now I'm thinking of changing my mind, but it's so close to the application start date! I love science (esp. chemistry) and I thought it would be great to do medicine because I'm interested in it AND, if I got in to university, I would almost certainly get a job as a doctor. But I'm not prepared to spend that much time working at uni and/or working in a hospital. I mean I'd love to be a doctor if you didn't have to work for so much time during the week, but AFAIK everyone in hospitals works reaaaaally long hours. With my life I want to explore more, visit other countries, meet new people, live a bit more. And I don't think I could do any of that if I ended up doing medicine. I feel like such a tosser for changing my mind so late on. My parents have spent hundreds of pounds so that I can go on all sorts of extra curricular medical related talks and courses, and we've just booked the UKCAT (which was £75) and I'm really worried of talking to them about it. They know how indecisive I am... if I tell them, it'll really piss them off. They've spent all that money and so much time and effort trying to support me and help me so that I can get into medical school and suddenly I feel like I don't want to do medicine any more. Plus I want to study at uni but I wouldn't know what course to do. As I said, I love chemistry, and I'm into languages and philosophy as well, but I don't know how the hell I would get a decent job by doing any of those courses at uni... I'm screwed
  14. Yeah, I suppose not. But I found it to be a bit of a problem because some people say it's okay if biology and chemistry mix in your EE work, and others were saying I should stay strictly to one... because of that, I decided biology probably wasn't the best area as it involves too much chemistry, really. I was talking to my dad the other day and we discussed possible areas of chemistry I could do it on, and I've chosen to look at ΔH neutralisation for different acids and bases, comparing the values I get for monoprotic, diprotic and triprotic acids, and for strong and weak acids and bases. It should be okay, I think. I need to find a teacher to ask about going into school during the summer to do the experiments. Hopefully I can get them done within a few days.
  15. Ah yeah, sorry about that, I didn't mean actual titles, just meant topic areas...

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