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  1. kristinamontinola

    Do IB courses help with SAT Subject Tests?

    Most of my friends who do generally average in maths ended up getting pretty decent scores on the Maths II test. I've heard around that it's pretty easy, but I'll still try to prep for it pretty well. Yeah, I doubt I'd do well on the physics SAT considering how I'm doing in the class now. We've got a really great teacher, it's just that I think physics requires a sort of abstract logic I just don't have. As for biology, thanks for letting me know that. I'll try to prep using more AP stuff, then. I'm not taking chem as an SL or HL (which I regret, honestly, as much as I enjoy physics), so I don't think my IH Chem course I took last year would be sufficient prep for the SAT. Thank you for the response (and the response to kw0573's comment).
  2. kristinamontinola

    Do IB courses help with SAT Subject Tests?

    Oh, okay, I see. Yeah, I'll just see if I can sign up for the June dates for the Bio E/M and Maths 2 SATs. I've already taken the main SAT a few times and I've settled with a score I'm happy with, so I'm just working on getting these subject test scores.
  3. kristinamontinola

    Do IB courses help with SAT Subject Tests?

    Scores come out only 2 weeks after the test on the CollegeBoard website, though, right?
  4. kristinamontinola

    Do IB courses help with SAT Subject Tests?

    Oh, okay. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I think I'll end up doing this, then. Thanks again!
  5. kristinamontinola

    Do IB courses help with SAT Subject Tests?

    I'm feeling less inclined to take the physics subject test now after considering for a while and looking through other forums and websites for the universities I'm planning to apply to next year. I looked at some practice physics subject tests online and I don't feel super confident about it. I don't think I'd be able to score well on the subject test, so I don't think it would be worth it for me to pay for that SAT if I'm not really sure I'd do well. On the other hand, I've bought a Biology E/M prep book, so I've been working through that for study material beyond the SL course I'm taking now. I'm planning on submitting my Bio SAT score to my early app schools, which have application + SAT/ACT score submission deadlines around beginning of December. At the latest, I could wait until I've gotten some HL curriculum and take the Bio E/M in November just in time for early decision deadlines. Sorry, just thinking aloud. Thank you for your response! This really helped!
  6. kristinamontinola

    Finish IB in another country?

    This thread might be able to help, though I'm not sure if IB changed their policies since then:
  7. So I'm in my junior year of IB and I'm currently taking IB Bio SL and IB Physics SL. I'm planning on taking the Biology E/M and Maths 2 subject tests on June 2 (the day after the last day of school for me) which I'm fairly sure I'll do fine on considering I've taken bio in both freshman year and this year. However, I'm not sure whether or not I should take the physics subject test. So far this year, I've been doing kind of mediocre in the class, I guess – around high B's and low A's on average. It's pretty inconsistent, actually, since some units I'll do really well on whereas others I'll completely fail. There's rarely any in-between. I don't think physics is exactly my forte, though I really do enjoy the class. I'm planning on applying for nursing programs/neuroscience (biology if neuroscience isn't available) major in university, so I don't think colleges are going to care much for my physics subject test score considering I've already got a Bio E/M test score to submit. Is it worth it for me to take the physics subject test? Am I prepared by taking the IB Phys SL course? EDIT: For that matter, am I prepared for the Biology E/M subject test through IB Bio SL and IH Biology?
  8. kristinamontinola

    How well do secondary research EE's usually do?

    Thank you very much. This was a response I was looking for. I'll talk to my advisor about changing my topic to some degree so it's less complex.
  9. I'm currently doing a biology EE with the research question: To what extent could stem cell therapy be used in repairing brain damage as a result of neurodegenerative components as seen in progressive diseases such as Alzheimer's? I don't really have any intentions of changing my topic or shifting to a primary research topic, but I was just wondering since I've heard around that secondary research EE's never do so well for science EE's. Honestly a little worried but I really do like my topic and it's something I'm genuinely interested in.
  10. kristinamontinola

    HELP: Biology Secondary Research EE

    So I've compiled a modest annotated bibliography of sources I plan to use for the basis of my bio EE and I'm currently starting my first 1000-1200 words on my topic: “To what extent could stem cell therapy be used in repairing brain damage as a result of neurodegenerative components as seen in Alzheimer’s disease?” It's a fairly simple topic, so I'm a bit worried about how to really make an outstanding essay around this research question. I've been trying to find some biology secondary research EE exemplars online, but I can only seem to find primary research exemplars. I'm not exactly sure how to go about starting my EE and how exactly to format my content. Anyone have any tips on how to structure a secondary research science EE or even just how to open the essay?
  11. kristinamontinola

    Bio HL or Chem HL ??? for Veterinary Sciences

    Imo HL Bio and SL Chem is a good plan. HL bio is generally a good course to take if you're planning on going into med field. I don't think you should HL chem if you're doing veterinary, I'm not sure it's worth it. It's a really nice class to SL though.
  12. kristinamontinola

    Interview: Who are you?

    1. What is your real name? Kristina 2. Where are you from? Northeast Texas (Dallas suburb) 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? I found it back in freshman year, when I was still in pre-IB, and I kind of forgot about it until this year, and I think it'll be more helpful to me this year as a junior starting IB 4. What made you register on IB Survival? I thought it was really cool that there was a forum site for IB students all over the world. I wanted to get in touch with people taking IB in different parts of the world a get a little bit of perspective on what other people are doing. 5. When did you (approximately) register here? I think around the beginning of the freshman year? So around late 2015? 6. What is your favourite IB subject? So far I really like HL physics, mostly because of my teacher. He does a great job teaching in a way that makes the information digestible. 7. When are you graduating? Class of '19 8. What are your plans for university? Honestly I'm aiming for in-state, mostly because I don't trust that I'll get any out-of-state scholarships and I can't afford out-of-state tuition without it. I'm planning on getting my BSN and working for a while and work on online prereqs for med school. Looking at UTA, UTD, TWU, Baylor at Houston (if I'm lucky, but still really expensive). In terms of med school, I haven't really thought of anywhere but Baylor at Houston. I'm also considering the 7-year med programs offered at some schools, but that doesn't give me the chance to get my BSN before I get my MD (since the main reason I'm getting my BSN first is to ensure a stable career if med school doesn't work out). If someone could advise me on this, that would be greatly appreciated. 9. What are your free-time hobbies? Playing cello, guitar, singing, drawing, being with my family 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? Probably make a mobile app (haha)
  13. kristinamontinola

    IB Study Group??

    So I'm starting the actual IB program this year and I'm kinda looking for people I can talk to for help in my subjects this year. If you're taking any of these classes, hmu so we can start like a study group or something on the IBSurvival messaging system (especially if you live in Texas!!) 2017-18 CLASSES IB Biology SL IB History of the Americas SL French 3 IH IB Physics SL IB English SL Pre-Calculus IH
  14. kristinamontinola

    IB Study Schedule

    Adding on to what @TheMagical7 said, I really think you should drop one of those HL's, especially if you're unsure about Oxford and Cambridge. If you're certain you're applying for Ivy League, then I think the workload will be worth being able to apply. However, all of your HL courses require a substantial amount of work, and I really don't think you should put that much pressure on yourself if you're not even entirely sure that it will be worth it. Once you sign up for those exams, it's done. I also advise dropping chem or psych HL to SL instead of English, since the class will eventually help with your EE in some way. But, really, it's all up to you I'm not exactly sure if the school system in Canada affects the IB program there, so what I'm saying might only make sense for me living in America. Honestly, if you're up to it, the sky's the limit. Just don't put more work on yourself than you need to... That's IB's job (LOL). Also, sorry I can't really give much studying advice, I'm in the same year as you, so I've also just jumped into the IB program straight outta Pre-IB (that IH whatever)
  15. kristinamontinola

    What time do you guys sleep and wake up during IB?

    It's usually lights-out for me at 10PM, but I'll continue studying until around 12AM–1AM on average. There have been stressful nights wherein I've slept at 5AM. I wake up at 7AM to catch bus at 8AM. Classes start 9AM.

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