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  1. I don't think it would be necessary to buy 2 and 3, as they cover mostly the same things and people here have suggested number 3. As for 1, I would recommend buying it because it's a study guide and it will probably help for the assessments!
  2. I think that you should talk to your IB coordinator about this and ask them which subjects you have to pass to move on to DP1. In my school, you had to pass the subjects you wanted to take in the DP years, but the others weren't as important.
  3. Highlighters are very useful (or at least I thought so), and also sticky notes for smaller notes that can be placed directly in the book. Also a planner is very necessary so that you don't forget or miss any deadlines. I didn't want to keep everything in the calendar in my phone because I thought it was easier to just bring the planner to class and write the information down when I receive it. Hope this helps and good luck! EDIT: Also, I didn't have TOK in Pre-IB. Some schools do have it, some schools don't. If you can't find anything about it on your school website you probably won't have it. And try to always do your work as soon as you get it, I know this is very obvious but I just wanted to add it anyway.
  4. Hi, I was wondering what book you use and recommend for Psychology. I'm going to take HL if that matters. Thanks!
  5. I'm also taking Psychology HL online and I saw that we're taking all the same courses (besides history) so maybe we can help each other if needed!
  6. I think it's different for every school. Maybe you should contact your IB coordinator to find out?
  7. Hey guys! I have this blog for CAS and if you would please check it out and tell me how to improve (and possible some ideas what I should write about) I would really appreciate it! ibyears.blogspot.com Thank you!!
  8. Hello! I've started a blog for CAS and I would love if you all could check it out and please tell me what more I can write about
  9. What do you mean with ToK? You have to take that anyway.
  10. I can't answer the last question of the survey, it says that it's in the wrong format.
  11. Yes, but it doesn't cover everything.
  12. I'm in the Pre-IB year now, so I start DP next year. Everyday is different for me because I start/end late/early some days, but normally I study more on the days before the days where I start late. After school I normally get home at 5/6 pm and then I study until maybe 10 pm, depends on how much I have to do. It varies from time to time, because sometimes I have a lot of assignments and sometimes I just have a few. I would say that I study around 4 hours a day, which may seem as more than usual for Pre-IB but I need to catch up with my language course so that adds some extra time. I hope this wasn't super confusing and hopefully a bit helpful, haha
  13. Hello to everyone out there! I was wondering if someone knows where to learn Spanish, like verbs and just words in general for beginners I'd appreciate all the help! Thanks
  14. Hello all! I was wondering if taking Spanish B without studying it in school before would be a good decision, and if it is possible? I've studied Spanish at home etc for 2 years and I understand a lot of the language but I'm not fluent, but I don't really have any 'proof' (like grades) from it, but is that necessary to have? Thanks. And by that I mean Spanish SL.
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