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  1. lmboyer04

    Architecture math IA? Help with topic please

    Ok, thats useful to know. Thanks for the help.
  2. lmboyer04

    Architecture math IA? Help with topic please

    Thanks for the replies. I don't think integrating architecture will be any challenge, I'm just worried about the math being too simple for this aspect of the IA (which is the highest weighted criteria). Theres lots of simple geometry I could do, maybe leading up to trig. I guess that's sorta the idea that IB Math Helper was suggesting. I just worry that doing those kind of first order physics problems is not as IB math oriented as they are looking for. I'm completely new to this so I'm not sure. Let me know if you guys think this actually is sufficient or if you have any other ideas about how I would extend it further perhaps. Thanks for all the help thus far - I appreciate it.
  3. Hi everyone, I need a math IA topic pretty soon and I've been struggling to find something that I both like and can find an appropriate application of math to. I want to go into architecture so I was thinking something about that, but the issue is, most of it is just geometry which I think is too simple for SL Math. The other idea I had was too complicated and there was no research question I could come up for it. It was exploring ideas of parametric architecture like Zaha Hadid uses. Here's a link to some basic 3d parametric modeling I looked at, but again, it seem too complex and I dont know where I would go with it. Any suggestions? Thank You! 3d parametrics
  4. lmboyer04

    You know you are an IB student when...

    Not usually the case, but today, and right now it definitely is... haha You know you're in IB when you can share a look with any of your classmates and immediately understand their pain
  5. So I have decided that I want to write my EE in film, and my adviser and I came up with the idea to compare comic books and their translations into film. Here's what I came up with: To what end do the film adaptations of The Watchmen and V for Vendetta convey the same story/message as their comic book counterparts? The question could likely use some polishing up so please suggest any ideas you have on that first. Secondly, I am looking for subsidiary questions to investigate. So far, I'm considering how the addition of a score changes things, changes in costume especially since the movies are significantly more modern than the books, and how/why/to what end exact quotes are used from the comic books or exact shots are replicated in the films. What other things should I be asking and investigating? Thanks in advance!
  6. My partner and I are in the early process of developing an idea and the one that we agree is interesting is Utopia and why it is something we strive for and yet can never have due to human nature. However, the more we develop the topic, the harder it seems to be which is what I would like some guidance on. I feel that the subject can be too one-sided or too much a closed question; possibly I am asking the wrong questions. To start with a Real Life Example is also difficult as many of the best examples of failed Utopian attempts are not very well known and would not be discussion friendly for our audience. I don't want to have to do a ton of research also for this same reason. The initial idea that we had was to question why conflicting beliefs and values change our perspective of what utopia is and makes it unachievable. I am still new to this whole process so please be patient with me and please add any comments you have on the topic or suggestions on the process as a whole. Much appreciated and Thank You!
  7. lmboyer04

    Desperate: Is this IA Topic good? Pls help

    I'm not very fond of it. While it isn't bad, I think it could be better. It doesn't sound like the easiest thing to argue about given the time period you're looking at. One might be to what extent were the outcomes of the war positive? And then analyse the different points of view and why the US didn't sign the treaty of Versailles, etc. Next time, why don't you do these a little earlier so you don't have to be changing your topic yet...
  8. Hello all, I'd like some feedback on my HL English Lit IOP idea which is coming up soon. If you like it, please throw out some comments/sub-ideas to help spitball/brainstorm talking points for me. I want to discuss how the book Frankenstein affected all books in the horror genre if not started it in the first place. Secondarily, I want to tie this into modern ideas like halloween and films and how these are all still reminiscient of frankenstein, especially looking through the lens of film noir as a stepping stone. Noir definitely has themes of the dark side of humanity and questioning the good side of man. Practically all modern films stem from this idea in some way or another. This will bring cultural understanding of the work as well as further relevant interest to students. Thanks. Thoughts?
  9. lmboyer04

    Guess something about the next poster

    I guess... I took a 2 part math quiz and aced part 1 and didn't even know half of the material on part 2 so.... NP isn't wearing shoes right now
  10. lmboyer04

    Guess something about the next poster

    Interestingly enough, no. Its annoying, and depends on the teacher. Certain parts are better than others. NP likes electronic music
  11. I just received the assignment to begin brainstorming topics for my historical investigation and wanted to get some ideas flowing. Anything you have is appreciated. Thanks. Requirements: Event or something to investigate and takes place in (or strongly involving) either Brazil or the US Take place between 1890-1945 Have 2+ points of view that are valid and researchable Example that I cant use: What were the motivations for the US dropping the atomic bombs on Japan? Two points of view being to A) take Japan out of the war ASAP 2) scare USSR prior to cold war and show off US strength
  12. lmboyer04

    Need activity ideas please

    My school's schedules have been set for months now. Its the middle of the school year so I can't just start taking a physical activity class. The only club sports we have are ping pong and ultimate Frisbee. Ill check on ping pong but Frisbee is only in the late spring/early fall. I'm considering a gym but membership fees and transportation are a deterrent. I'd appreciate any other ideas? Thanks
  13. Hello, I'm new here but I'm a junior taking all IBs and I'm getting into CAS hours. The problem I have that others tend not to have at my school is that I don't play any sports or go to a gym. I'm more of the artsy type so I've got easy 200 hours of creativity this year alone and a good amount of service with honor societies and such. My IB Coordinator doesn't like things that you do alone so I can't just ride my bike each day/weekend even if I'm training to bike a long distance because I can't be the only one to vouch for it and there isn't a great way of providing other evidence or have a goal to achieve. I'm needing ideas so anything I'm open to hearing at least. I'm considering joining a rock climbing gym but they're kinda far from my home so that's not as preferable. Also tried to team up with habitat for humanity and use construction for it but they haven't responded so I want to take some initiative and get another idea that I can start before the end of the year. Thanks!

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