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  1. Hey guys, how did Geography HL go for you?
  2. 24 h have already passed
  3. I love Chemistry and honestly.. yeah.. the exams were hard, but they weren't terrible. Paper 1 was really tricky - the questions weren't hard, but all the answers that you could choose from were very confusing and similar, so it was easy to make a mistake. Paper 2 was easier in my opinion, but it was also tricky. Oh.. and paper 3 was a disaster - I chose option C and I absolutely hated all the questions that were asked
  4. And what did you guys choose where it asked for the graph analysis (smoking and cancer, life expectancy etc )?
  5. I love Chemistry! I used to take it HL just because I loved it so much, but then I realised I wanna study something totally different in uni, so I don't need it at HL, and knowing how much effort you need to put in it, I decided to drop to SL. I think I'll do well
  6. Oh then there's hope! Haha, yeah, we'll see.. I am expecting either a 4 or a 5 overall. But.. idk.. paper 1 was a pain so it could reduce my marks significantly.. Though my IA was good.. Eh, I don't know. I am gonna focus on Chemistry now - maybe I can make up my grades haha
  7. Did you use the formula to calculate the finance stuff or did you do it on your GDC? I remember I left that question for last 8 min so I was literally running out of time, so I just put that into my GDC.. I am guessing I won't get full marks, but at least something
  8. Well, I think I did well in chi-squared and logic questions, but honestly if you think about it- all those questions were worth so little. Write null hypothesis - 1 mark, complete the truth table - 3 marks.. No more. And then all those questions on hard topics such as introduction to calculus - 4 or even 6 marks!!!!
  9. I didn't like the exam.. I am a grade 5 student when it comes to Math Studies (well, it happens that I get 6s but not as often), but I honestly hated both Paper 1 and Paper 2 this year.. I think I am getting a 4
  10. Hey guys, What do you think about paper 1 and paper 2? I found both of them really easy. For mocks, we had papers from November 2016 and the texts in paper 1 were really confusing, so May 2017 was a really nice surprise.
  11. Honestly, I found both paper 1 and 2 difficult. I had a mini heart attack when I saw the questions for paper 1 - I made a lot of guesses and believe me - I actually studied hard. Paper 2 section A was quite ok, but I didn't like any of the questions in Section B.... Meh.