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  1. Ditteee

    VA May 2016 Session

    I got my remarked work back, but there was no change whatsoever - every single point was the same, as was my English (how the hell that even works, or the chances of it happening is beyond me) so I got nothing out of it. If you don't have to pay for it, do it. But generally, unless you're 3-4 points from a higher level, you should avoid it, because it's unlikely that such a big chance will happen if a technical error isn't present.
  2. Ditteee

    to IB or not to IB

    I went straight from my national, standard school system (0-9th grade, started at age 5, ended at 15), and to Pre-IB and then into the IB-system. And mind you, the national schooling system in Denmark is nothing to clap ya hands about, it's just because it's free that people think it's of so good. I mean, there's good parts of it, but it's NOT a high education. It's no problem to go straight to IB, so long as you have a dedicated work morale and a passion for your subjects. About universties in the US I cannot advice, but I can tell you that, at least from my experience, IB is far more rewarding in terms of actual learning income and the number of "ooooooh, that's how it works"-experiences. I'm more humanities-orientated than science, so I had the subjects below, but no matter what subject and level you're in, the amount of learning is intensive - but in a good way, I think. IB has been the best and worst years of my life so far, but I wouldn't change anything. If you want a challenge and is ready for it, give it a shot.
  3. Ditteee

    VA May 2016 Session

    My CS was a 7, so we didn't resend that, but my coordinator said the portfolio couldn't be resend, so I only did my exhibition. I dunno why, though. They can't put any dates on, my friend already got her's back, but I haven't gotten mine yet.
  4. Ditteee

    Binder for each class?

    I didn't use binders, but cardboard folders in which I had my notebooks and paper sheets, which I again had smaller plastic folders for. I had one for each subject, in different colours, so it was easy to deal with - in that way, I always had everything with me and never risked sitting there saying "I forgot to bring my homework". Super effective, but it does take some willpower to keep it organised.
  5. Ditteee

    Question concerning visual arts comparitive study?

    If I remember correctly, it's 3 artworks from at least 2 different artists. I, however, chose 4 artworks from 4 different artists. Remember that having different cultures really affects your study positively!
  6. Cultural significance really just means how it is affected by the culture the artist is from, lives in or knows off, and vice versa. How it adds to understanding the culture in question, how it on itself helps redefine a certain culture, or how it reflects the culture. Really, the concept of "cultural significance" is as broad as you want it to be. If you tell me which artworks you're working on, I might be able to give more specific and relevant examples. :-)
  7. Ditteee

    Remarking: TOK and English

    Not sure about Lang&Lit, but in Lit, ALL externally assessed exams must be reassessed if one of them is. So say you want the paper 1 remarked, paper 2 and the WA has to be submitted as well. I'm guessing it's the same there, as that was also the reason why I refrained from having history remarked. I don't know about TOK though.
  8. Ditteee

    Integration help!

    What math book do you have? I'm guessing you're SL math, but what I did was have the basic integration formula next to me while I did as many exercises as I could get my hands on, calculus wasn't my favorite thing for a while either. It's been a while since I worked with it (since I took my exams and didn't have to use math again I didn't care to try and remember), but apart from the integrals of certain things such as e^x and the trigonometric functions, I really liked the formula (I think this si it, you should double check it with your teacher or book) where x^n integrated = 1/(n+1) x^n+1. Start out with the simple exercises, and don't be embarrassed to do loads of them before moving on to the exam-style questions, because if you got the method stuck on your spine, the rest will go much easier and you'll have a far better experience and be more comfortable and confident when you actually sit down in the exam room.
  9. Ditteee

    Reevaluation duration

    No idea, but I'd guess around the middle of August, but it's just a guess, my coordinator only said August
  10. Ditteee

    VA May 2016 Session

    I got a 5 in the end, but it does feel off, I've been a 6 since I started IB, and only because my teacher "didn't want me to get disappointed if the IB only gave a 6" so yeah... But only the Comparative Study and the Exhibition can be reassessed, according to my coordinator, some technical ting about the portfolio. But yeah, I hope that I somehow get to a 6 instead.
  11. Ditteee

    Reevaluation duration

    I was told that I would get the new results in August - but when in August I can't tell you, but the moderators need holiday too
  12. Ditteee

    History IA Help!

    I involved limitation in mine, but it may be different for SL, I wouldn't be able to say. Generally, you should listen to your teacher, but perhaps it's because he wants you to write a coherent passage under "value" which contains both - so that you use connectors such as "in contrast", "however" and the like, which I could follow in terms of it showing a more advanced form of analysis.
  13. Ditteee

    Cost of a remark?

    I don't have to pay for my remarking, since I live in Denmark where education is payed through our taxes - so indirectly, my parents did pay, but even if I didn't send it in, that'd still have to pay that. However, from what I've heard around here since the scores came out, if you did get a better grade then you don't have to pay, since it's valid reason for resending and therefore not a "waste" of the moderator's time.
  14. Ditteee

    VA May 2016 Session

    I got my report from my IB coordinator, as I had to resend some English Lit as well, so I saw the enormous difference. In the report, you can see the points that your teacher predicted you to get, and what the moderator gave you. So I saw my teacher predicting my exhibition to 24 marks, but the moderator only giving 15. That set some alarm bells ringing, as similar differences had happened in my English WA, and some other exam scores were waaaaaay lower than what I'd expected. I think you get have the report if you just ask for it, but I dunno if your school has some sort of policy on that.
  15. Ditteee

    Unhappy with my IB marks

    Are you considering remarking some of it then, to attempt to meet the uni requirements? The IB-journey is also the most important thing that I'm taking with me. IB was the best (and worst) years f my life, and I'll forever treasure it. At current, my plan is to study Danish and one additional subject so that I may return to IB as teacher at some point, because I love this system so much - especially compared to the national high school education where I live. We made it through! I do see it as an enormous accomplishment that I passed, but through my IB life, I've been predicted higher, and being the perfectionist that I am, I felt so confident in my exams and components that I sat way high expectations up for myself, and having those smashed was terrifying - not because of uni requirements, but because it hit me so hard in my knowledge of myself, because I've always identified myself so so much on being one of the smart kids who always did her work on time and did it well, and I've done so through the past 2-3 years, and then (apparently) flunking it in the exams was just too much, because I worked so hard to get that high score that would prove to myself that I was right about myself. That backfired, so somewhat of a void opened to me. However, talking with my IB coordinator, who was also my English teacher, helped me understand that exams are just a 2 hour test of everything we can do - wht we've accomplished in the 2 years as IB candidates. It's not necessarily accurate, and for some reason it flunked for me. I just hope now that I do get that 1 or 2 extra points from remarking, to help stitch up my pride. But if not - well, I know I'm better than what the moderators think.

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