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  1. I have to start my IA this week, and I cannot decide on what aspect of business I should base it on? Should I focus on work force motivation? Production? or finance? please help, I'm really confused and my teacher didn't give us much support before the break.
  2. 17robinson

    English Uni Costs!

    I havn't lived in England for 12 years, how ever i own an English passport, do I still count as a home student?
  3. Does anyone know any good quotes by historians that say something along the lines of "Germany lost WW2 because of The failure of Operation Barbarossa" I realllyyy need some help with this, nad have spent 5 hours, and have found limited quotes on the matter, please help
  4. Can someone help me with this question? Having an in class essay on this, and was wondering if anyone could help me with sources, good websites etc. THANKS A LOT
  5. Thanks a lot King ive decided to go with the world war two question, but try and broaden the question, so i can look at the the effects in more depth
  6. Hey guys, I was wondering about your top ten tips for building a strong resume for universities? (for personal use and everyone else, te hee) Also any suggestions on type of work experience i could do for Business Management.
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering wether anyone could help me understand the section of the EE proposal where it says "Outline of plan of study – to include main methods of enquiry and areas of content." Does this mean that I have to explain how I will be using my sources, and what I will be searching for? Thanks a lot
  8. What kind of resources are available to me, when doing an EE on this research Question. To what extent was the size of the roman empire responsible for its decline? Here is what i have so far. The school Library, Internet, Journals and historical writings from the era, and Modern day historical writings about the era. I'm not sure wether what i have written is correct, but I would appreciate some help. Thanks guys
  9. Hey, yes thanks a lot, I will admit I didn't realise what kind of forum this was, thanks for the advice
  10. It depends on the reason for the torture. Many people here are saying "if it is used against a terrorist," but what defines a terrorist?? to the Taliban they were freedom fighters, to America they are terrorists. However in Syria America is the terrorist. Torture is not something we can just say "okay, we will allow it" because it can not be controlled. If i want to know where my my wallet is, that some kid has just stolen, and i punch him in the stomach, so he tells me where it is, is that the same as an American soldier waterboarding a 50 year old man in Iraq, so they can find some guns. The three problems with this discussion is this: Who should torture be used on? What severity of torture should be used? and finally, Who dictates when torture should be used?
  11. Hey Guys!!! I am new to this website, and this is my first post. I was wondering on people opinions on these EE Questions. Please be as brutal as posible!!! Thanks a lot EE Questions: Roman Empire To what extent was the loss of traditional values and the spread of christianity responsible for the fall of the Western Roman Empire. To what extent was the vast over expansion of the Western Roman Empire responsible for their own destruction. World War 2 To what extent was the failure of Operation Sealion responsible for Germany's failure in Russia. Ancient Greece To what extent was the Athens-Spartan war in 431 BC. responsible for Macedonia's success against the Greek states.
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