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  1. The Sorrow of War by Bao Ninh. It was incredibly confusing and, in my opinion, just not all that interesting. In my class, every student hated it except one girl. I feel a bit bad about saying that because it's about a man's war experiences and the hardships he endured when he got back from war, but it just wasn't very engaging to read. No joke, I fell asleep three times while reading the book.
  2. From my 4 months in the IB program, what I've gathered is that Econ is one of the easier HLs (that doesn't necessarily mean its not hard though). I, personally, take Chem HL, and it's pretty challenging content-wise.
  3. In terms of benefits, I know this is kinda cliché, but I think that IB really does make you into a well-rounded and intelligent person. I've also heard that some universities in the US view the IB Diploma more favorably than AP classes (I'm not completely sure about this, since no college admission officer will come out straight and say that). I'd suggest you contact some of the unis you're interested in to see if they make a huge distinction between the Diploma and the partial diploma. Usually, I think that doing the whole Diploma (which entails taking TOK and doing CAS) sorta gives you an advantage. In terms of doing 4 HLs, I think it largely depends on how much work YOU are willing to put in, because trust me, it will be a lot of work. The 4 HLs you've chosen might be a little too much, but again, if you're willing to put in the work and if you have a good work ethic, you'll do OK. I'm also taking 4 HLs, but I chose two that are generally seen as "harder HLs" (Math and Chem), and two that are "easier HLs" (English A and Spanish B), so they sorta balance each other out. In summary, tread carefully with 4 HLs. I can offer a little more detail on English and Chem HL. Chem HL is a pretty challenging course content-wise, but the workload is manageable. English has a light workload, and isn't too challenging content-wise, if you already have a good base in literary analysis.
  4. I have a friend in the year above who switched into History HL after the first semester of her IB Year 1. She had a TON of catching up to do and often spent lunches in the history classroom working with the teacher. It's definitely possible, just not ideal. Avoid it if you can, but if you must, the end of this semester is probably the very last opportunity for you to switch.
  5. A friend of mine was taking Film Studies online, and he said it was a lot of work. In fact, in the end, he dropped the class altogether. Part of that might have been because he had to self-pace, and so he fell behind.
  6. I don't take Psych, so I can't offer any insight on that class. History, in my case, is the class that I get the most work in. I don't know if this is just my school, but THE WORKLOAD IS RIDICULOUS. THIS CANNOT BE UNDERSTATED. Some of that might have to do with my teacher though (he is very demanding, but unanimously recognized as one of the best teachers at our school). I almost regret taking history because of how much work is involved. I say almost because I still love history (its my favorite subject) and because my teacher still makes it worth it. Despite the drawbacks, I do believe that history is worth it though (but like the poster above me, I am also biased). So, consider who your teacher will be as well, not only which IA will be easier. In my case, taking history was an easy choice because I knew that I would have a great teacher.
  7. Well seems like most people are able to get more sleep than I am. My New Year's resolution is to cut down on my procrastination and get my work done more efficiently I'm expecting it to only get worse, though, with a couple of IA's and whatnot coming up this second semester...
  8. Just taking a quick look at your courses, I think that should be manageable. I take Math HL and Chem HL as well, but my two other HLs are English A and Spanish B (two courses that aren't as demanding). Math HL and Chem HL are definitely my toughest courses, though. If you're naturally good at Chem, though, it shouldn't be toooo bad.
  9. Easier said than done, my friend. :') I never knew Youtube could be such a black-hole.....
  10. Personally, I usually sleep at around 12 or 1 AM and get up at 7:30. (6-7 hours). During the weeks that I have an exceptional amount of work (usually around when each quarter ends), I'll be up until 2 or 3 though. I know some students who somehow finish their work early and are in bed by 10 PM, though. Yet somehow, they do pretty decently in school, despite not being overly intelligent.
  11. I'll be doing my official IOP on Tuesday, so I'm also working on it as well! I'm by no means an IOP expert, so maybe what I'm saying isn't necessarily the most helpful advice... but this is just from my experiences (I've done two practice IOPs, which I scored very high on, and I've also watched all of my classmates do two IOPs each as well) I find it easier to focus on a theme. Try and find some literary devices (ie. metaphors or similes) or just choices that the author made (ie. not having a lot of dialogue, or a non-linear narrative). Then try to somehow connect those devices/author's choices to the theme. I'm not familiar with any of the books you've read, so I can't help you specifically for those stories. It helps if you're passionate or really interested in the theme you'll be talking about. Also, I feel like sometimes people get very obsessed with making their IOPs super creative. While it is nice to have a creative and fun presentation, there's nothing wrong with doing an old-fashioned literary commentary with a powerpoint. It might not be as dazzling as some other IOPs, but if done well, it can still get a very high score. HOWEVER, make sure that the commentary is very organized (cannot stress this enough), you give insightful comments, and you keep the audience interested. I personally like to put cute cartoons or short comics that are related to the topic the slide is about. If anyone else has any suggestions for keeping the audience engaged, please share! Like I said, I'm not an IOP expert. These are just a couple of things that I came up with drawing from the limited experience I've had with IOPs.
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